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The Ultimate Neopian Shop Guide

by whale_56


     Have you ever wondered how you can make thousands of Neopoints every day with little to no effort? Have you ever wondered how to make things in your shop sell, quickly?

     Well today I'll be showing you how I make up to 50k NP a day, by restocking and making profits in my shop. It sounds complicated, but it's really easy to get the hang of, and will give you an awesome shop (and bank balance!)

      Step One: Investing!

     To start off, you're going to need some cash. A few thousand NPs will do the trick, just so that you can start off your shop right and make it a decent size with a well-stocked front. Nobody wants to buy from a shop with only one or two items! Don't worry though, these Neopoints will come back to you (with profits) once your shop is up and running.

     Neopian shops cost a fee of 150 Neopoints to make, and an increasing amount to extend and hold more items. To start off with I'd recommend a size 3 shop, which will cost around 600 NP. Again, don't worry, as having a large enough shop for your items will allow for more profits in the long run. Restocking is all about investment and profits over time, so don't be disheartened if you're losing money right now.

      Step Two: Stocking!

     The next step is stocking. No, not your Day of Giving stockings, or your long socks, but finding and stocking your items in your shop. This is the most crucial part of getting the ultimate shop, as many types of items aren't profitable and won't give you many NP in the long run. This is where the rest of those Neopoints you've saved will go.

     First, we need to find a fairly cheap shop which will give us items for cheaper than they can be found elsewhere. This is where we'll make our profits and get those rewarding bank account upgrades (Just me? Okay.) Here are some suggestions for good shops for profits:

      The Food Shop, or Neopian Fresh Foods, is one of the best shops for beginners as it restocks often and had a wide range of profitable items. To buy smart here, have the Shop Wizard open in another tab and compare the prices of items with what people are offering. If other people's prices are higher, buy the item! Some of my favourite items are Tomato, Carrot, and the Mynci Burgers, which will usually fetch profits, but there are many more items here.

     The Book Shop, or the Magical Bookshop, is another good shop for restocking. Many shops choose to specialise in books as they are valued by collectors but they usually sell slower than foods. Again, check with the Shop Wizard before you buy.

      Stamps from the Post Office can also be profitable, as they are valued by many users wanting good collections and avatars for their User Lookups. Profits here are also quite uncommon, but can be very handy when you can get a bargain.

      Step Three: Pricing and Selling

     This is the most boring step of the restocking process, as it is almost up to chance. After you have purchased your items, the only way you're gonna make any profit from them is if you sell them! The trick here is to price the items higher than what you paid, but lower than what everyone else has priced them as. It's also a good idea to make a few checks with the Shop Wizard, rather than just one, as they search a different section of the market each time. Once you've seen how other people are pricing your item, pick a price that's a good deal lower than the cheapest price others are offering. This will ensure you get a quick sale and a quicker profit.

     For example, I recently got a Kew Codestone from the Battledome. After looking on the Shop Wizard I found it was priced at around 23k NP, so I priced mine at 20k (still enough for a handsome profit), and got a sale within an hour. It just goes to show how good pricing will give you good profits!

      Step Four: Growing your shop

     So well done! You've got your first sale! This is a cause for celebration for you and your Neopet(s). Maybe you can treat yourself to one of Hubert's Hot Dogs, or go on a relaxing Tiki Tour. You earned it!

     So what's next for you and your shop? More profits, of course! How do you get more? Expand!

     As you continue to expand your shop and stock it with more and more items, you'll get more and more profits if you continue to price items right. In a couple of weeks or months of upgrading and stocking your shop, you could be seeing profits in the tens of thousands every day. Just imagine that! You'll have that paintbrush (or bank upgrade!) in no time at all.

     But once you get rich enough, with that Royal Paint Brush and Ultimate Riches Account, you should probably start aiming for some better profits, to suit your now lavish and luxurious lifestyle. I'd recommend going into paintbrushes or collectibles; items that can be sold for high prices and higher profits. The Neopets Team have also been kind enough to increase the shop price limit to 999,999NP, meaning that any item with a price under 1 Million NP can now be sold in shops. Lucky You!

     Just remember as you float in a bath of your NP and Dubloons that there are others less fortunate than you. Maybe donate to the money tree, or send a Neofriend in need some money. Even better, teach them how to make some money, because you know what they say, "Give a Neopet a shop and they'll get money for a day, teach then how to make the Ultimate Shop and they'll get NP for life".

     I hope this guide has helped you to become a better shopkeeper, and a more wealthy Neopian. Just remember the old rule, "Buy Low, Sell High!".

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