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Message the Grundo

by hatsuomi


      This story began when all planets appeared in Neopia, yes, that day when the galaxy showed a signal of life.

      There was this little Grundo, called Niorelia leader of a small community of Grundos after Sloth took Virtupets, she had a “civilization” and she was going to be the queen of that place, that community didn’t have a name, they just called it “Home”

      Niorelia’s parents wanted a good lifestyle for her, so that’s why they decided to move with all Grundos they can reunite, they built a place to live, even though, their everyday’s routine consisted in camouflage, training and risks because Sloth wanted to control everything.

      Niorelia’s parents after years of fighting and defending their ideals, they were old, both painted elderly and Niorelia knew that some day they will turn into stars (That’s what the myth says) one regular day she woke up feeling something different, the guards went for her to tell bad news about her parents…. Yes, they weren’t in his room, but the weird thing is that their clothes were in the bed…

      Niorelia shed a tear and knew their parents were stars now… She already know what she was going to deal, leading a whole community, saving them, training them sounds like… A difficult assignment to do, eh?

      Time gone by and Niorelia grew up as someone fierce with a great attitude of leadership, but someone who loves to express her feelings…

      It was one regular night when something happened, she was looking at the stars, as she always did, but then some stars shined… It wasn’t anything normal, it was like a type of communication… She didn’t pay too much attention, but that became a pattern, every night she walk through the night watching the sky, like reading a Message… She thought her parents were trying to say something about the community or Sloth, or just a signal of “We’re here” but it was something else… Something powerful leading Niorelia into a great power…

      After weeks of studying those signals, Niorelia drew a map and found a "fault" that was what she probably knew she should find, she traveled to the Krawk Island where the fault were shown and she deep into the water… She used her powers and training to locate the item she was looking for; she didn’t know what it was but then something shiny appeared… Yes, the item she was looking for was calling her… She grabs it and just when she did it, she closed her eyes and appeared in his home…

      Yes… It was like a dream? Or maybe a magic item? Everything seems normal, but then someone appeared in that sight, someone who Niorelia didn’t know but she didn’t feel scared because she felt he already know him

      It was a Grundo, but not a regular one; it was someone with a crown, with shiny hands and with no shoes he whispered

      “I’m the one you try to read every night, I’m those stars and I’m that message”

      She woke up, she wasn’t in the water anymore, not even in the Krawk Island, she was back there in her community, she felt confuse but she had to do something…

      That night, she went out, she looked at the stars and they were shinning, but this was something else, she heard a voice instead of trying to solve a message…

      “Keep looking at the starssss and you’ll know who I am… “

      Niorelia was tired of that mistery and she answered to that voice:

      I need to know who you are, please, I’m tired of trying to read something or someone that I don’t even know, I don’t know if I’m getting crazy or if it’s real, I’ think I’m losing my mind here and I don’t know what’s happening… I’m confused, I used to feel alone but every night that I look at the stars I know I’m not… Is just…. I need answers...

      Then, the whispered sounds more realistic, like someone who was behind her and said:

      My name is Message, and I’ve been waiting for this moment since I saw your ability to read the stars, you were the only one capable of read my signals and I appreciate it.

      Niorelia was shocked about the visitor and she can barely say some words:

      B.. B… But, W.. Who are you? Why me? I .. I mean I have a lot of questions, where are you from?

      Message already knew that he needed to clear all doubts to talk to her about his plans:

      I’m a space faerie servant, I’m called “The prince of the Galaxy” I can see everything, in every land; I saw you after your parents turned into stars, training, keeping those feelings, that strength… And I’m not going to lie; I knew that you were able to read me.

      Niorelia felt happy and relief because she knew her parents turn into stars and she face the traveler:

      Yes, I’m the leader of my community and I can also call myself a star reader because I have studied them too much, I knew you needed someone to express your words… So, what can I do for you, Prince?

      Message didn’t hesitate to talk to Niorelia and tell the truth he was dealing with:

      Things were easy when I wasn’t the prince... But know I have a lot of things to do and communicate and it’s difficult when no one knows about you…. What I’m asking is I need you to receive my messages, to read the stars, Niorelia, what I’m saying is that I need you to become not just the leader of your community, I need you to become the Queen of the Galaxy, I need help.


      After a short silence she asked:

      Ok, I can definitely accept that challenge, but how can this happen? I mean, I’m not leaving my community and I’m not moving here, you should know how committed I am to my group of Grundos

      Niorelia, I know you, I already knew you were not going to leave this place… you said that you can accept the challenge and that’s all I needed it, I’m going to give you the crown of the Queen of the Galaxy so that all Neopia would know something about you, about me, about everything.

      Message couldn’t stay at earth too much time because his powers are no that powerful

      Niorelia went out some nights to read Message’s message, now every Neopet knows a little about that intergalactic prince and his Queen of the galaxy.

      She sees Message sometimes, when he can land earth, she doesn’t like that at all but she’s trying her best for it, she knows Neopia needs a Servant and someone who can read every detail of those messages.

      Her community already knows the full story and they became more united because of that, Niorelia is very appreciated for it! She hopes to see Message land at earth forever and stop been a traveler trough the stars, she just needs and wants someone who can listen to her and maybe... Why not? Make another story soon.


      The End.

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