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Notorious: 5 More Random Avatars! (Part 2)

by rowdy420


Hello again lovely Neopian Times Readers! My name is Ryder and I'm back to talk about some more elusive, random avatars. Last time, we discussed 5 avatars that taunt us by being seemingly impossible, and now we're going to embark on a journey around Neopia to discuss 5 more.

Once again, let's start with an avatar that I'm actively trying (and failing) to obtain!

6. Lottery

This first avatar exemplifies the definition of random! The Neopian Lottery is a game in which you buy a ticket by choosing 5 different numbers (between 1 and 30) in hopes of picking numbers that match the winning numbers which are drawn at random every day around 8:00pm NST! It should be noted that the time at which the winning numbers are drawn varies; so be sure to check the page around the specified time (while I'm writing this article, I believe the winning numbers are actually chosen around 8:20pm NST) to see if you've won. You can buy up to 20 tickets per day and you can even get a ticket from a Random Event! It costs only 100 Neopoints to purchase a ticket, so it would only cost you 2,000 Neopoints to play each round (day)!

If you're lucky enough to pick the winning numbers of The Neopian Lottery, you win your share of the total prize fund (split between all of the winners), a trophy added to your Trophy Cabinet, AND you get the Lottery avatar! But wait - there's a catch: In order to win the avatar, you have to have been the (i)first(/i) person to have picked the winning numbers. As an example, if 5 people get all 5 winning numbers, only the first person to have bought their winning ticket gets the avatar along with the trophy and their share of Neopoints. The first person will appear first on the list of winners for that day.

So, if you want to win this avatar, I suggest you buy your tickets swiftly after the previous numbers have been drawn and the winners have been announced. That way, if you're lucky enough to have picked the winning numbers, you'll end up being the first person on the list!

7. Brightvale

Let's keep the ball rolling - or, em - keep the wheel spinning, and move on to another avatar that is completely at the mercy of luck! Brightvale is a splendid avatar with the official Brightvale flag on it that is rewarded to you when you spin the Wheel of Knowledge and land on the 8-pointed star. Spinning the wheel costs 400 Neopoints and you can only spin once every day with the following exception.

In the last article, I briefly mentioned a boon (reward) that was awarded for choosing (and fighting for) the winning faction of the skirmish at the Battleground of the Obelisk. Well, this comes up again in this article! If you've chosen wisely for the skirmish, in this case, the Seekers or the Brutes (and sometimes the awakened), you can choose the Right Round Round Round boon. With this boon, the user may spin the wheels of Neopia twice before having to wait the usual time to spin again. This means, for the Wheel of Knowledge, you would be able to spin twice before having to wait until the next day. Pretty convenient if you're attempting to achieve this shiny avatar!

Brightvale is another example of an avatar that loves to elude people - I've heard of many people, including myself, who have spun the Wheel of Knowledge every day for years and have never achieved this avatar. It's definitely a rare one that is worth the wait, though!

(Oh, and rumor has it that on Brightvale Day, August 11, your chances of getting this avatar are even greater. Thanks Jellyneo for the tip!)

8. Skeith - King Hagan

Since we're already here, we might as well stay in Brightvale and pay a visit to our favorite Wise Old King, King Hagan! Skeith - King Hagan is an extremely rare and - might I add - handsome avatar that most of us would love to show off. So how do you obtain this avatar? Well it's really simple and easy; you have to impress the wisest man in all of Neopia with your very own piece wisdom. In other words, King Hagan has to give you an A+ rating after you share with him some of your wisdom. Piece of cake, right? WRONG! Again, this avatar is extremely rare and random; and, I've heard through the grapevine that it doesn't actually matter what wisdom you share with him, no matter how profound. You just have to be really, really lucky.

For the penultimate avatar on this list, I want to discuss an avatar that is random but less rare than all of the others that have been mentioned so far. This way, I can help provide avatar collectors (and other interested parties) with a little hope that some random avatars aren't that bad. Let's go!

9. Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb is an avatar that is awarded randomly when you visit the Deserted Tomb in The Lost City of Geraptiku (located on Mystery Island) and get rewarded with an item. You may visit the tomb once a day but bear in mind the risks associated with visiting! There are many ghosts and monsters within the tomb, most of which are very scary and very ferocious. There are even booby traps that can shoot arrows at both you and your pet. Conversely, if you're lucky, you may come across random pieces of treasure, some more valuable than others, and the possibility of winning the avatar. If you try your luck in the Deserted Tomb, you better know the fastest routes to both The Neopian Bank and the Healing Springs just in case!

Again, this avatar isn't known for being too hard to obtain, but it may still take you some time. Like all random avatars, some of us get luckier than others!

10. Aisha Scalawag

The final avatar that I will discuss is an avatar that I never thought that I would be lucky enough to achieve; the Aisha Scalawag avatar. I have just recently achieved this avatar and now I am a believer in miracles! *pets shiny new avatar*

The fabulous, pirate-themed Aisha Scalawag avatar is awarded randomly when you win something while playing Treasure of the Black Pawkeet, also known as Buried Treasure. It costs 300 Neopoints to pull a ticket from the board and you can play once every 3 hours. Prizes include booby prizes (random, not super special prizes), Dubloons, and Neopoints ranging from 500 to the JACKPOT (which can be a whole lot!).

Keep in mind that you have to be lucky to win a prize in the first place, and then be even extra lucky to win the avatar. This avatar was so hard for me to obtain that I basically gave up on it! (Although I did still pull a ticket a few times a day secretly hoping to get the avatar.) Aisha Scalawag is a tough avatar, but definitely possible. If you want this beautiful avatar, you have to be diligent and keep on trying!

Alright, this marks the end of our journey through a handful of random avatars that are notorious for evading us like the plague! Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning about how others share your pain of trying to achieve these beautiful and seemingly impossible avatars.

ONCE AGAIN: I want to say a huge "Thank You" to Jellyneo for providing me with a lot of information found in this article. It definitely would not have been made possible without their awesome staff!

Goodbye for good now! Till next time!!

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