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6 Foods to Celebrate this Tyrannian Victory Day

by brekln


     Ugga aka-aka ugga-gal! Happy Tyrannian Victory Day! It is on this day that Neopia celebrates the culture of the Tyrannia and the defeat of the ferocious Monoceraptor. The history of Tyrannia is long and rather epic, ranging from a tumultuous war to the creation of Neopia’s most popular concert hall. There is so much to see and do in Tyrannia today, such as shopping, playing games, and admiring the historic sites such as the Tyrannian War Memorial or the cave paintings. In fact, Tyrannia has quietly become one of the most popular travel destinations due to its warm climate and striking culture. Neopets from various lands travel to Tyrannia to experience the exciting scenery, fashion, and to try and speak one of the infamous Tyrannian dialects. But, in order to truly immerse yourself in Tyrannian culture this Victory Day, you absolutely must indulge in at least one of Tyrannia’s famous foods!

     So, what better way to celebrate such a day than with food? Whether you are traveling to Tyrannia this Victory Day or staying at home, here are some typical Tyrannian dishes you may purchase or create yourself on this very special day. Of course, I highly recommend visiting Tyrannia to experience these delights as authentically as possible. Some fantastic places to try include the Tyrannian Foods shop and the Giant Omelette. However, if you are looking for a real authentic experience, mosey down to the Tyrammet Village. If you play your cards right, locals have been known to share their own creations with hungry travellers!

     Now, on to the list of items to be on the lookout for!


     1. Stone Roasted Vegetables

     It is a common misconception that all Tyrannian food is meat-based. Protein dishes are very common and enjoyed frequently, but fear not, vegetarians! Tyrannia has something to offer you, too. This dish is very popular amongst the locals. Regional vegetation is harvested, then lightly fried on a sun-heated rock to perfection. Culturally, this type of cooking is very important to the Tyrannian people. Roasting food on a hot stone has been a crucial cooking method for hundreds of years, and truly reflects the essence of Tyrannian cuisine.


     2. Pteri Soup

     Soup is another popular staple amongst Tyrannian locals. This particular soup is one for special occasions. Craftsmen work together with chefs to meticulously carve the image of a Pteri to formulate an exquisite bowl such as this one. The soup itself is very common, with a meat-based broth, Nautilus pieces, and native vegetables such as the Dorkle Pepper added as a final touch. It is best to enjoy this soup in the shade, and many locals eat this dish as a late lunch option.


     3. Meat A La Twig

     Meat served on a stick is another exceptionally common food item for those that live in Tyrannia. Many dishes are served with elaborate kebob styles, but some are kept traditional, such as this Meat A La Twig. This particular dish is prepared by lightly searing the meat (typically, on a hot rock) and then placing it on a whittled stick. Some locals will add extra flavouring to enhance the dish, such as a Hot Burnumup spice rub, prior to cooking. You don't want to leave Tyrannia without trying this staple!


     4. Plateau Berries

     These delectable berries can be found throughout Tyrannia. They are protected by an extremely hard shell with a deliciously soft, juicy inside! Many Neopets may have luck hunting for these themselves in the Tyrannian jungle. However, if you are looking for an easier way to acquire a few of these berries, you can visit local markets and food shops. The berries themselves are known to be extremely soft and sweet. However, it is important to find extremely ripe berries, as unripe ones tend to be quite sour! You can tell the berry’s ripened by the orange spots or stripes on the outer shell. If there is a lack of orange, the berry is not ready to be eaten yet! These berries not only provide Tyrannians with a tasty snack, but many locals will use the outer shell of the berries to make jewellery or small bowls to carry their spices.


     5. Ransaurus Steak

     Steak is an extremely popular choice for both travellers and locals alike. As with many other cooked foods, steak– such as the Ransaurus Steak– is cooked on an extremely hot, flat rock. The Ransaurus Steak has quickly become a staple in the Tyrannian diet due to the extremely tender, flavoursome nature of the meat itself. Many Tyrannians leave the bones of the Ransaurus in the meat while cooking to enhance the overall flavour. Ransaurus Steak is a common celebratory food on Tyrannian Victory Day, so I highly recommend you give it a try on this very special holiday!


     6. Honey Blossom Omelette

     No exploration of Tyrannian food would be complete without the inclusion of a famous omelette. Omelettes are by far Tyrannia’s most popular food; Neopets from all over come to Tyrannia just to get a slice from the Giant Omelette itself. Now, there are many choices when it comes to omelette selection, from Sausage Omelettes to Ugga Melon Omelettes. If possible, I recommend to try both a savoury and sweet omelette if you have the time. For Neopets that can’t stomach a full omelette, there are also thirds and two-third portions available. When it comes to omelettes, I recommend trying flavours made with local ingredients, such as the Honey Blossom Omelette. Honey Blossom is an extremely important plant for the Tyrannians, and adds to this omelette’s sweet and luxurious flavour. Locals will carefully select the best outer petals of a Honey Blossom plant in order to create this super-sweet creation. Try this wonderful omelette or another local variety, such as the Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette.

     And there you have it! A comprehensive list of Tyrannia’s most popular and common foods that you should make or purchase this Tyrannian Victory Day! I hope to see you in the jungle or plateau soon!

     Ugga de-bo! Aka-aka Tyrannia!


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