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Neoquest 2: The Lost Desert Sprint Through

by califorthehomeless


     What do you know about deserts? I wish I was talking about desserts like cookies and cakes. But alas, no, I am talking about sandy, infinite deserts. Just a heads up, keep your maps nice and close because this place is an easy one to get lost in.

     Let me start again by saying congratulations! You’ve made it to Chapter 3! We are so much closer to saving ourselves and also getting a nice shiny trophy! Let's recap slightly with a few things 1. Never buy Mipsy a wand, 2. Always replenish potions at each place possible and make sure you’re buying 20 of each slowing and damage potions 3. Stay at the inns and stay healthy, we don’t need anyone trying to die on us.

     Let’s get down to business and sprint on through. First off you end up in Sakhmet City Palace. Have a nice chat with Advisor Weehteb and Princess Vyssa. You’ll get some information on how the storm has been raging on and that they lost a weather control device some time ago. The Princess will tell you to go chat with Phebiya to get more information on that.

     Head out the doors and now we’re in Sakhmet City! Buy your potions, new equipment, and stay at the Inn. After we’re looking good and ready to go, head a few steps north and you’ll find another no encounter area that you can level up on! Switch to hunting and you can walk back into town to keep that HP up! Level up to 32. Switch to normal then start heading east then northeast to find the Temple in the Sky. I’d refer to your maps and wander till you find it.

     There are two levels of the temple. I stay on normal through it all since I don’t like to waste my healing potions on non-boss battles. Work your way up to the second floor. The monsters on this second floor are tough! If you can’t handle them you definitely can’t handle Silicast. He’s a beast.


     He’s one of my least favorite bosses for sure. He’s quick, so slow him down right away and keep him slow. Rohane hits, Talinia hits or throw damage potions, and Mipsy also throws potion along with magic. Watch your health closely and it may take awhile but you’ll emerge victoriously. Take the teleport orb back to the palace, you want to do less walking since you’ll be doing a ton later.

     Talk to the three characters in the palace again. Restock your potions and level up to 34 before heading out to The Ruined Temple! Here is where we will find Gebarn II (who in my opinion is cake compared to Silicast). Spend your time on normal here and just run through the levels.

     Gebarn II

     Slow him down and hit him hard is my only guidance here. You’ll smoke him real quick if you’re the appropriate level. Take the orb back to town! (Be thankful for these teleport orbs now!)

     We chit chat again with our three friends in the palace, restock our stuff, and let’s head out again! Now here’s where the walking starts and don’t say I didn’t warn you! We are heading past The Ruined Temple to Waset! Which you should be so happy about because this is where we find the last member of our team! So in Waset, there seems to be a missing person and of course, we are down to find her (for discounted merchandise *cough*). Head to the Inn and that’s where we find our healer, Velm! Let’s spend his skill points and go find the missing person.

     Velm’s Skill Points:

     Healing: Heals a single ally, raising that ally's hit points.

     Group Healing: Heals the caster's entire group, raising all their allies' hit points.

     Group Shielding: Strengthens the caster's allies by increasing their magical and melee defense.

     Mesmerize: Mesmerizes an enemy, causing them to be distracted for long periods. Enemies who are healed or damaged while mesmerized will become un-mesmerized.

     Celestial Hammer: Strikes an enemy with a magical blow, damaging and stunning them.

     Innate Melee Defense: Increases defense against attacks.

     Innate Casting Haste: Increases spellcasting speed.

     So how did I spend these wonderful points?

     Group Healing got 11 points right off the bat along with Group Shielding

     Innate Melee Defense and Innate Casting Haste are important so you can start to give them points.

     I’ve never used just Healing, preferring group as it heals more of the team! You can choose between Celestial Hammer and Mesmerize. Everyone is different with which they prefer.

     We are set to go! Don’t buy anything yet, let’s go find this person. We’re going to head to the Valley of Kings. Head north then west and make sure you check your maps! We’re heading to the Palace of Ancient Kings. Refer to your maps and head to the northeast good and stand on the bed. That’ll take you to a secret passage. You’re supposed to find a Journal Page to tell you that, but I never did. Make sure you’re level 35 and let’s go take on our next boss.

     The Revenant and 2 Possessed Skeletons

     Here’s my best advice: don’t even try to take on the skeletons, they die when the Revenant dies. With our new healing friend Velm, this battle is cake! Have Velm put his shields up, slow the Revenant down, and hit away! Make sure Velm keeps his shields up, as they go down around every 30 seconds, he can also heal you when he’s not managing the shields!

     When they’re dust, go talk to our missing person, Lifra. She’s sassy but she wants to talk to you in town. Take the teleport orb out of the temple then high tail it back to Waset. Lifra is in one of the northeast tents. She gives you a code for a hermit. Discount time! Restock slowing and damage potions. Get new weapons for Rohane and Talinia and get everyone some new armor.

     We’re heading to an Oasis, which may take some time to find. Refer to your maps and stick to the mountains as long as you can. Make sure you’re on hunting while looking for the Oasis, you have a healer anyway! Give your code to the hermit and follow his directions EXACTLY. Start above him, go north till you can’t and then east until you can’t proceed any farther. There will be a Something has Happened! We found part of the medallion! Take a look at it to find where we are heading next and it’s a long walk! Head east then go south. Chat with Bledynn if you want to and head into the abandoned city.

     Coltzan’s Ghost

     Make sure you’re level 37 or 38 before seeing this old king. It’s just like the previous battle. Have Velm get his shields up, throw a few slowing potions until he’s slowed, and hit him hard! After he’s defeated he’s released from his hold and chat with him. Before you leave grab the Gemstone that’s on the barrel in the room.

     Akhten-Ka is a great place to level up, as the enemies give out a lot of experience. Level up to 39 before heading out of the town is my advice. You can switch to normal since a lot of the enemies outside of town won’t give you much experience. Refer to your maps and let’s head to the circle of rocks. Check your medallion and head to the spot to grab jewel! Do not forget this part or else it’s a long walk back. You’ll get another Something Has Happened. Once again, refer to your medallion and we’re hiking in the opposite direction!

     Stop in Waset and restock your potions, you also need to make the short hike to Sakhmet City and restock those potions! You need to end this chapter with 20 of each slowing and damage! Head southwest from The Ruined Temple to Zakharukh’s Pyramid. USE YOUR MAPS. There is a ton of dead ends. Hunt through the pyramid until you’re level 39! Then we’ll take on the final boss of the chapter!


     The final boss is cake! Shields up, slow him down, hit him hard! In no time you’ll take at the cutscenes! Just remember the shields come down around every 30 seconds, so keep your eyes on them! Also, keep your eyes on the slowing of the enemy because it wears off! If you need to throw extra slowing potions to keep Anubitis slow, feel free!

     Down 3 of 5! You are so much closer to two avatars and a bronze trophy! We’re heading to the Haunted Woods next and it’s about to get spooky!


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