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The Aisha Twins:Part Five

by imcatcrazy11


     After a difficult path with multiple setbacks, like being outbid on their lab map piece and losing hundreds of thousands of Neopoints through a gambling incident, Milly and Lilly, the twin Aishas, finally obtained the final portion of their Secret Laboratory Map. With joy and excitement pumping through their veins, they set out immediately for the laser that would change them from boring Red and Green to a beautiful Woodland colour so they could both match.

          "I feel like that scientist tricked us a little bit," said Milly. "He could have warned us that we could switch bodies, or that anything could happen to us. We asked for Woodland and he did not say a peep about how it wasn't guaranteed until AFTER he zapped us."

          "I know, he is a true scoundrel, and it really is not fair and I wish we did not have to go back there, but I do not think that we have another choice in the matter," sighed Lilly dejectedly. "He's the only one with any type of technology even close to this. We have been pretty much backed into a corner to be his literal lab rats."

          They had a limited set of option as to what they could realistically do. Actually, they really had two options: stay in each other's bodies or risk it with the secret laboratory again. Neither were particularly ideal, but they had been backed into a corner with this issue. So the twins put aside their pride and were willing to take another risk, so they set off towards the laboratory again. This time, they were less charmed by the gorgeous scenery and stunning beaches, and instead had knots in their stomachs and were full of fear as to what might happen on the other side of the laboratory door.

          "Welcome back, ready for another go around I see," said the Scorchio scientist with a smile.

          The twins were not impressed with his demeanor. He had tricked them and was now gaining the benefits of his foolery. He is a smart man, but not a noble one, and the sisters were less than enthused to have to deal with him again.

          "Yeah...let's just get to it, put us back in our right bodies please," snapped Lilly, getting right to the point.

          "Feisty," said the Scorchio as he got into position behind his contraption. "On the red X please."

          The twins moved over to the X, and held hands again just like the day before, in case that had something to do with them swapping bodies.

          "3...2...1!" The room flashed with a familiar streak of light, and the zapping sound was near deafening again. The smoke cleared.

          "We switched back!!" Milly moved around excitedly, releasing that they had swapped positions.

          "Yay!! W..wait," hesitated Lilly. "Oh my GOODNESS!!!"

          Milly looked over at Lilly, and then down at herself. They had returned to their bodies, but the bodies had now changed...they were now horrific creatures...Mutant Unis.

          "ICK UGH EW, GET AWAY," Milly shouted at Lilly.

          "YOU LOOK THE SAME!! GET AWAY FROM YOURSELF," huffed Lilly.

          "Hmm, closer, I guess I'll see you guys again tomorrow," smirked the Scorchio. He had them in his clutches now, they were completely dependent on the next zap if they wanted to be at all presentable in modern society. "Have a good night's rest, I am sure everything will go better tomorrow!"

          And he did see them again the next day. What choice did the girls really have? They returned angrily to be zapped again, and then they returned the next day. And the next day.

          Blue Unis.

          Royal Lupes.

          Quiguki Quiggles.

          They did not ever switch their bodies again, and they always zapped into the same thing, both of which could be seen as a benefit at least....but it was never a zap where they became Woodland Aishas. They were starting to feel disappointed and dreading every day that they would return and become something new.

          "What if this never works? How long do we have to do this?" Milly was exhausted after the 30th zap. "I don't know how many more times I can become a Mutant or a Skeith. Ick. And that day we were Grarrls?? We couldn't even fit in our beds!!"

          "I know," agreed Lilly. "But what other option do we have? Morphing potions and paint brushes are so expensive, especially for BOTH of us to become Woodland. I hate being experimented on like this too, but once we hit the jackpot it will be worth it."

          "The jackpot," said Milly as she remembered her time gambling. "The jackpot on Black Pawkeet Slots never came and I lost it all. What if the jackpot of the lab ray never comes?? We have already lost a couple levels and half of my clothes never fit my new bodies. I think we need to start preparing ourselves for the worst."

          The twins were so disheartened by everything that had transpired up to this point. Their goal should have been accomplished a long time ago, but things kept going in the worst possible ways. Desperation took hold a long time ago and it led them down every wrong road possible.

          "I know what you mean," Lilly responded with disappointment. "Maybe we can continue to visit the laboratory every day but also start spending a lot more time at the games center to save up for the paint brushes. I wish we had just saved up the extra money for the paint brushes instead of throwing it all into the Secret Laboratory Map!!"

          "We can't go back and change the past now," said Milly as she went and patted Lilly on the back to comfort her. "We can only move on from here and set up the future to be more favorable."

          And so the two went back to work. Every morning they would head over and meet the lunatic Scorchio Scientist, and get zapped into some new amalgamation of Neopet. And then in the afternoon they would take their brand new selves to play a lot of games and try to get more money in the bank. It was a long journey as they had to save nearly ten million Neopoints for all the items they would need, but they need that it was really what they wanted and that if they worked they could achieve it. And after a few months of daily dedication...

          "With your latest deposits, your account balance is now 9,233,401 Neopoints," said the bank teller with a smile, handing over a statement receipt to the twin Aishas.

          "We're so close, just a few more days and we will have the morphing potions and paint brushes," said Lilly, who was now a Tyrannian Nimmo. They two of them hopped back to their house and pulled out the laboratory map. "Alright, let's get our daily zap over with and then head on over to smash some Great Desert Race."

          Within minutes the two were now making their way through the now familiar labyrinth of hallways to the lab ray, meeting with the Scorchio who they have grown to both loathe and love.

          "Alright girls, let's do this! 3..2...1!" The flash and zap were so routine now that the girls did not even jump at the spectacle anymore. They barely even cough when the room fills with smoke.

          "Thank you, we'll see you tomorrow doctor," said Lilly to the Scorchio, and her and her sister began to leave.

          "Tomorrow," questioned the Scorchio. "Why will you be back?"

          "What do you mean," said a confused Millie. "We have to keep coming back until we become Woodland Aishas or save up enough for the paint brushes."

          The Scorchio looks at the two with a smile and pulls out a giant floor length mirror, turning it to face the twins.

          "OH!!!!!!!!!" The two twins exclaim in unison and began jumping up and down, cheering and celebrating. One look in the mirror revealed that the two had their dream come true, they had been zapped into Woodland Aishas!! All that hard work and perseverance had paid off, along with a touch of luck.

          "Finally," said an exasperated Milly. "Finally our dream came true!! Oh, and we have almost ten million neopoints in the bank to use on clothing and customizing!!!"

          "I do accept tips," said the Scorchio. The twins shot him a nasty look and shook their heads, he was definitely not getting a tip after misleading them on their initial zap.

          "I'm so glad this is all resolved," Lilly said as she smiled at her sister. "It all worked out and now we finally match. I could not be happier to have a sister like you, who stuck with me through all of this."

          "And I'm happy to have you," Milly replied, hugging her sister. "We are a true team through thick and thin. Let's get over to the game center so we can keep growing that bank account!"

          Lilly nodded in agreement and the two set off, in the bodies they'd always dreamed of and with a new respect for each other and for the dedication it took for their dreams to come true.

     The End.

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