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Fabulous Paint Brushes, and Where to Find Them

by eyre101619


While there are a few users who are content having their pets stay the basic red, blue, yellow or green, almost everyone wants to paint their pet at some point in time. The key to accomplishing this is by using a paint brush. But where exactly are paint brushes found? Use this guide as your map to finding paint brushes, and achieving the goal of having a painted pet!

Buy a Paint Brush

While you won’t find paint brushes in the normal Neopian shops, there are a few places where you can actually buy paint brushes. This is definitely the most surefire way to get a paint brush, but since most of them are quite expensive, you might have to save for a bit before you can afford it.

From Other Users – variable

The quickest and most straightforward way to get a paint brush is simply to buy it from another user. Many of the lucky players who have gotten paint brushes don’t need them themselves, and so they offer them in their shops, trades and auctions.

If the paint brush you would like costs less than 100,000 NP, check the shops first. Once you’ve found one, you can have a painted pet within minutes! Just buy the paint brush and head to the Rainbow Pool, where you’ll be able to paint your pet. Buying a paint brush from a user shop is definitely the way to go if the color you’d like is relatively cheap and you just can’t wait to paint your pet!

Paint brushes for up to 2,000,000 NP can be “bought” from the Trading Post. You’ll need an extra item, though, as the Trading Post is primarily for trading items, and so one item is required per bid. If the other user isn’t online right away, you’ll have to wait a bit, and the money you’ve bid on the trade won’t be accessible until the user accepts or rejects it, but if you’re lucky, they’ll react relatively quickly. Paint brushes worth more than 2,000,000 NP can also be found here, but 2,000,000 NP is the most you can bid on a Trading Post lot, meaning you’ll usually need other items – preferably ones that are easy to sell – to make up the difference, as well.

Finally, if you’d like to buy a paint brush worth more than 2,000,000 NP, the only place left to look is the Auction House. There is no limit to what you can bid, meaning items worth much more can be found here, as well. The main drawbacks to auctions, though, is that you have to continue checking up on them, since others may have placed a bid after you, and you may have to wait quite a bit to get your item or Neopoints – auctions can last up to two days, and unlike trades, you can’t withdraw your bid. With that in mind, bid wisely!

Hidden Tower – 600,000 to 4,000,000 NP

If you’re one of the lucky few who have managed to find this magical shop run by the Faerie Queen Fyora herself, then you may have already noticed that she stocks a few paint brushes, as well. Those looking for a Baby, Faerie, Royal or Maractite pet can find what they need here. Fyora doesn’t haggle, but there is a monthly sale for loyal players, and she sometimes is generous enough to give users a 10% discount on their next purchase. Bargain hunters might benefit from checking the Trading Post and Auction House first, though, especially if they haven’t been playing for very long – many players who have been around long enough to get the loyalty discount are willing to resell items at the discounted price.


Dailies are activities you can do on a daily basis, usually for free, or for pretty cheap. Because of this, you have a very low chance of getting a paint brush. However, it still is possible, so you might as well give them a try! If nothing else, many of them give out items you can resell and Neopoints to put you on the right path to saving up for a paint brush.

Anchor Management – free

After the disappearance of Krawk Island caused by the Krawken, and its reassembly, the Governor decided to ask Neopians for their help in fending off future attacks with the daily Anchor Management. Your job is to spot the Krawken in the area around Krawk Island, and fire a cannon at it to keep it from destroying the ropes and anchors that keep the island “in place an’ in one piece”, as the Governor would say. The retreating krawken may even leave items behind, including paint brushes!

Forgotten Shore – free after collecting all nine map pieces

Once you’ve gained access to the shore by collecting and assembling all nine map pieces, you can come back and check the shore for treasure. There are many things to be found along the shore, such as Neopoints and collectable items, and they’re pretty great as well, but paint brush hunters should keep an eye out for treasure chests! Discovered Treasure Chests, which can be found on the shore, have a small chance of containing a paint brush.

