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A Backpacker’s Guide to Backpacks

by amie_chan08


     MYSTERY ISLAND – Hey my lovely Neopians! It's your very own Ceyonie here, Backpacker extraordinaire and world-renowned travel and culture connoisseur, coming to you from the luscious jungles of Mystery Island! (No, I'm not lost in Geraptiku right now, so don't you worry!) Now, a lot of my fans have asked me—"Ceyonie, what made you decide to leave everything behind and travel the world with only a backpack?" Yes, I know. This is a hard decision, but trust me that it's very worth it in the end. Some of you may even be afraid to leave, and that's okay! For me, it's a way of life. I am happy to explore places I've never been to before and soak up the culture in every place I stay. Why, the last time I was in Shenkuu, the wise Gnorbu let me stay in the Lunar Temple for a while. It was amazing being on top of the world and I picked up a few skills from him. I never knew reading the phases of Kreludor could be so important for the people of Shenkuu! But that's a story for another time.

     If you ever decide to follow in my footsteps, know this: travelling with only a backpack would be very hard at times. You never know where you're going to end up staying the night if you're not careful. But this will allow you to make new friends. And it will surprise you to know that there are Neopians who are quite hospitable! But most of all, remember that it's the journey that counts and not the Neopoints that you spend. Backpacking can teach you how to be practical, resourceful, and most of all, appreciative of the world around you.

     So, what's the first thing you have to do? Well, invest in a good ol' backpack, is what I'd say! So here are my recommendations for when you just want to pick up a pack and explore Neopia.

     1. Explorer Backpack - This here, my friends, is the go-to for every budding explorer. It may be basic, but it has room for all of your essentials. The two pockets at the front are there when you just want to grab a bite of that sweet chia pop without opening the main compartment. It's so easy you won't even break a sweat! Speaking of the main compartment, I like this pack because when you open it up, it has a divider inside. Perfect for when you want to separate your clothes from your food. I highly recommend this when you're just starting out.

     2. Skeith Mountaineer Backpack – You might ask me, "Ceyonie, I'm a very hungry Skeith. I'm hungry all the time! What should I do?" Well, this is the perfect pack for you my friend. It will fit everything, and I mean everything that a Skeith would ever need in case he goes hungry on the road. It's tailor-made to be taken mountaineering, but don't let that stop you! Bring this pack with you on your way to the Tyrannia and it will still carry everything you need. It's that functional!

     3. Utility Backpack – Now if you want to level-up your backpacking game, don't let me stop you! If you want to explore space and your first stop is Virtupets Space Station, make sure you bring this multi-functional backpack. It has specialized straps to ensure that the pack stays with you even when floating in space. Oh, and this thing is hard as armor! Very useful for when you don't want your shampoo bottles spilling everywhere in zero gravity.

     4. Fyora Elegant Backpack – This backpack is just so cute! If you're like me who loves fashion and function melding together, consider getting this backpack. Plus, if you're a fan of Fyora, then this bag is a dream! I love the stylish wand clasp; it's even decorated with wings. The criss-cross ribbons in the straps are also pretty. Overall, if you want to get spotted, this bag is just the thing for you to stand out in the crowd.

     5. Hissi Travel Backpack – This bag is actually perfect for travelling if you're looking for something with a more unique design. Personally, I feel that it's like having eyes at the back of your head—er, back! This bag is tough so don't be afraid to go hiking up the mountains of Shenkuu with this. Also, the small pockets outside the bag itself can hold your stuff just as well as the inside.

     Those are really good finds, but If you're not a fan of backpacks when travelling, don't worry. I've got you covered!

     6. Ornate Travel Bag – A little on the pricey side, but if you're willing to splurge, then this is definitely a trendy option to travel with. The embroidered patterns and tassels bring out this bag's character. If you managed to pick up some souvenirs in your travels, then this bag is perfect to keep them in.

     7. Slick Eyrie Bag – I love this design! It's simple yet durable. The straps in the front help to reinforce the bag, so if you have a lot of heavy things then this bag won't give out easily. But a word to the wise: always pack light!

     8. Casual Techo Bag – Simple, yet classy. The zip pocket at the front can hold your most essential valuables, or if you just have spare Neopoints you need to buy that tasty quiche from Neovia. This bag is actually quite roomy on the inside, so don't be afraid to take home that extra slice if you want to!

     And there you have it! Those are the Ceyonie-approved backpacks to take with you on your next journey. This will be your companion for most of the trip, so make sure to get the one you really like, that suits your personality, and most of all, you're comfortable taking for wherever you want to go. And as I always say, take care to pack your essentials properly and securely. Oops, looks like my Juppieade is almost finished and I'm itching to get a refill! (They're really good!)

     For our next episode, I'll share with you some of my travel tips and maybe logs of my adventures as well. So watch out for that and I'll talk to you all soon!

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