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3 Dailies You Should Be Doing Regularly Part Deux

by rowdy420


     Why hello again my fellow Neopians! I've got yet another great article for you this week. If you saw my article from last week (and if you didn't go check it out) you're familiar with that this article is focused on… which is DAILIES! A lot of us come on Neopets and love to do different "dailies" in hopes of getting lucky with avatars, snatching an expensive item, or obtaining desired outcomes such as a lucky zap at the Lab Ray!

     Hm? What's a "daily" you ask? Well, I'm sure you do some without even knowing it! "Daily" is a blanket term for any activity on the site that can be done once (and sometimes more) a day. This means that both the Wheel of Extravagance in Qasala (once a day) and the Wheel of Misfortune in the Deserted Fairground (once every two hours) are considered dailies. For most people, their dailies are a subjective list of activities that they do every day when they log onto the site. On my list of dailies, I have activities such as wielding a hammer in Test Your Strength (hoping for the trophy), visiting the Forgotten Shore (because it gives out Draik Eggs), pulling a ticket in Tiki Tack Tombola (because it's free), and many more.

     We all have more or less the same dailies that we enjoy doing. Last week I discussed exploring the Faerie Caverns, taking a dip in the Healing Springs, and placing some bets at the Food Club. This week, I'm going to discuss three more dailies that would benefit both you and the NeoEconomy if you choose to do them on a regular basis. Let's get started!

     4. Willingly Put Your Petpet in Grave Danger

     Grave Danger is an activity that takes place in the catacombs below Neovia, which happens to revolve around your Petpets. To participate, your Neopet must have a Petpet attached to them, and you need to select that Petpet to take an adventure in the catacombs. If you do not have a Petpet, I recommend buying the Ghost Goople because it is one of the cheapest Petpets on the market; which is actually because of Grave Danger. Once your Petpet has embarked on their adventure in the catacombs, it'll be in there for quite a while; 3 to 10 hours, to be exact (from personal experience, it's usually over 7 hours). Whilst your Petpet is in Grave Danger, you can't perform activities such as zapping it with the Petpet Lab Ray, detach it from your Neopet, or transfer/abandon your Neopet that it is attached to. Alright, now that we have the logistics down, let's talk about why you should be participating in this dangerous activity!

     I implore you to put your Petpet in Grave Danger for three reasons: 1) Paint Brushes, 2) Petpetpets, and 3) The Grave Danger Stamp. On (extremely) rare occasions, your Petpet will pick up a paint brush while they're in Grave Danger. There are several Paint Brushes and Petpet Paint Brushes that have been known to be hidden in the catacombs of Grave Danger, and for obvious reasons, you should want these! Paint Brushes are fun to use and if you're not interested in the particular colour, you can always sell it! The more paint brushes there are in the market, the more people are able to buy them for a cheaper price (given that demand remains the same, of course). Next: PETPETPETS! That's right, your Petpet can come out with a new best NeoFriend! Several cute Petpetpets can be found in the catacombs and they would make a fantastic companion for your Neopet and Petpet. Again, if they don't interest you, you can always sell them for a pretty profit. Lastly, and most importantly, the Grave Danger Stamp. This is perhaps the rarest item your Petpet can find in Grave Danger, but this is exactly why we need more Petpets searching for them. The Grave Danger Stamp runs for about 100 million Neopoints. No, you didn't read that wrong. This stamp is (currently) worth 100,000,000 Neopoints. However, there isn't high demand for this item as there's no avatar associated with having it in your stamp album. The reason this stamp is so expensive is because it's incredibly rare to find; so do your part and send your Petpet head-first into Grave Danger! Let's get more of these into the market!

     5. Be a Hero in the Battledome

     What's better than making a name for yourself by fighting villains in the Battledome? Getting prizes for it, of course! I think a lot of us already know to do our battles every day, but I thought it needed to be discussed for two reasons: The first, to remind users that it can be worth the time spent battling every day; and second, to share some of my advice for the Battledome.

     Let me start off by saying that I don't consider myself a "Battledomer" nor do I use the Battledome beyond a means for gaining a small profit or as a way of participating in a site event such as The Wraith Resurgence. Moving on. When battling in the Battledome, you can earn up to 1,500 Neopoints each day for winning a fight. However, this is not where the bulk of the profit comes from when utilizing the Battledome as a daily. What we're interested in is the prizes. Prizes vary based on what arena you're in, but every challenger has the chance of giving you what you should want: Codestones.

     Before I move on, I will say that if you have Neopets Premium, you should keep your battles within the Cosmic Dome (the premium-only dome) because after being victorious in your battle, you have the chance of obtaining a Nerkmid. Nerkmids are "special token[s] that can be used for the Alien Vending Machine." Nerkmids are also rather expensive; usually around 65,000 – 90,000 Neopoints depending on what kind it is. They're also the most lucrative item to hope for in the Battledome; besides paint brushes, which are frankly, unrealistic to hope for. Ok, let's continue!

     What we want from the Battledome are Codestones. Codestones are "used for training pets in the Mystery Island Training School." More accurately, they are used for payment, as the Training School only accepts Codestones and does not accept Neopoints. This is what drives up the prices for Codestones and it's why we want them! Codestones vary greatly in price; the least expensive being around 3,000 Neopoints (Main Codestone) and the most expensive being around 25,000 Neopoints (Zed Codestone). Obviously, we want the more expensive Codestones, but any will do.

     Now that we know what we want, let's discuss how to get our hands on some. Again, all of the challengers in the Battledome give out Codestones; but in my experience, some challengers are more generous than others. Here is my biggest tip for you: Battle the Koi Warrior. The Koi Warrior is notorious for handing out Codestones like hot cakes. There have been many (and I mean MANY) times where over half of the 15 items I get from my daily battles with the Koi Warrior are all Codestones. I'm not exaggerating! It's really as simple as knowing what you want and fighting the right challenger that will give it to you. Also keep in mind that Codestones are still rare and you should not expect to get a ton of them, no matter who you're challenging.

     6. Check-In on the Site Events Board

     Before I try to sell you on this idea, I want to say that this doesn't really have a direct impact on the NeoEconomy, but I think this daily is extremely important to be well-informed on Neopets.

     The Site Events Board (sometimes referred to as Board 7) is the place to go for information on what's going on around Neopia. If you don't know what you're missing, go to Board 7. If you're lost during an event, go to Board 7. If you have a question, go to Board 7. The Site Events Board is the hub for the most well-informed Neopians on the site. Most likely, at least one person has an answer to any (relevant) question you may have. Even if that answer is – there is no answer. For example, the most common question around Board 7 right now is, "When will the plot end?" The most common answer to this is, "None of us could possibly know that, but hopefully soon." See what I mean?

     I decided to add checking Board 7 to my articles about dailies because I think we all benefit when we're well-informed, and I think skimming Board 7 is a great way to know what is going on around the site. Take my advice, if you're not a regular on the Site Events Board, become one and you won't regret it! You'll be more informed and "in the know" than ever before. There are also lots of opportunities to join different communities of people, most commonly centered around Altador Cup teams (Go Darigan Citadel!), but there are also communities centered around other parts of the site. If you have a chance, head to Board 7 and join in the conversation!

     Okay, that's about it for now. Thank you very much for reading the second part to my article. I'd also like to thank Jellyneo for providing me with some of the information in this article and Scrappy for always being diligent with the Neopian Times. Have a great NeoDay and I'll be sure to see you soon.


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