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Fashion from Festival of Neggs

by szkageyoshi


     Once again, the annual Festival of Neggs has helped us welcome spring to Neopia for the 9th year in a row while bringing some fun for everyone! You get to explore various lands to find the hidden Neggs and win great prizes (such as the adorable Origami Gelert Plushie released this year in the Origami Negg). For those who love customizing their pets, the optional Neocash (NC) event also brings lots of new fashionable items to help your Neopet look their best!

     For this article, I’d like to highlight some of the best NC items that we’ve gotten from the Festival of Neggs over the years. There have been so many items, so I’m going to count down the Top 10 for three different categories – “Clothing”, “Accessories” (which includes wigs and wings), and “Backgrounds and Trinkets.” As those who frequent the NC Mall will recognize, these are the categories used for the newer Retired Mystery Capsules which allow you to aim for a specific type of item when opening capsules.

     Before I go over the Top 10 of each category, let me give you a quick history of the event! The NC component of the Festival of Neggs has changed over the years. The first event was the Neggstravaganza in Year 12 and Year 13, which allowed you to purchase tickets to get a new NC surprise each day. In Year 14, the Yurble Janitor took over as the "Real" Negg Faerie and you had to use a Handy Negg Enlarger to enlarge the mini Neggs you found on your Negg hunting. In Year 15, we got 2 NC events! Honest Pete (a rather suspicious-looking Shoyru despite his name) allowed you to use a Negg Puncher to punch the decorative Neggs found on your quest to earn NC items. The other NC event was run by Flora (a lovely Acara) called Bloomin' Neggs where you could purchase Planting Kits to earn pretty NC items. In Year 16, Flora ran Bloomin' Neggs once again while we also had the Negg-Gazer (a Chia who claimed to be able to see the future) run an event which let Neopians use Sparkling Negg Dust to get more NC items.

     In Year 17, Topsi the Cybunny hosted the Festival of Neggs for the first time, although unfortunately there was no special NC event to go along with it. Thankfully when Topsi returned to host again in Year 18, Topsi brought three special Magic Neggs that would grant NC items when sprinkled with the Mysterious Dust of Yesteryear. Topsi also hosted this event in Year 19 (although the Magic Neggs needed Mysterious Dust to grant NC items). Finally, Topsi has hosted this event once again this year (Year 20) with Magically Mysterious Dust bringing forth the fun NC prizes.

     Although these items may not be buyable anymore, you can head on over to the Neoboards and click on the “NC Mall” board and learn about NC trading if you are very interested in a particular item. On the NC Mall board, you can trade with your fellow users to obtain retired items. TNT has also re-released many retired NC items, so it is always possible we’d see a “Festival of Neggs” themed Mystery Capsule in the future too. Finally, some of the items have also been available to be dyed in the Dyeworks shop so there are other versions available too!

      Now onto the lists!

     *Top 10 NC Items – Clothing*

     10. Pretty Rose Print Dress

     The tenth item on our Top 10 Clothing items list is the Pretty Rose Print Dress that was given out in Y19. This rose-covered patterned white dress is a nice option for spring for many Neopets. For those who do not want a dress, you can consider the Charming Rose Sweatshirt from Y16.

     9. Ruffly Negg Apron

     This Ruffly Negg Apron was given out as a bonus item from participating in the first Bloomin’ Neggs event in Y15. It looks nice on several Neopet species and gives a fun spring cooking or baking look!

     8. Plaid Shirt and Sweater Vest

     The eighth item on the list is the Plaid Shirt and Sweater Vest from the Y16 Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #3 (Wavy). This item is great for any Neopet who wants to look sharp and formal for any spring events.

     7. Dainty Faerie Wing Skirt

     The Dainty Faerie Wing Skirt from the Y14 Festival of Neggs is a delicate skirt that can help make any Neopet look extra adorable. Thanks to Dyeworks, it also comes available in 3 other colors – Green, Grey, and Orange.

     6. Flowy Spring Gown

     For Neopets who want a fancy royal dress, the Flowy Spring Gown is perfect! This dress was given out by the Negg-Gazer in Y16. This pink and green pastel dress will make any Neopet stand out among the crowd. A simple alternative to consider is the Fresh Flower Sun Dress from the first Neggstravaganza in Y12.

     5. Polka Dot Spring Skirt

     The fifth item on the list is the Polka Dot Spring Skirt from the Y16 Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #4 (Tartan). This long bright skirt flows nicely and can be paired up with many different tops to create a fun spring look! A possible alternative is the Bright Flowers Skirt from Y18, although it is not quite as long.

