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Warm You Up Gourmet Party

by emberfusion


Warm You Up Gourmet Party


While most Neopians have been battling the fierce cold this season, we thought it would be a great time to gather up a list of the best gourmet foods to not only fill your bellies, but also to warm you up on the coldest night. So, settle in while we present to you our picks for the very best Warm You Up Gourmet Party!


To start your day out right, we suggest grabbing a hot plate of Steamed Vegetable Dumplings. You absolutely can not go wrong with vegetable dumplings any time of day, but if you want the best of the best, make sure they are of the steamed variety! To spice it up a bit, make sure you are also serving some Hot and Sour Soup. Your guests are sure to love the perfect combination of hot and sour. Throwing in those Steamed Vegetable Dumplings is just the icing on the cake (we will get to cake later, though).

Main Dish

Grab yourself a slice of Mac and Cheese Pizza, kick your feet up, and enjoy yourself! It is hard not to find that warm, fuzzy feeling of happiness after chowing down on a slice of the ultimate comfort food! Fancy something vegetarian? Grab a big ol’ bowl of Cybunny Carrot Stew. Full of delicious carrots, this stew is sure to warm you up even on the coldest of nights. While you are at it, make sure to grab an Island Draik Egg or two, that your guests with even the most picky of tastes will be sure to love. Plus, who doesn’t love food that reminds them of being in a nice hot tropical paradise?

Side Dishes

Speaking of comfort foods, you do not want to be caught throwing a party without the Meridellian Style Mashed Potatoes! Mashed potatoes are a classic home cooked side dish that you really can't go wrong with. If you are feeling particularly fancy, dress those potatoes up in a jacket! Deluxe Jacket Potato is just the side dish you need to impress your guests! If you are looking for something a bit lighter, make sure you are offering Steaming Root Salad as an alternative choice! Being that it is vegetarian friendly and is sure to warm you up, it is the perfect addition for those looking for a nice light side to go along with a hearty main dish.


If you are planning your party for early morning, be sure to have a nice, steaming hot pot of Coffee of the Dead ready to go! It is sure to wake even the most sleepy of your guests. Like something a little sweeter? Why not try out a cup of Cocoa Juppie Mocha? Not a coffee person? Not a problem! Elegant Tea Service is just what you need. Anything elegant is definitely a must have at your party, especially if you are looking to impress! If you are looking for something a bit more laid back, Relaxation Tea is sure to hit the spot. And… for those looking to send a passive aggressive message to your guests, we suggest handing them cup of Mad Meepit Mocha (it taste good and lets them know that you are not happy with them).


You know what really rounds out a meal? A nice warm gooey chocolate chip cookie. Which chocolate chip cookie, you ask? Why none other than a Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie, of course! What’s not to love? Fresh out of the oven, melty chocolate chips, cute quiggle shapes - they are the perfect dessert! Not a quiggle fan? That’s fine, you can serve up a nice hot plate of Chocolate Chip Eyrie Cookie. You really can’t go wrong with warm chocolate chip cookies, no matter what shape they are in! If you are not in a cookie mood, why not try a Molten Frosting Cake Slice? Nothing will warm you up quite like Molten Frosting! Bonus points: everybody loves cake!


We spent a lot of time coming up with the best gourmets to help warm you up through the rest of this cold season, but there are so many more great gourmets to choose from! So, have your Mac and Cheese Pizza with a side of Relaxation Tea, but do not forget to browse the lists below for even more great gourmets to serve at your next Warm You Up Gourmet Party!

PS: We even added a “You Decide” category with a few extra warm gourmet foods that could really be served at any time during your party! Bonus: there is something in here for everyone, so you do not have to worry about those picky eaters not liking your food!


Hot and Sour Soup

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

Cheese Rigamaroll

Toast With Cheese

Cauliflower Soup

Cheops Soup

Flotsam Fin Soup

French Onion Soup

Gorgroggle Soup

Korbat Wing Soup

Pteri Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Rest in Pea Soup

Soup Faerie Soup

Souper Bowl

Space Rock Soup

Spyven Leg Soup

Tofu Space Slug Soup

Pyramid Potato Skins

Main Dish

Steamed Fish

Steamed Gorgroggles

Dargil Meat Mince Pie

Meerca Pie

Our Famous Krawk Pie

Quiggle Pie

Island Draik Egg

Island Meatloaf

Grilled Cheese Chomby Sandwich

Mac and Cheese Pizza

Star Shaped Cheeseburger

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Whole Cheeseburger Pizza

Whole Cheesesteak Pizza

Whole Chilli Cheese Pizza

Boiled Lizard Stew

Coconut Ketchup Stew

Cog Stew

Cybunny Carrot Stew

Fish Negg Stew

Primordial Stew

Sentient Stew

Side Dishes

Dried Lava Crisps

Steaming Root Salad

Fried Altadorian Cheese Plate

Deluxe Jacket Potato

Hut of Mashed Potatoes

Meridellian Style Mashed Potatoes

Slorg Potatoes

Twice-Baked Spiked Potato

Cheesy Broccoli Bite


Autumn Herbal Tea

Dark Tea

Elegant Cup of Tea

Elegant Tea Service

Exquisite Cup of Tea

Ginger Green Tea

Hibiscus Tea

Jasmine Tea

Nettle Tea

Pink Negg Tea

Relaxation Tea

Rosemary Mushroom Tea

Strawberry Kiwi Tea

Clover Cream Coffee

Coffee of the Dead

Coffee Service

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Ultra Strong Coffee

Candy Corn Latte

Lava Latte

Cocoa Juppie Mocha

Mad Meepit Mocha


Molten Candy Apple

Molten Frosting Cake Slice

Molten Meringue Pie

Faerie Apple Pie

Chocolate Chip Eyrie Cookie

Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie

Chocolate Chip Yurble Gnome Cookie

You Decide!

Flaming Super Hot Pasty

Lava Chilaquiles


Moltaran Bak Lava

Artichoke and Feta Pie

Cheesy Chokato Pie

Slice Of Pea Pie

Spicy Juppie Pasty

Vionanna Mince Pie

Altador Sunny Eggs

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