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Neoquest 2: Meridell Sprint Through

by califorthehomeless


     Welcome to my Neoquest 2 sprint through guide! If you’re like me and are interested a couple of avatars and a trophy, trying out Neoquest is for you! There are two versions: Neoquest 1 and Neoquest 2. This guide will run you through Neoquest 2, Chapter 1, Meridell on Normal Mode! This will take you till when we pick up Mipsy and where to go after that.

     As you may already know, there are a lot of bad guys in Neopia. But there are also a lot of good guys looking to bring them down. Neoquest 2 stars Rohane, a brave blumaroo leaving home to restore the throne to his beloved king. We’ve got a warrior Rohane, for now it’s just him, but later he needs some friends to save the world.

     My first piece of advice is FIND SOME MAPS. I know Jelly Neo has some available! You don’t want to waste your precious time trying to find something when there’s a map for it!

     So every character you play in this game will have skills. It’s important to pick skills wisely. The highest skill level you can reach is 15, so don’t put all your stones in one bucket. I’ll give you a breakdown of Rohane’s skills and which I picked when starting out.

     Rohane’s Skills:

     Critical Attacks: Each melee hit has a chance to cause a Critical Strike, hitting for more than the normal maximum melee damage.

     Damage Increase: Average melee damage is increased.

     Combat Focus: An activated skill that increases defensive ability, at the cost of decreasing damage output.

     Stunning Strikes: Each hit has a chance to stun the target, delaying the enemy's next action.

     Battle Taunt: Causes enemies to focus their attacks on the taunter, rather than other characters.

     Innate Magic Resistance: Increases resistance to magic attacks.

     Innate Melee Haste: Increases attack speed.

     As you go on, you will get more points to spend but at first you must be wise with your points. I always started giving most my points to Damage Increase. It’s important when you hit your enemies, you’re hitting them hard! I also always start with 2 points in Innate Magic Resistance and then never give it anymore!

     So here are the skills I try to build up:

     1. Damage Increase

     2. Critical Attacks

     3. Stunning Strikes

     4. Innate Melee Haste

     I gave them all already 11 points as my levels got higher.

     Like mentioned earlier, I always give myself 2 points in Innate Magic Resistance. I also try a point in Battle Taunt so if one of my partners hit points are low, they strike Rohane instead. To me, Combat Focus is a waste of time. You’ll see later why you don’t need to worry about your defense as much.

     Alright, so let’s go start earning those skill points! The only way to level up and get skill points is to beat monsters and bosses you come across. We’re starting at home, so talk to Rohane’s mother before leaving his tiny safe village. The great things about moms are they provide free rest! So while we’re close enough to her, if we get low on health we’ll head right back to see her for a free meal and some sleep! We’re going to start in Hunting mode! Battle those plains Lupes till you’re about level 3. If you find yourself getting low on health, head back and see mom. You can get an avatar from this game if you let a plains Lupe defeat you! If you still don’t have this avatar I’d do it right away before you start building up gold and experience points!

     After level 3 we’re going to head west to the hills and fight till about level 5 or so. Once again, if you find yourself low on health, switch to Normal mode and high tail it back to Trestin to heal with mom! These mean monsters will be dropping Healing vials and flasks. DO NOT touch them yet. We have bigger fish to fry then plains monsters.

     Miner Foreman

     The Miner Foreman is your first boss! Look at us moving up so fast. I recommend being level 6 to compete with this guy. This battle is simple and straight forward. Hit him and heal if need be. I’d watch your health since you’re still weak. You’ll beat him and no time and get a nice piece of armor! Make sure to equip that to help save yourself against attacks from lowly monsters. Take the teleport out and let’s head across the land bridge to White River! Most of your enemies have dropped you some gold by now so upgrade that sword (but don’t sell your father’s sword!!) and buy some more healing potions! I also recommended buying 10 Blast Potions for your next boss!


     Zombom really stressed me out, and he’s your next boss. I went at him at a level recommended from another guide and perished! My recommended level is 12. What I did after dying was get as close to 12 outside of the cave, going back to restock my potions in White River a time or two, then going to face Zombom. I try to throw blast potions at him, when he starts resisting those use your sword! Really watch your health here, he’s a mean one. Once you’ve kicked him to the curb take the teleporter out of there and head back to White City! You can now cross the bridge and the residents have water! Hoorah!

