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Unconverted Neopets

by mistereygirl101


     What is a "UC" Pet?

     UC stands for "Unconverted Pet." The run-down is that on April 27 of 2007, TNT released big updates, a whole site renew which included mainly a change in the art style for all Neopets. This change was mainly made to allow the introduction of wearables to customize your pet with clothes and accessories. The new artwork changed the basic body shape of each species so that each color variation of the species could wear the same clothing, but this made the pets who had clear variations due their color, like Darigan, Desert, Faerie, etc suffer a very drastic change on their design. Because of this, many of the pets that were already created and had this colors, were given the option to remain with the old art style but with the bad part of not being able to wear clothes. The Neopets that remained with the old art style were called ‘unconverted’ and the ones. As for the users who tried out the new and decided to change or were automatically changed were called converted.

     How do I know if my pet is unconverted?

     The easiest way to tell is to visit your quick ref. Under the 'Notices' section, there will be a message if your pet is unconverted that reads: "Pet-name" must be converted in order to be fully customizable. Click here to learn more."

     If I paint an unconverted pet will it become converted?

     Yes, any changes in color or species to an Unconverted pet will automatically make it a converted pet. This includes the use of paint brushes, morphing potions, transmogrification potions and the lab ray. There are no ways to create UC Neopets at the moment, and TNT has declared that they don’t have plans in the near future to implement something like this either.

     If I pound or transfer an UC pet will it auto convert?

     No, UC Neopets do not convert while in the pound or while being transferred-only the owner can convert a pet by clicking on the link shown on the Quick Reference page or by doing any of the color/specie changes detailed before.

     How rare are UC pets?

     Unconverted pets are in high demand these days. They can be traded for pretty much any pet that you could dream of on the Pound Chat. They are seen as status symbols and rich/old players are their most common owners. It may be difficult to trade for up to an UC pet but it can be done!

     They are rare, valuable, and completely uncreatable. You can never choose to change your pet back after a conversion happens or if you zap it from the lab ray.

     If you do happen to prefer the newer art, it is suggested that you trade for a pet of the same colour/species on the Pound Chat, or simply create a new pet in Pet Central. It's pretty much a loss to the entire community when someone chooses to convert!

     How do I get a UC pet?

     If you do not own one already before the conversion, the ONLY other way to obtain a UC pet is by trading another user. This may take time and may seem almost impossible at some times but it takes patience. You must begin with a pet that is fairly decent to trade. UC's can easily be traded for an attractive RW (real word), RN (real name), or BD (high skilled battledom) pet but if you do not have one already, start by trading up for one of those and moving on from there. Some user may even trade you a UC for a FFQ! It honestly depends on the player and their personal opinion on your pet. If one player refuses your trade, don't be afraid to move on and keep offering on other's pets. For example, I recently traded a 5L converted RN pet for a DN tier 1 UC pet.

     I heard you could buy UC pets?

     NO! No no no you cannot and I cannot discourage this enough. These UC pets for sale are stolen off of inactive user's accounts. If you see anyone selling a UC pet report them immediately because this is against Neopet's rules! All pet's and items must be earned through hard work, otherwise it is cheating. Also be weary that UC pet's being traded around the Pound Chat may be stolen and your trade could be reversed for your safety. Don't be afraid to contact TNT to confirm if a pet if legit or not before trading. These scammers should not be supported and these websites trying to sell UC pet's should be shut down. Remember to frequently change your pins and passwords to keep scammers from stealing your account(s)! No worries, TNT does their best to keep on top of these things!!

     How many different colors/species are there?

     There are 227 different UC neopets

     Can my Unconverted pet get converted by random events?

     Thankfully, No! Before, this was something that did happen when having your UC pet as active, since they were affected by random events of color change like Boochi, Invisibleness and Rainbow Water. But on April 16th of 2010, TNT declared that all UC Neopets are immune to them now as a perk to loyal users. So there’s nothing to fear on that aspect anymore, feel free to use your UCs as active and show them everywhere!

     Why UC pets?

     There are so many beautiful UC pets out and about Neopia! From babies to plushies they are a pleasure to come across and may be a whole new world for a new user to discover, or nostalgic for an old player.

     Neopet's art before the conversion is definitely a pleasure to see and if you haven't seen all of the UC pets I suggest looking them up!

     In my own honest opinion I believe the UC faeries have the most wonderful art.

     Neopet's is filled with so many beautiful pets, but UC pet's just happen to be the most rare and nostalgic of them all.


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