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The Proper Perspective

by karlynne1964


     I'm fortunate in many ways. I have Neofriends that help me with various aspects of Neopets. I love to trade NC, battle in the Battledome, collect stamps, play games. I don't excel in any particular area but I don't feel like I fail in any either. It just takes the proper perspective.

     The other day a Neofriend obtained a lucrative paintbrush from a random event. Was I envious? You bet! Did I wonder why Jacko isn't visiting me? Yep! Did I wish her paintbrush was stolen by the Pant Devil? No, not really. WelI, I would have consoled her if it had happened at least. Another friend was given a nerkmid, another friend given a magical chia pop. I was becoming disgruntled because I wasn't even getting the random codestone or two but I decided maybe it was my negativity. I had gotten into a sarcastic rut that was coloring the way I viewed positive events happening to others. I decided to change my mindset.

     The next friend that had a great neo-day, she restocked two sought after items (a stamp and a book I needed!). I congratulated her without wishing it had been me. Instead I tried my hand at restocking. I didn't get a multi-million np stamp but I made several thousand in profit and filled my shop, that made me happy.

     As I heard about people reaching their goals of obtaining a long wished for dream pet or painting a much loved pet a new color, I spent time in my closet dressing my pets and trying on new looks for them in the event that fortune smiled on me. I even sorted through my items to trade or sell what I didn't use in order to get things I wanted. Several successful NC trades made me happy and I sold enough np items to buy a background I had wanted. The more I focused on the positive and didn't dwell on the negative I saw that I was having fun again.

     This gave me the desire to try a few new things. Me, the champion worst artist in Neopia, entered the Beauty Contest. Oh, how I was teased in the friendliest manner from guild mates and friends but I am proud of my trophy and even prouder of my attempts at improving in an area that I REALLY have no talent. That gave me the impetus to try other things. The caption contest (still haven't gotten in since it restarted), random contest (ha! As if!), Customization Contest (I don't understand how I'm not winning that every week. Who picks those winners?)

     As you can see I have a long way to go with being positive and not being a sore loser but I'm working on it and you know what? I'm having fun! I'm not complaining (as much) I try not to think I'm the most important person in Neopia and only MY views and opinions are important. (That's actually a tough one for me) I ignore trolls on boards. I try not to get involved with drama although let's face it, some of those boards are hilarious and I, too, have sat down with popcorn to read them.

     I'm not making boards shouting at TNT for mishaps and glitches although I haven't gotten around to writing a happy thought for the Neopian Times yet either. But it's a process, there's no overnight cure.

     I just try to focus on making plans. Which team will I join for the AC this year? Try to play a few games each day in preparation for the Daily Dare, and don't just think about what rewards I can obtain from an event.

     The weirdest thing happened once I started thinking about the good things and ignoring what I didn't. I made a few new friends from trading and selling. I continue to enter contests and try to improve my account so I can enter others. I got guild invitation and friend requests. (Sorry, I'm in a great guild already).

     I took a good long look at my pets. Do I have the six I love most or do I need to make some changes? I happen to like their colors and species and although some might not be as popular or sought after as others, I have created personalities that I enjoy. I don't trade or buy clothing just to say I have a certain item any longer. If I don't use it, I trade or sell it for something I will use. I'm much happier not seeking something everyone wants and no one uses. I find I'm not running out of boxes (as much) although I'm spending as much as ever. (Go figure)

     I no longer complain that games are too hard or the avatar score is too high for me to reach. So what if Meerca Chase still eludes me and everyone else seems to have the avatar, and don't get me started on Hungry Skeith! Instead of getting aggravated, I just play for fun. If the stars align, rainbows abound, and marshmallows float in the sky and I get a super easy game and reach a score that gives me a trophy and avatar, great. If not, at least I've earned a few nps and perhaps improved my score just a tiny bit more than last time.

     I continue to train my battle pet, not for potential plots but because I want him to be the best he can be (and able to protect my other pets if the need arises) I do hope I get more codestones through random events though.

     This might sound surprising but I've been trying to help others a bit more. Helping with a quest item or sending one over is simple and takes barely a minute of my time. Voting in the Caption Contest or Beauty Contest and giving words of encouragement has been pleasant too.

     I'm never going to be a ray of sunshine and jellybeans. I'm always going to groan when I miss out on a trophy or avatar (Again!) but working hard has its rewards and I no longer resent others when good tidings befall them. I know my turn will come. The other day I noticed I haven't rolled my eyes in a while and when I come across a board thanking TNT for something they did (for someone else!) I don't besmirch their gratitude.

     I wrote this, not necessarily to encourage others to be positive but to hope that others might see a bit of themselves in this and maybe, just maybe I'm a lot luckier than all of you and I just don't know it.


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