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A Short Guide to Neoquest

by kelly_d60


      Neoquest, especially on normal, is actually quite an easy game. However, it does take preservation. Most people will slowly chip away at the game over a few years. Though the fastest wins are less than seven hours, so it’s possible to get through a game much quicker. To give you some idea, at the end of my game on insane, I had earned 265,557 experience points.

      For Neoquest, you will not get a prize like Neoquest II. You will get a few Neopoints, but this isn’t a game to play to become rich. The main attraction here is no less than a shiny new trophy on your lookup and an avatar.

      The trophy depends on what level you play on. For completing normal, you will receive a bronze trophy. For completing evil, you will earn a silver trophy and for completing insane, you will earn a gold trophy. You will need to complete the previous difficulty to open the next. So, to earn a gold trophy, you will need to complete the game once on normal, once on evil and finally once on insane.

      The avatar, Neoquest - Wise and Powerful, is earned around halfway through the game and features the enigmatic Cybunny, Erick. You’ll earn this after returning to him after defeating the Archmagus of Roo.

      The main thing you will need with Neoquest is a map. You can find them at Tae’s NQ Maps. Using maps will make a game of Neoquest a lot easier on you. Also, if you’re planning on leaving your game for a while, it’s a good idea to mark where you are on the map. That way, you won’t have to waste time trying to work out where you are when you return to the game.

      When moving, you’ll usually want to be on hunting. This will mean you meet enemies much more often, and therefore level up faster. Sneaking is useful if you are either in an area where the enemies are too weak for you to earn experience from, or when you are in an area where the enemies are too strong for you or you are low on potions and need to move to an area which has easier monsters to fight.

      Finally, a Neoquest game to attached to your active pet. To return to a game, you will need the same pet active on your account. Therefore, when you start a game, make sure you have a permanent pet active. You don’t want to lose all of your hard earned progress by trading the pet you have the game attached to.

      What follows is a small list of a few specific hints I have for making your game easier.


      Refreshing can save you heaps of time when playing Neoquest, especially when you have a lot of ground to cover. If you’ve just completed an action and on the next turn wish to perform the exact same action, instead of pressing the button again you can simply refresh. Your Lupe hero will perform the action again the same number of times you press the refresh button. It’s best to limit yourself to a few refreshes at a time, though. Especially when in battle, while it does save time, I wouldn’t recommend refreshing more than once or maybe twice. Refreshing more risks missing that your Lupe hero is in need of a potion.

      Save Potions

      When using potions, use the same potion as the opponents around you are currently giving out, this is so as you use potions, your opponents replace them. This also means you will gather up potions to have more for the end of the game. By the end of my own game on insane, even after defeating the final bosses I still had fifty potions remaining, which gives a wonderful buffer if those final fights start to go wrong.


      As a general rule of thumb, I would recommend staying one to two levels above your opponents. You will need to grind in a few places, especially on insane to ensure you are a safe level above your opponents. I’d recommend getting to level forty-four in the Mountain Temple, and level forty-seven in the Two Rings valley in particular. At the end of the game, you should be level fifty.

      Do Something Else

      Well, do you really want to play Neoquest? Why not sample some of the other delightful games on offer? Of course you want to play Neoquest! But just Neoquesting on it’s own can get fairly boring. I particularly like restocking while Neoquesting - between each set of restock refreshes, I do a few clicks of Neoquest. May not sound like much, but it does add up, especially if you do this every day. But you can also Neoquest while watching a movie, kadding, spending time chatting on a board or almost anything.

      Use Life Weapons

      When choosing weapons, it’s best to stick to picking life weapons. They help with staying alive and saving on potions. It’s best to never completely rely on your weapon to save you in a tight spot, but they certainly can help and will take a large pressure off of your potions.

      Don’t Rush

      Going slow and steady is usually the best course of action. Rushing will tend to lead to dying, running out of potions and/or spending ages later on levelling up. So it’s best to level up as you go along and not get too far ahead of yourself. This can be frustrating, especially when you find yourself pacing back and forth for hours, but you’ll be thankful you did in the end.


      When picking out skills, focus on life, shock and spectral. Basically a skill for attack, healing and defence. In general, I try to spread the skills points evenly between these at the start and later focus more on life and shock magic. At the end of my game on insane I had:

      Spectral Magic

      Spectral Weapons: 3

      Evasion: 3

      Absorption: 3

      Reflex: 3

      Life Weapons

      Life Weapons: 6

      Field Medic: 5

      Lifesteal: 5

      Resurrection: For insane, don’t put any points here. I actually wouldn’t recommend putting a point here for normal or evil, but you can put a point here if you want the extra safety net.

      Shock Magic:

      Shock Weapons: 7

      Disable: 7

      Fortitude: 7

      Shockwave: 7

      I do hope these small things may help in your game, and best of luck!

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