     4. Hoodie Sweater with Cybunny Ears

     The next item on our list is the Hoodie Sweater with Cybunny Ears from the original Neggstravaganza in Y12. This item is great for Neopets that would love to sport a pair of Cybunny ears or just want an alternative to the many skirts and dresses out there. For those who do not want any Cybunny ears but love sweaters, they can consider the Colourful Negg Hoodie from Y16.

     3. Pastel Negg Dress

     The third item of our Top 10 list is the Pastel Negg Dress. This fun pastel dress from the Y14 Festival of Neggs is a cute look that is perfect for the spring season!

     2. Purple Pastel Gingham Dress

     The second item on the list is the Purple Pastel Gingham Dress from Honest Pete in Y15. Although this dress may not sparkle or shine, it is a simple design that looks good on most Neopet species and can fit very well in many different customizations!

     1. Pastel Rose Tulle Dress

     The top item of our Top 10 Clothing items for the Festival of Neggs Fashion is the Pastel Rose Tulle Dress. This beautiful dress came from the Y16 Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #1 (Striped). This delicate pink dress will make any Neopet look lovely for the spring!


     Next up, we're going to cover the Top 10 Accessories, which includes wigs, wings, staffs, facepaint, and any other item besides basic clothing that a Neopet might wear or hold.

     *Top 10 NC Items – Accessories*

     10. Yurble Negg Faerie Wings

     Let us start with the tenth item of our Top 10 on the Accessories list - the Yurble Negg Faerie Wings! These wings were first worn by the Janitor Yurble to help compete against Kari the Negg Faerie in Y14. It was a prize that could be converted from a Mini Negg. These lovely wings fit well on most Neopets and even sparkle!

     9. Beautiful Locks with Mosaic Feather Wig

     The ninth item on the list comes from this year’s Festival of Neggs. This dramatic wig has long black hair with a bright feather to add some color! If your Neopet does not like any color at all, they may want to look at the Gothic Snowbunny Ears Headband from Y15 instead for a darker look.

      8. Fancy Purple Facepaint

     The next item is the Fancy Purple Facepaint from Y14, yet another great item converted from the Mini Neggs. This beautiful facepaint will help complete any dramatic look. If the purple facepaint is a bit too colorful, you could also consider the Sparkle and Shine Face Paint from this year’s Festival of Neggs.

     7. Colorful Headband Wig

     For the seventh item on our list, we have the Colorful Headband Wig. This fun wig from Y19 will make any Neopet look very upbeat and is great for any exciting dance parties they may plan to attend!

     6. Seasonal Spring Hat and Wig

     If your Neopet loves tea parties and other fancy occasions, then this hat is prefect! This item was available in Y15 from Honest Pete. This bright pink hat will help any Neopet look very formal and lovely for any parties they might be attending. If your Neopet does not like the hat, then they might want to consider the Pretty Pink Wig from Y13 Festival of Neggs.

     5. Glass Wings

     If your Neopet was not a fan of the Yurble Negg Faerie Wings, then perhaps they’d prefer this more realistic set of pretty wings – the Glass Wings from the Y19 Festival of Neggs. These animated wings fit well on most species and they look like a true set of wings that a Neopet might have!

     4. Stuffed Carrot Handheld Plushie

     For the fourth item on our list, we have an adorable plushie that will make any Neopet thank you for a cute companion! This cute little carrot came from the Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #4 (Polka Dot). If you do not like carrots, there have been two other worthy plushies to give your Neopet a small companion – the Fyora Voodoo Doll Handheld Plushie (from the Y14 Festival of Neggs) for those who prefer a darker look and Purple Eizzil Handheld Plushie (from the Y15 Festival of Neggs) for those who might prefer a little animal companion.

     3. Sassy Negg Wig

     The third item on our Top 10 countdown would be the Sassy Negg Wig that came from converting a Mini Negg during the Y14 Festival of Neggs. This fun wig has beautiful blonde curls with a lovely Negg charm that looks good through any seasons. Overall, a great wig to make your Neopet stand out in the crowd!

     2. Crown of Flowers Spring Wig

     The second item on our Top 10 list would be the Crown of Flowers Spring Wig from the Y16 Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #4 (Tartan). This beautiful wig fits well on most Neopet species and lets you give them a pretty crown of flowers on flowy hair to give a very relaxed look.

