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The Guide and History to Dream Neopet Giveaway

by i_love_kougra_


In December 10th of 2010, Neopia have received a few news: Imposter Apple avatar was released, new Neocash items from the cards were available, a new chapter of the Faerie’s Ruins was launched... But the day after that, no one was expecting that: TNT released the brand new Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway!

Some didn’t noticed, some didn’t understood it. But the fact is: people had less than two weeks to figure out this new event, as the entries closed at 12m on December 21th. The forums went crazy, everyone was talking about this. As the wishes were going to be grant on 25th morning – the day of giving -, people were really interested and curious about this.

So… What wishes? Ten random people had their dream pet wishes realized in the morning of the day of giving. Draiks were expensive back then, so most of the wishes were after them. Chocolate, Robot, Maraquan, Transparent, Water, Royalboy, Darigan, Stealthy were the colors of those winner draiks. Another rare pet no one have thought about was the Ice Bori. We will talk more about this later.

The next editions have happened one time a year using the same pattern: entries closing at around 19th and 21th, ten wishes granted at morning of 25th. But in 2014, 55 winners have been chosen, 15 of them being Vandagyre – the number 40 until the number 55. Of the remaining 40, there were only 1 Ice Bori. Keep that in mind. Now, why there were 55 winners and 15 Vandagyres?

The Vandagyre was the 55th pet species available on Neopets and the site was celebrating 15 years. So… that’s were the numbers came. In 2015, the things have changed a little. The entries were being accepted earlier, since 2nd December, until 18th December at 11:59am. This gave people more than two weeks to choose. This time, 40 people have won – and this is the pattern until the last Giveaway, on December 2017.

Also, there were another - and early – giveaway, on 2014 July. The summer edition granted ten wishes in 21th July, with entries closing 2 days before. This haven’t happened again – so far. The rules were the same.

Now, the Ice Boris.

The Ice Boris are the only converted pets that can’t be created by any other method than using the Dream Neopet Giveaway. They used to be specific to who downloaded the 2004 Bori Toolbar. With this bar, people could choose between Ice, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. That used to be the only way to create an Bori. Fun fact: it was in 2004 Eyrie Day! The toolbar download link were available through the news page for a short period of time at September 30. The page worked almost like Dream Neopet Giveaway: you could morph one of your pets into a Bori but you could also create a new one.

And…. Why are they so rare?

Since then, it wasn’t possible to get one Ice Bori. So… there were no new Ice Boris created between 2005-2014, when the Giveaway granted an Ice Bori wish. Between 2010 and 2013, no Ice Boris were given with the Giveaway. So, the history of Ice Boris just went slowly coming up. It all started in 2014, with one granted. One year after the other, the numbers were, respectively: 0, 1, 5.

Also, pounding an Ice Bori will make it turn blue. Which makes it even more rarer. Yes, you can trade them, but you have to talk with that Robot Hissi - the one responsibly to pound transfer pets. Its estimated to have less than 100 Ice Boris available in Neopia and this number probably will keep like that, because even with more people having their wishes granted, there’s always someone getting frozen, getting done with Neopia world – what a shame! - or pounding one of them, automatically making them blue.

What should I choose?

You have to choose what fits your dreams. No matter if its a Christmas Vandagyre or an Ice Bori. Or a Blue Lupe. But there are a few things you might want to take into account. Some wishes are harder to achieve than others. You might want a Christmas Vandagyre now, because they are indeed cute. But did you knew that you can have one for less than 100.000 NPs? Oh, you find this very difficult to achieve? But… Have you tried Trudy’s every day? I’m pretty sure you can achieve that budget in no time!

But what are you going to do when you decide to have a harder wish? Like the Ice Bori itself. You can’t just create it, as said before. Or an Ice Draik? There are a few pets/colors you should take a look first before choosing, lets say, a Christmas Vandagyre. Here they are – with no particular order – and the reasons behind:

Ice Bori

As said before, this is the only way to get one. You can’t zap a Bori to ice neither dip it into the fountain faerie. There’s no paintbrush too. So… yeah, that’s the only real way.

Expensive Paint Brushes

There are a few expensive PBs you should consider first. The most expensive are: Candy, Stealth, Pastel, Maraquan, Transparent, Desert, Plushie, White, Wraith, Maractite, Get Off My Lawn (Elderly), Faerie, Dimensional, Halloween, Marble, Pink, Water, Woodland, Zombie, Eventide, Grey, Island, Royal, Darigan. There a few others that are indeed expensive, but those are the ones that really worth it.

But keep in mind that your dream pet might have a cheaper morphing potion. Take for example the Eventide Draik. The Eventide Paint Brush, in nowadays value, is like 1.9m and the Pirate Draik Morphing Potion, the cheaper one, is around 100k. Which means you are going to spend around 2m to get an Eventide Draik. If you buy directly an Eventide Draik Morphing Potion, your cost – nowadays – is around 800k. So much cheaper, isn’t? But this isn’t a rule: it’s a heads up. Check both before buying.

What shouldn’t I choose?

There a few dreams that became cheap and you might haven’t take a look at. I mean, after years dreaming about something, like having an Pirate Aisha, you probably didn’t noticed that the Pirate Aisha Morphing Potion is now less than 10k and used to be more than 500k in 2014 early. So, don’t spend your luck in this easy wish. Also, this is all an advice – not a rule! You can choose anything you want: Pirate Aisha, Christmas Vandagyre… After all, it’s your dream!

Facts about Dream Neopet Giveaway answered in Neopian Times:

- If you pound the pet you have wished for, you are disqualified (Issue 525, question 4).

- For Royal and Elderly pets, that the gender matters, your pet have to be the gender you want before the day of giving – but not necessarily before choosing it in the entry date. You can do later, just keep in mind it has to be before the actual day of changing it. (Issue 474, question 14)

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