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So You Want To Beat Daily Dare…

by mel_liew_ming_li


     With a new year comes a new season of Daily Dare! Whether its AAA, Chadley or Abigail, if you're anxious about beating any of their scores, fear not! We have handpicked a list of games, all of which were featured in past Daily Dare challenges, to develop your gaming skills. No matter how high their scores are this year, after a few practice sessions you will be ready to take on whichever opponent comes your way! Well, what are you waiting for??? get your Gaming Wigs on and practice!!!


     Maths Nightmare

     Category: Puzzle

     World: Faerieland

Daily Dare Challenge: Year 2013

     Skill: Physical (Mouse Speed) & Mental (Concentration)

     Recommended Practice Score: 2,600

     The premise of this game begins with a young Aisha, Imiya, preparing for a huge Maths test the next day. She needs as much sleep as she can get before her test. Your objective here is to solve mathematical equations that are brought to Imiya by Babaas. Get the answer right and the Babaa will jump successfully over the fence. Get it wrong and you will have to keep trying until you get it right. However, if you take too long to solve an equation, the Babaas will start to fall on Imiya's alarm clock, waking her up!

     A good tip to rack up high points for this game is choose Division on Potato Counter difficulty. This seems to be the easiest mode for most but if you are a mathematical genius, feel free to attempt other stages to rack up more points. In case you struggle with mathematical equations, you could always have a calculator nearby to help. ;) With Maths Nightmare, the more practice, the easier this game will be. So, get that Abacus out and don't forget your 3 times table!


     Duelling Decks

     Category: Card and Board

     World: Neopia Central

     Daily Dare Challenge: Year 2016 Skill: Strategic (Game Style)

     Recommended Practice Score: 25,000

     The famous Zenco once said, "Card flipping is my speciality, and so when a few of my opponents challenged me to take the record in this little matching game, how could I refuse?" Do you dare take on Zenco in his own game creation? This card game would certainly test your wits and brains. In each round, both you and Zenco reveal a card. Based on a chosen characteristic, the player with the higher number of points takes all the cards in play. The aim is to ultimately win all the cards and have them in your hand. Once you or Zenco lose all your cards to the other player, the game ends.

     In order to obtain a score high enough to dominate the Daily Dare challenge you need to be tactical. Sometimes you need to lose in order to make sure that Zenco still has cards to keep playing more rounds and rack up points. Win too fast and you won't get enough points to beat your Daily Dare opponent. Also, for every game you play, you will get a special Wildcard. The Wildcard swaps your current card with a Nightsteed which has 14 points for Courage (at a max of 15), 14 points for Charisma (at a max of 15) and 140 points for Intelligence (at a max of 162). It is an amazing card that you can play in desperate situations such as when you are losing and running out of cards to continue your rounds, so remember to use this card to wisely!



     Crisis Courier

     Category: Action World: Altador

     Daily Dare Challenge: Year 2013

     Skill: Technical (Mouse Control) & Mental (Concentration)

     Recommended Practice Score: 4,000

     King Altador needs you to guide his Yooyu to help deliver an urgent message! These Yooyus are the fittest and fastest Petpet species for the job. Using your mouse, guide your Yooyus through the city of Altador. As you navigate through the many levels of this game, remember to collect goodie bags to collect points. Gold Goodie Bags will give you 5 points while Red and Blue Goodie Bags (when collected with the corresponding Fire/Ice Yooyu colour) will award you 10 points!

     If you see Minitheuses in the way, remember to alternate your Yooyus accordingly to defeat the Minitheuses and clear the passage. Fire Yooyus will clear Red Minitheuses while Ice Yooyus will clear Blue ones. Ultimately, if you find a Fig, it will temporarily turn your Yooyu into a Mutant Yooyu which can defeat both Red and Blue Minitheuses in one go! If you want to rack up your points quickly, try your best to collect the Wing Fruit if you have the chance. Wing Fruits will temporarily turn your Yooyu into a Faerie Yooyu which will give you a whopping 20 points for all Goodie Bags collected. Be careful though, Faerie Yooyus cannot defeat Minitheuses so if your Faerie Yooyu comes into contact with one, you will lose a life.


     Ice Cream Machine

     Category: Action

     World: Terror Mountain

     Daily Dare Challenge: Year 2017 & 2013

     Skill: Tactical (Mouse Placement) & Mental (Concentration)

     Recommended Practice Score: 7,100

     Adee the Chia has devoured so much ice cream that she now dreams of ice cream scoops flying towards her in an assortment of flavours. Your goal is to use your mouse to get Adee to avoid the flying scoops of ice cream while trying to catch bonus ice cream scoops to score extra points. Adee has to successfully avoid a certain number of ice cream scoops to complete a level.

     The most difficult thing about this game is that the ice cream scoops increase both in number and speed with every level. Try to keep Adee in the center of your screen, so she has more space to quickly dodge left and right depending on how many ice cream scoops are flying towards her at once. Try not to take too long a break in between levels, as you may forget just how fast you need to react to the speed of the ice cream scoops, which will result in you wasting lives! Also, try to envision the gaps between the flying scoops of ice cream as a path that she can quickly move through. This will ultimately require you to be precise with the way you move your cursor, as moving a tad too quickly or slowly will cause Adee to take a giant scoop of ice cream to the face!



     Category: PuzzleWorld: Neopia Central Daily Dare Challenge: Year 2013Skill: Strategic (Chain String Combo) Recommended Practice Score: 185,000

     You play a magician's apprentice who is practicing incantations by combining runes to create spells. The overall goal of this game is to create sequences of patterns or words with a variety of runes.

     It is worth noting that you can pick whether you want to create spells with words, number sequences or symbol sequences, so don't force yourself to play a certain mode if you're not good at it! For example, if you aren't good at formulating long words with limited letters on the spot, you may be better off trying to score higher points by grouping together identical symbols. Also, there is no time limit! So take your time, and think about every move. This game is a reminder that not all games are action packed and a race against a clock; you also have to be creative and think outside the box. If you are worried that this is something that you aren't good at, practicing at Spellseeker will help you build on these skills!


     AAA's Revenge

     Category: Action

     World: Roo Island

     Daily Dare Challenge: Year 2017

     Skill: Strategic (Game Style)

     Recommended Practice Score: 25

     Let's finish our practice round with none other than AAA's Revenge. The game which features the Games Master himself! To play this game you will need to move AAA around using your keyboard keys (clockwise or anti-clockwise) in order to fling his yo-yo to hit Roothless. It's a fairly simple game but hey! watch out for the guards. You don't want the guards to catch you. If your yo-yo happens to fall into the guard's line of sight, they will confiscate the yo-yo, causing you to lose one. The game ends when you are out of yo-yos or if you fail to hit Roothless and he falls asleep.

     Some good tricks for the game are to try racking up points by hitting Roothless in continuous succession because successive hits will award you 2 points instead of the basic 1 point. Also, if you see a present icon during gameplay, go get it as it's worth a whopping 10 points!

     Now you can beat Daily Dare!

     And there you have it, a list of games that will help you hone all the skills necessary to be precise, adventurous and strategic… which is just what you need to be a Daily Dare champion!!! We hope that this guide will help unleash your inner gamer and help you overcome this year's Daily Dare challenges without breaking a sweat. Have fun playing!

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