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List of Petpets that closely resemble Neopets!

by k3l26


      If you’ve been on Neopets for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that Petpets sometimes look like their bigger counterparts, Neopets. Always the best companions for Neopets, Petpets can be given to Neopets to take care of. Like Neopets, they can also be named, trained in levels, battled in their own Battledome Arena, and painted! There are also activities that only Petpets can participate in, including Grave Danger in Neovia, Symol Hole in Meridell, and waking up the massive Turmaculus (although I’ve heard Turmy has an appetite for Petpets sometimes!).

      Many people like to match their Neopets and Petpets but sometimes, the resemblance is too uncanny. This is a list of Petpets that look the most similar to every single Neopet! You can use this as a guide to picking a Petpet for your pet, or just to marvel at how Neopian nature works sometimes.

      This list is based on unpainted pets and Petpets, as some ~magical~ brushes can change the entire look of a Neopet or Petpet!

      Acara – Miamouse

      These two both have big ears, but that doesn’t mean they’re trying to listen in on your conversation.

      Aisha – Alkenore

      This "A"-team both have two pairs of ears, one stumpy and one long.

      Blumaroo – Baby Blu

      As the name might suggest, the Baby Blu looks just like a baby blue Blumaroo!

      Bori – Antwerph

      Both have long tails and short ears, but never accuse a Bori of eating ants.

      Bruce – Pirakeet

      These two both have wings but it doesn’t look like either of them can fly…

      Buzz – Buzzer

      The Buzzer looks like a little, plump version of its Neopet counterpart.

      Chomby – Sauropod

      These Tyrannian natives both have long necks that help them reach yummy leaves.

      Cybunny – Eizzil

      These two look like the perfect pair for Easter, or for magically pulling out of a hat!

      Draik – Ukali

      The Ukali looks like a constantly sad Draik, but Draiks are quite happy unless painted grey.

      Elephante – Ettaphant

      If you can face (get it) the fact that the Ettaphant has two heads, these two are very similar!

      Eyrie – Albat

      The Eyrie and the Albat look to be from the same Neo-family, and the Maraquan versions are exactly the same too!

      Flotsam – Florta

      These two are both beautiful horned sea creatures! They would make a great pair.

      Gelert – Puppyblew

      The Puppyblew looks like the puppy version of a full-grown Gelert.

      Gnorbu – Vacana

      Long shearling fur is evident on both of these… do Vacana celebrate a shearing day as well?

      Grarrl – Trumpadon

      These two prehistoric rexes look identical in everything but size and they both hail from Tyrannia.

      Hissi – Erisim

      These two slithering creatures both have lined underbellies.

      Ixi – Zebie

      In addition to looking alike, the Ixi and the Zebie are both from Meridell.

      Jetsam – Chomper

      Believe it or not, as they both look aquatic, Chompers come from space!

      Jubjub – Khonsu

      The Khonsu looks like a little Jubjub all wrapped up like a mummy!

      Kacheek – Flowper

      The Flowper has three ears… the Kacheek has two, but they are all downturned and pointy!

      Kau – Kiiyak

      These two have identical little noses. Mooooo!

      Kiko – Floud

      Both of them have the exact same oval shaped body and float in the air.

      Koi – Bluna

      The Koi and the Bluna both have pretty, wispy fins.

      Korbat – Barbat

      Both are batty, with wings and pointy ears to boot.

      Kougra – Biyako

      These two little tigers have stripes all along their fur.

      Krawk – Krawk

      This one is a little self-explanatory… some say that the Petpet Krawk can grow up to be the Neopet Krawk if they eat a lot of moss!

      Kyrii – Juma

      Both Kyrii and Juma have large, signature tails.

      Lenny – Djuti

      These two winged pets both have hooked beaks.

      Lupe – Doglefox

      Both of these four-legged pals make for loyal companions.

      Lutari – Lutra

      The Lutra looks just like a little Lutari! And their names couldn’t possibly be a coincidence…

      Meerca – Babyca

      These two almost look identical – if it weren’t for the Babyca’s three tails!

      Moehog – Whinny

      The Whinny looks like a Moehog dressed up for the joust!

      Mynci – Momba

      You’ll probably catch these two monkeying around.

      Nimmo – Greeble

      Both the Nimmo and the Greeble have cute little webbed feet.

      Ogrin – Hoovle

      These two would make lovely companions for each other.

      Peophin – Peo

      The resemblance in name and appearance is uncanny!

      Poogle – Cougi

      If you’re looking for a pair with fluffy big ears, these two are for you.

      Pteri – Kateil

      These two birds have skilled wings, navigational tails, and fluffy chests!

      Quiggle – Frogarott

      Both of these amphibians are happy-go-lucky.

      Ruki – Flerper

      These two both have a pair of antennae.

      Scorchio – Stego

      The Stego looks like a prehistoric Scorchio!

      Shoyru – Dragoyle

      These two share so many characteristics, especially the large wings.

      Skeith – Barlow

      This pair would enjoy eating together (and discussing the benefits of having wings that don’t work, the main benefit would be to look cute while asking for more food!).

      Techo – Gikerot

      Techoes and Gikerots look like they would get along just fine.

      Tonu – Icklesaur

      These two both have a single horn on their foreheads… hey, where’s the giant omelette?

      Tuskaninny – Leeble

      These two aquatic pets have matching dolphin tails and tufts of hair.

      Uni – Alabriss

      These two are both winged, hoofed, and speedy – perfect for the racetrack.

      Usul – Urchull

      Both these "U"-names have long fluffy tails.

      Vandagyre – Whoot

      The newest Neopet Vandagyre and the Whoot are two birds are of a feather and should flock together!

      Wocky – Meowclops

      If you can look past Meowclops’ one eye, you can see that the two look eerily similar. (Three puns in this description, sorry about that!)

      Xweetok – Dandan

      The ever popular Xweetok has a doppelganger that also has a long cuddly tail.

      Yurble – Schmoonie

      These two are both known for their manes, albeit they are a little prickly, so be careful when petting them.

      Zafara – Sandan

      Both the Zafara and Sandan have long thin tails that end in a feather-like bunch of fur.

      I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through this list! Do you think these are the best matches, or can you find a pair that works even better?

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