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A Outfits Guide for Hissi Day!

by qwerth_1


     Hissi Fans from all over Neopia are always excited for every year Hissi Day! Today I bring some cool and different outfits for your precious Hissi(s)! I selected a section full of different types of customizations for your adorable little snakes. Remember, those are only suggestions, you can always add more items and take items from the customs (: Or mix it up with what you already have! Creativity is the limit.

     Let's go to the customizations:

     Ballroom Lady


     Items Used: Decorative Hissi Dress, Radiant Jewel Toned Wings, Dyeworks Blue: Magical Golden Markings, Lighted Globe Garland, Water Faerie Eye Shadow, Musical Jewel Wig, Decorative Hissi Necklace, MME20-S4a: Winter Princess Cape, MME22-S4a: Magnificent Ballroom Background, Dyeworks Silver: Golden Scattered Light Garland, Dyeworks Blue: Rose Gold Vases, Carnival Fan.

     Do you have an elegant lady? Is she in need of a good outfit for a fancy dinner or is she invited to dance at a party? Either way, this outfit is perfect for a delicate and sophisticated lady. The Dyeworks Blue: Magical Golden Markings add a glowing light to the faerie Hissi skin that makes her even more stunning.

     A Pirate's way!


     Items used: Break From Winter Background, Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Rose, Hissi Swordsman Toy Sword, Hissi Thief Rope, Hissi Thief Belt, Mystery Island Hissi Necklace, Pirate Hissi Ruby Tail Ring, Pirate Hissi Hat, Pirate Hissi CoatPirate Hissi Shirt, Pirate Hissi Trousers, Cave Foreground.

     What is cooler than a pirate?! This amazing outfit is perfect for a little break from the current season. Just chilling in the ocean. In a boat! The combo made with Break From Winter Background and the Cave Foreground makes it seems like the pirate is entering/exiting a nice cave, or maybe the island where he just hides his treasure, who knows!

     Spooky Friend


     Items used: Black Hissi Choker, Halloween Hissi Skeleton Body Cover, Halloween Hissi Skeleton Gloves, Halloween Hissi Skeleton Helm, Halloween Hissi Skeleton Hind Cover, Ghostly Torch, Isca Halloween Ghost on a String, Haunted House Porch Background, Dripping Ink Frame, Jagged Ink Wing.

     Another crosspaint. An NP only customization for the more humid Neopians. Ghost Hissi with Halloween Hissi clothing is a popular combo, good if you're into more spooky/dark customizations of if you just don't care about the current season.

     I used more dark items to make a good contrast with the glowing body of the ghost Hissi. The other "Ink" items also work well with this customization. Special recommendation: the Bloodshot Eye Contacts and Spectres Eyes Contacts add a real nice touch! Try them out.

     Spring Hissi


     Items used: Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Wig, Red Eye Shadow, Spring Topiary Garden Background, Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Dress, Hissi Ao Dai Necklace, Beautiful Columns Foreground, Flower Petal Foreground, Flower Purse, Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Shoes.

     Oh, the smell of the flowers! If you're still excited about the spring this outfit is perfect for your Hissi. A nice spring garden background with white columns and flowers. Here, not only the flowers are the feature, the red colors of the Colourful Female Hissi Dancer clothes make a good contrast with the pretty colors of the flowers and the background. And the new Red Eye Shadow added the perfect touch to the Hissi outfit.

     Special recommendation: you could also use the Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Fan in the place of the Flower Purse or a bouquet item if you're really into flowers.

     Lost in the Dark Tomb


     Items used: Night Roamer Jacket with Sword Strap, Dark Mystical Cape, Mystery Island Hissi Tail Jewellery, Mystery Island Hissi Necklace, Mystery Island Hissi Headpiece, Geraptiku Background, Black Bat Attack, Krawk Island Adventure Sword, Darkness Attacks, Rest in Pieces of Eight Garland.

     If your Hissi is an adventure, this outfit is perfect for him! Only brave souls risk going to explore the Lost Tomb of Geraptiku. Don't forget the Krawk Island Adventure Sword (or any sword) to protect yourself from... whatever is down those dark tombs. Don't mind the Rest in Pieces of Eight Garland while you're down there, I am sure those skulls are not from ACTUAL explorers, ha ha ha... But the bats are very very alive!

     Talented Hissi


     Items used: Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Rose, Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Costume, Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Boots, Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Hat, Crumbling Ancient Castle Background, Rock Gate Foreground, Retro Glasses, Autumn Guitar, Black Hissi Choker.

     This is some talented Hissi we have here, he can dance, sing and play the guitar! Another NP only customization that can be easy replaced with some NC items, if you like. This theme is dance and music, with a touch of aesthetic autumn colors. Very pleasant.

     Special recommendation: drop the Rock Gate Foreground and add the Autumn Stream Bridge Background to a similar vibe but with a fancier background. You could also add the Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wings.

     Bonus: Baby Hissi


     Items used: Baby Rosy Cheeks, Baby Button Boots, Baby Pull Along Train, Charming Baby Nursery Background, Baby Star Wand, Baby Valentine Jumper and Shirt, Baby Valentine Wings, Hooded Faellie Baby Blanket, Kookith Mobile.

     I couldn't forget about the babies Hissis! Since babies have restricted clothes options I reserved a space for them too. I did a gender neutral customization can be done in baby boys or baby girls. This lucky Hissi has a lot of toys to keep him/she occupied while their owner is busy.

     Special recommendation: you can use the Classroom Background if your baby is ready for school or, if him/she is in the need of a fresh air, the Walk Around the Park Background is one of my personal favorites. Try mixing the Walk Around the Park Background with Baby Flower Sunglasses and Baby Lady Blurg Umbrella to protect your baby from the strong sun rays while looking totally cute.

     Aaand, I'm done. I am very happy for being able to share two things I LOVE about Neopets: Hissis and customization! I hope you enjoyed my article and that my article can help you to find and make AMAZING outfits for your beloved(s) Hissi(s). See you!

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