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A Guide to Owning an Elephante

by iloveoreos_


     A Guide to Owning an Elephante by iloveoreos_

     Everyone loves their Neopet - yes, that's true. But not many people know how to care for the often overlooked Elephante. You may know to walk your Lupe or how to comb your Wocky, but do you really know how to properly care for your Elephante?? This guide will tell you everything that you need to know!!

     1. Feed them their favorite foods

     Believe it or not, Elephantes absolutely love snacking. Their favorite snack of all is peanuts! I suggest starting out with a Basket of Peanuts, but if that doesn’t satiate your Elephante then you will want to buy a Bag of Peanuts as well. Yes, they are a bit on the expensive side but you want nothing but the best for your precious Elephante. As a bonus, feeding them a Bag of Peanuts for the first time will also get you a nice, shiny avatar – Elephante Surprise. You can use this avatar for chatting on the Neoboards or in your guild and show off your true love for this awesome Neopet!!

     For Elephantes with more expensive tastes there are rare Gourmet Foods. Your pet will truly be living the life of luxury when you feed them these amazing dishes. This automatically puts your pet into the Gourmet Club, where they can compete to eat the highest number of the most exquisite foods in Neopia.

     2. Dress them up

     Elephantes, unfortunately, are a less popular Neopet and therefore not many people REALLY know how to properly dress one. Your Elephante ultimately wants to feel comfortable yet stylish. Since they have a rather sturdy figure, they are often hard to dress up as clothes can look awkward on their wide frame. Avoid horizontal stripes and tight clothes – these types of clothing may make your Elephante uncomfortable or sad. Whatever outfit you choose, make sure the colors match because your Elephante wants to look well put together. Be sure to dress them up in something that compliments their color. Make your elephant stand out of a crowd!!

     3. Play with your Elephante

     Your pet will enjoy games that feature other Elephantes*, so make sure you get in a few games of 200M Peanut Dash, Grand Theft Ummagine, and Word Poker. However, your Elephante is not much of a runner so try not to play too many games that involve quick movements. You can offset this by playing puzzle games like Sakhmet Solitare, Hide and Seek, or Dice-A-Roo. Don’t worry about playing these games too much – your Elephante will definitely let you know if they get bored.

     Your Elephante also enjoys competitive games with friends so you can also try your hand at a game of Armada or Kacheekers!

     4. Make sure they have friends to play with

     Your Elephante will certainly get lonely if they are on your user lookup all by themselves. Take a peek into the Neopian Pound where tons of sad Neopets need a new owner! It doesn’t really matter which species you choose – Elephantes are outgoing and love to make new friends and play with all other Neopets. It will help immensely if this new pal also loves to explore since this is enjoyed by most Elephantes of all colors and sizes. If you cannot find it in your heart to adopt, try creating a new Neopet with a snappy name for your Elephante to have fun with. Additionally, you can also give your Elephante their very own pet – a Petpet! They prefer Pandaphants but if those are out of your budget, an Ettaphant will do. Let your Elephante name their Petpet and they will be overjoyed with their new companion.

          5. Read to them

     Your Elephante loves books! Buy them a couple to read right away – I suggest “Where The Elephantes Roam” or “Elephante and the Peanut” - but soon they will be asking for more and more books to read since they absolutely love to learn new things. The possibilities are nearly endless, as there are thousands of books in Neopia that you can purchase for them. By doing this your pet will become more intelligent and, in turn, well on their way to winning two prestigious awards: The Neopian Book Award and Booktastic Book Award. As a first time Elephante owner, you should also brush up on your own knowledge – buy a copy of “Feeding Your Elephante” for yourself!

     6. Train them

     Since Elephantes love learning it makes sense that they would enjoy learning new skills by training for battles in the Battledome. It will become one of their favorite pastimes with a bit of practice. They actually have great aim with projectile items!! With your dubloons in hand, head on over to Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy (which will do until your pet reaches level 40) and then empty the codestones out of your safety deposit box to sign your pet up at the Mystery Island Training School (which will do until level 250). Make sure to equip your pet with a great shield and various items to lob at their enemies. Your Elephante will be a Battledome superstar in no time!!

     7. Treat them to a concert

     Believe it or not, your Elephante loves jamming out to music. Certain days of the month are every Elephante’s favorite day at the Concert Hall because their favorite group is playing – Jazzmosis!! You and your Elephante will enjoy scurrying over to the Concert Hall on 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th day of each month. Purchase your Jazzmosis Tickets and watch your Elephante dance to their awesome music. Don’t forget to buy some merchandise on your way to the concert. A Jazzmosis Elephante Plushie or Jazzmosis T-Shirt will make any Elephante the happiest Neopet in Neopia!

     That about wraps it up for now. That’s (nearly) everything you need to know about caring for an Elephante. They are unique creatures who need your attention, just like any other Neopet, but it helps a lot to know what their favorite activities are. I should know – I own a few of them.

     *Disclaimer: while your Elephante quite enjoys other Elephantes, they do not enjoy trips to the pharmacy so keep your pet healthy to avoid that Elephante as much as you can!!


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