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Celebrating with Neocash: Balloon-Themed Wearables

by _brainchild_


---Starring Florezca the Pink Draik, Nadaba the (less than sensible) Maraquan Draik, and Naydeen the Baby Korbat!---

    Me: Welcome again. This time, my pets and I are celebrating with party-themed Neocash wearables. During a joyous occasion, it is only natural to reach for one of these stellar commodities. Here, we will describe our favorites in detail. All of them are themed after balloons---

    Nadaba: I CAN FLY!!!

    Flor: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a fish without a brain.

    Me: *stifles laugh* We take no responsibility for injuries incurred by less than sensible pets. Without further ado, we start with Balloon Face Paint. This whimsical makeup features three balloons of orange, yellow, and purple hues. The vibrant colors make you want to dance! The face paint also features light blue and purple accents, which are a nice touch.

    Nadaba: Is it waterproof?

    Me: I don't think so.

    Nadaba: *frowns*

    Flor: Why should I spend NC on THAT, when Nadaba is a natural artist?

    Nadaba: If you say so... *grabs non-magical paint brush and paint*

    Naydeen: USE GREEN!

    Nadaba: It's not YOUR design, you brat.

    Naydeen: Wow. Am I allowed to have an opinion?

    --- A few minutes later... ---

    Me: Flor, you look lovely!

    Flor: Thank you. *turns head* See, it looks just like the NC version!

    Naydeen: Nadaba, you used the wrong colors.

    Nadaba: You just said that you "should be allowed to have an opinion." Well, then, I am allowed to have an opinion, too. *winks*

    Naydeen: *lost for words*

    Me: Anyway, our next item is the Golden Curtain Balloon Garland, along with its Dyeworks counterparts. This beauty features both polka-dot and damask patterns, as well as vibrant bows. The garland comes in four fabulous colors: the original Gold, as well as pink, green, and blue. Due to the variety, it should be easy to find one which matches most outfits.

    Naydeen: *grabs green garland* I call dibs!

    Flor: *grabs pink garland* Pretty in pink!

    Nadaba: *grabs blue garland* I wanted this one anyway.

    Me: I guess that leaves me with the gold one. *puts it on* Do you like it?

    Naydeen: *singing* Green, green, you should never be seen in any hue but green...*

    Nadaba: You're obsessed.

    Naydeen: *oblivious, singing to herself*

    Me: The next item we have is the Handheld Moon Balloon. If you can't fly to Kreludor, then you can at least hold its likeness in your hand. It---

    Nadaba: You mean my fin.

    Flor: You can't wear it anyway, smart one.

    Nadaba: *droops head* The downside of being a Maraquan pet.

    Me: That would make a great documentary. Anyway, the Handheld Moon Balloon is light blue, and emanates an ethereal glow. It even has a star on the end of the string. How magical! This item is awesome for space-themed customizations.

    Nadaba: *grins* It would make a great nightlight for baby Naydeen.

    Naydeen: *scowls, flashing fangs* Nonsense! I LIVE for the night!

    Flor: She's right. I can't sleep due to the noise she makes at 2 am.

    Naydeen: Get some headphones. I won't stop living because of---

    Me: Enough, all of you! *sigh* Our next item is the Hot Air Balloon Adventure Background. If you've always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon, now's your chance! It---

    Flor: I should get one of these for Nadaba.

    Nadaba: Are you kidding me?! It costs an arm and a leg! You're not THAT nice!

    Flor: *raging* What's wrong with you? I offer you a gift, and---

    Naydeen: 50 to 60 capsules value worth of nice?!

    Flor: *backs away slowly*

    Nadaba: Please write me an i.o.u. --- Just kidding. I could not possibly expect that.

    Flor: *sigh of relief*

    Me: If you can get your hands (or fins) on this rare and expensive item, it allows you to eternally soar above the trees in your very own hot air balloon. As a word of warning, don't let your hair get near the flame which powers the balloon. Otherwise, you'll be buying a new wig.

    Nadaba: I'll put it out. *shoots out a stream of water*

    Flor: Then the balloon won't work, Einstein.

    Naydeen: Obviously, Nadaba hails from anywhere but Brightvale, the land of both superior knowledge and LUSH GREEN MEADOWS!

    Me: Stop insulting her, please.

    Naydeen: *singing* Nadaba's brain---must be green---since it's the size---of a pea!

    Me: Naydeen, go to your room.

    Naydeen: *pouts* *storms off*

    Me: *sigh* The next item is Fresh Berry Balloons. While these look good enough to eat, they---


    Me: ---are not food.

    Flor: Nadaba! Seriously?!

    Nadaba: They're so realistic... Of course I thought they were food!

    Flor: *shakes head*

    Me: *sigh* Now they're punctured. Only Naydeen's fangs could do a worse job. Anyway, these balloons feature strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and... pomegranates. At least I think they're pomegranates---Nadaba mangled them. While they look tasty, I would advise getting your hungry pet some real food, unless you own a Skeith or Grarrl. Those beasts will eat anything!

    Flor: What's next?

    Me: Our last wearable is Pastel Christmas Cookie Party Background---

    Flor: Our cousin Ella's background. It looks beautiful on her.

    Nadaba: I wonder how Ella can look great at all, since---

    Flor: You are the rudest Neopet I have ever met!

    Nadaba: Look in the mirror. I wasn't finished yet! I wonder how Ella can look great, since she babysits that bratty little monster all day!

    Naydeen: Walda? She threw a tantrum at my party because there were no chocolate desserts.

    Me: Naydeen?! Go back to your room!

    Naydeen: *not listening*

    Me: Anyway, the Pastel Christmas Cookie Party Background features soft shades of pastel rose and cyan, which pair perfectly with a Pastel Draik, such as Ella. Of course, there are plenty of round, gorgeous, balloons, as well as a table containing tasty-looking, albeit NON-EDIBLE cookies. A window in the background shows the lovely nighttime sky.

    Flor: I want one now.

    Naydeen: You're weird. It's not GREEN!

    Me: *thinking* I have the three rudest pets in the history of Neopia. Four, if you count Walda. *sigh*


    Me: *turns around* NAYDEEN! You just broke a lamp!

    Naydeen: Sorry. I flew into it by mistake.

    Flor: See, Nadaba, there are advantages to having no wings.

    Nadaba: *scowls*

    *fire starts*

    Nadaba: Let me put it out.

    Flor: NO! That's an ELECTRICAL FIRE! You really are a pea brain!

    Me: Obviously, we'll be back soon enough. Until next time, cheers!

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