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Seasonal Neopian Coffee Guide

by tamra1024


      If you are anything like me, you need that first cup of coffee before you start your day. You do not want to be tired all day while your pets want to update their wardrobe or battle Punchbag Bob for the hundredth time. Whether you need one cup, or two...or, uh...forty-five…this is a guide to show you exactly which drinks you should be sipping during each season. You do not want to be caught drinking a latte that was trendy two season ago, do you? No way! It is time to delve into the drinks you absolutely NEED to get your hands on. Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall, coffee is there for one and all!


      Spring is a time of growth. The snow melts and the flowers start to bloom. When Spring comes around, it is time to update the coffee schedule in your life. Thankfully we found a few for any coffee-obsessed Neopian.

      The best coffee for spring is Rainy Day Coffee. You know what they say, April Showers bring May flowers! This pleasant cup of joe will prepare you for the rainy days to come while you sit in a big comfy chair while staying cozy inside. Soon you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sights that spring brings! Flowers budding, birds chirping, I am getting excited already!

      You cannot say you have had coffee until you have tried the Thornberry Slorg Slime. April Fools! This “coffee” is not really coffee at all! Serving this to your friends is a classic way to get a good laugh on the absolute BEST holiday of the year.

      Once the flowers and fruits bloom, you can enjoy a nice Coffee-filled Pear or Pomegranate Coffee and start your day with an interesting twist from your regular brew. Start off your day with one of these and you have already eaten a full serving of your fruits for the day!


      Summer is hot! You do not want to be drinking hot coffee in the blazing summer heat. Time for those great iced beverages. Lucky for us there are loads of delicious iced options to quench your coffee-addict tongue.

      Camping is a popular summer retreat for many Neopians. Those gorgeous nights camping would not be complete without a Marshmallow Roast Coffee. Just be careful not to drink it too late or you’ll be up roasting s’mores all night!

      Trying to beat the heat? We have the drinks for you! With the weather nice and hot, an Ice Blended Coffee is a staple for your mornings, try an Ice Blended Caramel Coffee for your sweet tooth! With the fruit still in full bloom from spring you have got to try a Frosty Pomegranate Latte! It’s just so much more refreshing with ice!

      For the neopets with a more refined palate (or a dairy problem), an Iced Soy Chai Latte would be the perfect fit. This iced latte is one of the creamiest ones around! Whether you are relaxing beside the pool or sitting directly next to the AC, you can keep cool under the heat with one of the tastiest beverages around.

      When you’re on your beach vacation in Mystery Island you have got to stop and try an Iced Coconut Coffee or if it’s a little chilly, just a Coconut Coffee. That’s the only place you can get them and you wouldn’t want to pass up that opportunity!

      As summer turns into fall you may be itching for some caramel apples, you absolutely need a Caramel Iced Coffee with Extra Caramel, maybe even add in some apple flavour if you are brave!


      By fall, the squash is about ready to be picked! That includes pumpkins. Everybody is ready to get in the Halloween spirit with some delicious pumpkin beverages and trick-or-treating!

      Everybody's sweet tooth is active in October. During this spooky month it is best to try a Candy Pumpkin Latte, Candy Corn Latte, or Candy Apple Latte. Best part: you don’t even have to ask strangers for them! A sugar filled beverage without having to knock on Hubrid Nox’s door? Count me in!

      Of course when the leaves start to change, you are begging for some kind of pumpkin. If you relate, it is the best time to try a Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Spiced Pumpkin Coffee, and a Pumpkin Mocha. Just be sure they have not been turned into Jack-o-Lanterns yet! Any one of these drinks will definitely get you into the mood for all pumpkin related festivities.

      Now when you are ready to get truly spooked, the best fit for you may be a Spiderweb Latte. That awesome design in the milk will be sure to prepare you to endure any haunted houses. If you can hold back the screams, you may have found a new favorite latte to add to your morning routine.


      It’s cold and we’re all ready for the new year. Candy canes, snow, Christmas and the New Year are here! Make sure you drink a nice hot cup of Borovan this season to keep you warm through the day! If you spend any time up at Terror Mountain, especially waiting in those long Advent Calendar lines, you are going to need that caffeine fix and heat a toasty coffee drink will provide!

      When you’re ready for the Holidays, you have got to try an Abominable Snowball Borovan. Be sure to pick the Petpet out before you drink it and you have a bonus gift! This is a great gift for those awkward coworker holiday parties. Everyone is sure to appreciate it.

      What would the winter months be without a nice, warm Peppermint Latte? This classic coffee beverage is only made in the winter months so you better get your hands on one quick! This beverage is great for those days spent going door to door caroling or even reading some books around the fire.

      Ahhhh, Valentine’s day. Who doesn’t love roses, chocolates and COFFEE? If you want to share your coffee with a loved one, a Couples Coffee is right for you. Couples Coffee is the perfect drink during this holiday.


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