Fruit Machine – free

Fruit Machine is a game similar to Trudy’s Surprise. You get one free spin a day, and if the cards match, you can win fabulous prizes! If the first two match, you will get some Neopoints and the fruit displayed. Three matching cards can get you different prizes – you will always receive Neopoints, some also reward one or more items, and if you’re incredibly lucky and get three Puntec Fruits, your active pet’s stats will be raised! Ptolymelons and Puntec Fruits will reward you with a paint brush, so look out for those!

Test Your Strength – 100 NP

Test Your Strength is a classic fairground game that many know and love. After paying a fee of 100 NP, Arnold, the Mynci who runs the game, will give you a mallet. Aim for the big red button and use the mallet to hit it with all of your might! Those who manage to reach the top will win the jackpot of up to 1,000,000 NP, and even those who don’t can win some great prizes, including a paint brush!

Wheel of Monotony – 150 NP

If you’ve got a lot of time to kill, try the Wheel of Monotony. Not only is this wheel incredibly slow, it takes literal hours to stop. It’s best to start early in the day and leave it spinning in the background whilst you go about other business. When you come back, hopefully it’ll have stopped, meaning you can receive your prize. Some of the “prizes” aren’t great, as with many wheels, and may even harm your Neopets, but you may be lucky and get a paint brush, as well. If you think it’s worth it, go for it!

Faerie Caverns – 400 NP

Hidden deep in the Faerie Caverns, faeries have hidden a special treasure! However, there is a sort of entrance fee: it is customary to throw 400 NP into the waters of the cavern to wish for good luck before entering.

Once you have entered the caverns, you will need to choose a path through the caverns, until you reach the end. You may leave unsuccessfully, having run into a dead end. However, if you choose the correct path, you can find the treasure! Usually you will get Neopoints, but a lucky few have also managed to find a Faerie Paint Brush left in the caverns.

Additionally, there is a helpful boon for those who join The Awakened and The Order of the Red Erism in skirmishes – Cartogriphication. This skill lets you know which path to take in the caverns, meaning you’re guaranteed to find the treasure!

Wheel of Extravagance – 100,000 NP

While this wheel technically is a daily, unlike most dailies, it’s definitely not cheap! However, the prizes can be worth it – the wheel gives out exclusive items, including an avatar, as well as great stat boosts, Nerkmids, and paint brushes, of course! I wouldn’t really recommend it if you’re not trying to get the avatar or any of the exclusive items, though. Since it’s so expensive, and the chance of getting a paint brush is quite low, you might as well just save the money you’d spend on spinning the wheel instead.

Other Options

These methods either use currencies other than Neopoints, or are just extremely rare – or both. However, they’re worth considering, especially for very active users!

Random Events – free, but rare

While exploring Neopia, you may find a paint brush, or even receive one from the elusive Jacko the Phantom Painter. Not much is really known about him, except that this creepy character randomly gives out paint brushes to Neopians, then quickly fades away. However, both of these events are extremely rare, so it’d probably be best to concentrate on getting a paint brush through other means. But who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky!

Alien Aisha Vending Machine – Nerkmids

If you happen to come across a Nerkmid – maybe while spinning the Wheel of Extravagance – you can use it at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, located in the Neopian Plaza. The Vending Machine always awards a Neopoint and item prize, meaning there’s a good chance to get a paint brush, or Neopoints to save up for one – or, of course, to spend on more Nerkmids.

Prize Shops – many, many hours of Yooyuball or solving puzzles

At the end of plots and the annual Altador Cup, players are awarded points based on how much they participated, which they can then use to buy great prizes. Most of the prizes are event-themed, but usually prize shops feature a paint brush. However, it’s always one of the most expensive prizes, if not the most expensive prize, so if you’re aiming for a paint brush reward, be prepared to invest a lot of your time.

In conclusion, there are many ways to get a paint brush. It might take a while to save up, but you might get lucky, so make sure to try many different options from this list! Even if you don’t succeed right away, many of the options will help you find items to sell to get you closer to your goal. Just don’t give up!

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