     You also find Mipsy when you cross the bridge! Mipsy is a mage and can cast spells! I’ll breakdown her potential skills and we can spend her skills points! Some advice about Mispy: never buy her a new wand. I’d just use the ones future bosses drop. It seems to not make that much of a difference.

     Mipsy’s Skills:

     Direct Damage: Destructive magical energy is unleashed at a single enemy.

     Group Direct Damage: Destructive magical energy is unleashed at all enemies.

     Group Haste: Haste spells make all of the caster's allies move more quickly.

     Slowing: Slow spells make one of the caster's enemies move more slowly.

     Damage Shields: A shield of energy is placed around an ally, causing damage to any enemy who strikes them.

     Innate Melee Defense: Increases defense against attacks.

     Innate Casting Haste: Increases spellcasting speed.

     So Mipsy already comes with points to spend! So that’s exciting. I see no point for Slowing or Damage skills so I put no points there. My favorite is Group Direct Damage since it hits several targets.

     This is the order I spend my points:

     1. Group Direct Damage (~11 points)

     2. Innate Melee Defense (~6 points)

     3. Innate Casting Haste (~11 points)

     4. Direct Damage (~11 points)

     5. Group Haste

     Now we’ve got a pal and are still on a mission! You should buy a few Awakening Potions before leaving White River, just in case anything is to happen to you later! Take a quick peak at those maps I told you to find and we’re heading to Lakeside! While on our way to Lakeside, you should be on hunting mode the whole time.

     We’ve made it to Lakeside, I recommend staying at the Inn, restocking your healing potions, and buying new equipment for the team. You can sell any old equipment you don’t need (except Father’s Sword!). If you’re still short on gold, go out and fight to get some more! While we’re in town we’re going to head over and talk to the Middle Elder. Be sure to ask about the hermit, who we will go find next. Stay in town and refer to your maps. He will give us the code for Phorofor.

     Sand Grundo

     Alright, so use those handy maps I talked about earlier and let’s go find our next boss! We’re going to head into the desert. This is one of my favorite areas to level up. There’s a strip of green grass at the bottom and that’s a "no encounter" area. You can run right into there and use your walk and you level up to get some hit points back after a battle! It’s an awesome way to preserve your healing potions. When you’re at level 14, you should head into Phorofor and find the Sand Grundo. To me he was cake compared to Zombom. He can deal out a decent amount of damage. Watch your health and hit away! You can slow him down if you bought a few slowing potions! He should be a goner in no time. Take the teleporter to the Tower on the Hill. Wind your way through these two levels to the exit! Be careful as some of the enemies in here pack a punch! Go to Normal if need be. Head to the town of Seaside! Once here, talk to the Potion Shop owner, named Uthare. Don’t buy anything from him yet, as we are aiming on getting a discount! Head out and talk to his brother, Uthyni. He’s by the piers. While talking with him pick the option, "What do you know about troubles at the castle?" Tell him that you’ll try to help and then he’ll tell his brother to get you a discount! Now you can head back and buy some potions and gear! Like mentioned earlier, have 5 Awakening Potions!! Let’s blow this place and head out to Meridell Castle!


     Once we get close to Meridell Castle, you’ll be on the Plains of Order. This is another great level up spot as it’s a no encounter area! Once you are level 16, we can head on into the castle and take on Ramtor for the first time. During this fight, you’ll only reduce his hit points by half! It’s not necessary to slow him down. Just watch your health and have Rohane and Mipsy take turns hitting him! After you scare him away, the guard on the north side will not let you stay there for free! Rest up and get back to leveling up till you’re close to 19 and head out to take Ramtor on one more time! If you’re low on potions and need to head back to Seaside, now is the time for that.

     Ramtor II

     Peek at your maps and head over to Ramtor’s Tower! Head downstairs to the 2nd level and have a chat with King Skarl. The monsters around him give decent experience. Now it’s time to head up and see Ramtor for the 2nd time. The grarrls up here are NASTY. Beware. I try to go up already at level 19 so I can head through there on Normal mode and not have to see them as often. Let’s take this guy on for a second time! I don’t think his bite is quite that bad. Slow him down, take turns hitting him, and REALLY watch Mipsy’s hit points!

     After you’ve destroyed Ramtor, you’ve beaten the first chapter of Neoquest 2! Congrats, give yourself a pat on the back, and watch the cut scenes. Only 4 more chapters till the trophy.

     Hopefully with this guide you were about to sprint through chapter 1!



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