     1. Sparkling Faerie Wings

     Finally, the #1 Accessories item is the Sparkling Faerie Wings from the Y14 Festival of Neggs that came from a Mini Negg. These beautiful wings look dazzling on any pet and you can even get them in a variety of colors (Pink, Black, Green, and Purple) thanks to Dyeworks! This pair of wings is one of the best set released so far and will make any Neopet look stunning.


     Finally, we're going to cover the Top 10 Backgrounds and Trinkets category.

     *Top 10 NC Items – Backgrounds and Trinkets*

      10. Among Flowers Background

     The tenth item on our Top 10 list is the Among Flowers Background. This item came from the Y13 Neggstravaganza and still looks fantastic today. If your Neopet likes to hide amongst large flowers, then this background will make them stand out without other items needed.

     9. Faellie Flower Garland

     For those who love Faellies, this garland is perfect! The Faellie Flower Garland from Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #4 (Polka Dot) features two adorable Faellies stretching their wings and hovering above your Neopet with a garland full of flowers. An alternative for those who do not want any Faellies around is the Birdhouse Garland available from the very first Festival of Neggs in Y12.

     8. Springtime in Neopia Background

     The eighth item on our list is the colorful Springtime in Neopia Background from the Negg-Gazer in Y16. This background shows off springtime in Neopia with your Neopet surrounded by the colorful houses. Another alternative for those love Fyora and Faerieland is the Entrance to Fyoras Castle Background from the Y14 Festival of Neggs, which lets your Neopet enjoy spring but in front of the Queen’s castle instead!

     7. Rainbow Butterfly Shower

     The next item is the Rainbow Butterfly Shower from Honest Pete in Y15. This beautiful Butterfly shower will help make your customization much more fun and colorful!

     6. Sugary Jellybean Tree

     The sixth item on our list is the Sugary Jellybean Tree from the Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #3 (Striped). This fun item is great for any Neopet that loves jellybeans which fall from the tree. The set of light pastel colors used are also unique compared to many spring items and can really help brighten many looks!

     5. Enchanted Forest Setting Background

     The next time on this list is the Enchanted Forest Setting Background. This item was the bonus item from the Y18 Festival of Neggs from using the Mysterious Dust of Yesteryear five times on the Earthy Magical Negg. This background offers a very tranquil feel for any Neopets who want to relax in the spring setting. A nice alternative is the Sunrise Negg Hunt Background (also from Y18!) which offers a similar relaxed feeling with a glowing sunrise in the background.

     4. Meep Garden Foreground

     The fourth item on our list is the Meep Garden Foreground, which came from Honest Pete in Y15. This fun foreground features little Meeps among a group of flowers. It is a great spring look for those who love sugary Meeps! Another alternative to consider is the Pastel Springtime Décor from Y20 which is colorful but does not have any Meeps.

     3. Pretty Spring Flower Foreground

     The third item of our Top 10 Backgrounds and Trinkets is the Pretty Spring Flower Foreground available that came from the Y14 Festival of Neggs. This wonderful foreground will help complete any Spring look while also not overwhelming some of the smaller Neopets like some other foregrounds. Alternatively, if you want something bigger and brighter, you may want to consider the Search for Neggs Foreground from the Y16 Festival of Neggs.

     2. Colourful Staircase Background

     The second item on our Top 10 list is the Colourful Staircase Background which was a bonus item from the Y16 Bloomin’ Neggs event. This beautiful and colorful background will look great on any Neopet. If this background is a bit too colorful for your Neopet to enjoy, then you may want to consider the Mosaic Garden Terrace Background (a bonus item from this year’s Festival of Neggs when you used Magically Mysterious Dust on the Mosaic Magical Negg five times), which has a similar look but it is a bit more toned down.

     1. Babaa with Flowers and Neggs

     The final item on this list is the Babaa with Flowers and Neggs released in Y19 as a bonus item for using Mysterious Dust on the Cloudy Magical Negg five times. This item is one of the most adorable foreground items available on Neopets and features a small Babaa examining a little Negg, then hopping back into the grass. It will make any customization look much more adorable! Another foreground to consider is the Helpful Cleaning Robot Kiko (from Y14) for another adorable animated companion in the foreground.


     Thank you for reading my lists for the Top 10 NC items for Clothing, Accessories, and Backgrounds and Trinkets released from the Festival of Neggs over the years. Hopefully you’ve gotten some inspiration to help dress up your Neopets so they will look fashionable this spring!


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