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One man’s junk…

by 1jediboy


     In the horrid wake of a Wraith attack, Neopia Central was left in disrepair! Many users were even rendered homeless due to the destruction the Wraiths have caused! Faerieland might be handling the Wraiths themselves, but there are not enough faeries in Faerieland to help out each and every Neopian individually.

     Local Charity Corner founder, and neopiatarian, Ms. "Granny" Hopbobbin has made it her personal goal of making sure these innocent Neopians are not overlooked or forgotten. Using a NEW method comparative to her other Charity Corner drives, donators can now donate almost ANYTHING that is not retired! This has lead to donators, *coughhoarderscough*, rushing to their Safety Deposit Boxes to retrieve anything that they can donate… but not everything they are donating seems "charitable" to this case. There are Keychains, Bits of Barbed Wire, Unlabeled Cans, and even, (YUCH!!!), Piles of Dung! You might think anyone donating all this probably has "garlic in their soul" to begin with, but after my closer inspection, it seems they are making the junk items just as useful as anything else they receive! Here are a few "junk" Items that are actually being put to use quite nicely:

     1. Any Dung/Rotten Food = Fertilizer!






     (You notice each page matches a part of a grid?)

     Map pieces are EXTREMELY plentiful... as well as needed.

     Each map piece is collected up into perfect full sets, and given to those who have not explored the map's destination. If anyone has no use for said map, then the map pieces are instead used as wallpaper! Considering how many Forgotten Shore map pieces there are in circulation, and how many people already know the way there, Forgotten Shore wallpaper is perfect for those little kids who like to play pirate. In the same way, the use of Petpet Laboratory Map Wallpaper is beneficial for those who like science fiction.

     5. Poisonous Jelly & Glowing Jelly = Pest repellant/Light source!


     At first glance, I assumed that these two seemingly inedible jellies would simply go toward the fertilizer piles. After a short talk with a few volunteer patrons, Visiondance and Pikakeet, I learned that those jellies would actually have different uses; Poisonous Jelly would apparently be made into a pest repellant. The Jelly is liquified and mixed with musk-like chemical odours and non-corrosive adhesive minerals and applied to the crops. The substance, when applied, releases a foul chemical smell, repelling any hungry varmints seeking a snack. The crops do not absorb the substance, though. After the crops are done growing, they are harvested and thoroughly washed to make sure the substance is gone. This eco-friendly pesticide washes away easily, and is also cruelty free. All toxins in the jelly prior to preparations are filtered out! It only SMELLS poisonous.

     Along with pest prevention, Pikakeet has informed me that some Petpets can actually digest Poisonous Jelly very well. There would be a bold warning label on the side of canned portions, however, of which Petpets can eat it safely*. Glowing Jelly, however, would actually be used as a low cost light source. (It also seems some villagers are using the Poisonous Jelly as weapon ammo.)

           6. Obsidian/Mossy Rock/Packet of Gravel/any sturdy rock = Infrastructure material!






     After a full rampage of these Wraith-monsters, clearly most of the houses have been crushed; Therefore we will need building material for the infrastructure. A lot of these houses were actually made from concrete (see category #8.) What ever houses cannot be fixed with concrete are probably beyond repair. Whatever has been reduced to rubble will be replaced, and the new building will be made from scratch!

     Volunteer architects are there creating feasible models of soon to be houses made out of plentiful types of stone! Obsidian buildings are currently being designed and developed for this occasion as we speak. Obsidian is incredibly common to Neopia ever since we have been introduced to the subterranean city of Moltara. It is not only pretty, but it seems to be fairly sturdy! Along with Obsidian is the very strong, very heavy, Mossy Rock! These rocks are held together by a mix of cement and Packs of Gravel to form solid concrete. With ALL this building material, those houses will be completed in no time!

     (Sea Fungi, Cinder Block and Cubical, are also a sturdy and viable building material)

     7. Various Kelp = Roofing/Baskets/Consumption!





          8. Sand, Glass, and Shells = Concrete!




     A lot of the Tombola's sand bottles are… not very practical, you have to admit. It IS just coloured sand. If you think donating these items are not worth it to the cause, you couldn't be FURTHER from the truth! As I walked past a large stack of these seemingly useless items, Pikakeet enlightened me to what greatness these knick-knacks behold! All the sand from these decorative bottles is dumped out and used with the Packets of Gravel to make concrete! This concrete repaves walkways and houses! If the sand that is used in the concrete turns a specific colour, (e.g. orange), then the concrete is used on a house with that intended colour scheme. The homes in Neopia Central are actually VERY colourful, and actually would require concrete with a little colour in it. But the sand turned concrete is not where these bottles stop being helpful. All the glass bottles are recycled! They are sent to a place where it is ground up, reheated, and made into new windows for the new houses! Same goes for the sand that is not turned into concrete, it can also be turned into glass for windows! Along with the decorative bottles, there are several inexpensive seashells that can also be converted into sand for concrete.

     9. Metal and Plastic Keychains = Support beams/Utensils/Etc.!


          This plastic is recycled into a plethora of uses...

     And speaking of recycled plastic...

     10. Unfixable Broken Toys = Actually fixable toys!


          Plastic Von Roo heads are being tailor-made for Headless Von Roo Plushies. Machines are set up to scan the divots in the Broken Fishing Poles and 3D printers are printing the pieces needed to put into place. Not only plastic is being recycled, but RUBBER is too! Rubber patches are being super glued into bite-mark holes in Half Eaten Rubber Mallards. The children are very well cared for.

     11. Unlabeled Tin Can/Rusty Old Can = More recycling!


     Metal is not just gotten from Keyrings, though. If you donate any Rusty Old Can or Unlabelled Tin Can, it also gets recycled! Not only are you assisting the needy, but you're also helping clean up neopia! Yay! Those Rusty Old Cans have been littering up the beaches for YEARS! This will definitely put those unsightly ocean clutterers to good use! Again, Yay! The Unlabelled Tin Can, though, has more than one donation use...

     12. Still Edible Food/Bucket of Sludge = Soup Faerie ingredients/Petpet food filler!



          And lastly

     13. Bit of Barbed Wire = Wire fences!


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