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10 Things to do with Your Neo BFF

by meeshell362


      Neopets is a fun site to spend hours playing games, collecting items, dressing your pets, and more. The only possible way to make it a better experience is to spend all of that time with a best friend! We are Bex and Sarah and we are Neo BFFs. We’re writing this article as a way to show the many different things on the site that you can participate in with your best friend! Having a Neo BFF is a great way to stay involved with everything that goes on in Neopia, as well as having someone to improve your account with along the way. :) Our list below will both enhance your Neopets experience as well as your bond with your Neo BFF!

      1. Kacheekers

      Kacheekers is an older game on Neopets, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. You can play in real-time with your BFF and it’s a great way to pass the time if you want to take a break from real life or your other Neo activities. There’s also a handy chat on the game itself if you want to send short messages to each other in between turns! We have personally played Kacheekers together and have enjoyed it immensely which consisted of laughing at our mistakes and apologizing for our ruthlessness. It was nice to participate in a two-player, throwback game which is modeled after regular checkers. There aren’t that many two-player games on Neopets, so Kacheekers is perfect for that one-on-one experience.

      2. Matching Fonts

      A great way to show everyone that you’re BFF’s is by making matching fonts for when you’re chatting in a guild or on the Neoboards. The fonts can either be exactly the same, or complementary to each other. For example, we currently have matching mutant pet fonts, and two of our guild friends (another pair of Neo BFFs) have matching Kacheek fonts. While they’re not using the same avatar, the fonts are similar enough that you can tell that they go together! Making fonts is a really fun thing to do with your BFF and it’s also something that you can use for a long time!

      3. Avatar Simon

      Ah, Avatar Simon. Back in the day, this game was the bomb, and it still is! This game is both fun and motivational and is perfect for not only you and your Neo BFF, but also other friends and strangers as well! Avatar Simon is a good way to show off the fancy avatars that you both have put a lot of effort into collecting. It also helps you narrow down your list of what you should attempt to get next. Playing Avatar Simon is a good group bonding game that creates great memories together. Our guild loves hosting Avatar Simon games and it has not only helped improve many of our accounts, but it has brought us closer together as a guild. Next time you’re on the Avatar Chat, start up a game of Avatar Simon and let the good times begin.

      4. Try for avatars together

      A good way to really bond with someone on Neopets is by trying for a new avatar together! It’s up to you and your BFF to decide on what you want to try for, but since there are so many avatars available there are a ton of options! One of the first avatars that we tried for together was the Meepit Juice Break ("A Meepit! Run!") avatar on zen mode. It took the entire day and was very frustrating, but it helped that we were doing it together and had a friend to talk and complain to when we were taking breaks. It also makes a good story to tell about the avatar!

      5. Join a guild

      A great way to get closer to your BFF is to join a guild together. There are tons of guilds out there of all different kinds. You both can find a guild that matches your interests, whether it is Neopets related or not. If you don’t already have a Neo BFF, though, then joining a guild and chatting with your fellow guild members is a great way to find one. Guilds are like having your own Neo family. Our friendship started when we met each other in our guild about a year ago. Neither of us really remember when we became Neo BFFs, but it just happened through talking on the guild board! It started with a simple obsession over purple pens and progressed from there. You never know where a conversation will lead you, so join a guild and start talking!

      6. Send gifts to each other

      A good way to show that you’re BFF’s is by sending gifts! These gifts can have a meaning -- such as friend gifts like "2 Scoops of Friendship" or a "Bottle of Love" -- or can be as simple as something you got from a daily or random event. Some of our favorite gifts that we have sent to each other are weird items like "Haunted Salad", "Disturbing Gelatin", or "Pasta Nest". You could also figure out what your BFF really likes on Neo and make sure to send a lot of that!

      7. Support each other’s goals/motivation

      Goals are a great way to make sure you stay involved with Neopets! Whether you’re a stamp collector, avatar collector, Battledome enthusiastic, or NC trader, everyone has some sort of goal! Helping your Neo BFF achieve their goals can be both fulfilling and entertaining. Some ways that you can help is by either buying items for them for their gallery, helping bump a board of theirs when they’re seeking a certain item, reminding them to put their Food Club bets in so they can make money, or just providing encouragement in general! No matter what the situation is, helping out and doing it together is a great way to bond.

      8. Make graphics for each other

      Making graphics, such as buttons and badges, for each other can be a really fun activity! Learning how to create graphics together can be challenging and entertaining. You can share ideas with each other and present each other with awesome graphics that are totally customized! What better way to show your best friend your appreciation than by presenting them with a homemade graphic? While we haven’t made a lot of graphics yet, it’s been a really fun experience learning with tutorials and surprising each other with them!

      9. Critique each other’s BC art

      The Beauty Contest can be intimidating for someone who isn’t much of an artist, which is why it helps to enter with a friend! Your Neo BFF can give you tips on your artwork, or just support you while you’re working on it. It’s a worthwhile experience because if you get in the Top 3 of your pet category, you can win a shiny trophy AND an avatar if it’s your first time! We entered our pets into the BC during the same week and were both successful because of the support and motivation that we provided each other!

      10. Collab on a story/article

      Another way to spend quality time with your Neo BFF is to collaborate together on a Neopian Times entry! What better way to show off your special connection? You can submit an article, short story, or comic to the Neopian Times that both you and your Neo BFF worked on together to make it top notch. Just look at us writing this article together! We had a blast sharing ideas and reminiscing of all of the good times we’ve shared together on Neopets.


      Nicknames are something that can be intentional or accidental. In our guild, a lot of members have given out nicknames throughout the year. Some of our favorites have included Bex’nar Garishwind the Intrepid and Sar’olguth Flarkshadow of the Deep (both thought up by a creative guild friend). And of course, SARTARH and Garan (don’t ask), which came from typos but were really funny and perfect for the situation! Nicknames can be silly and fun, and can even be added to a signature to confuse or entertain your friends or strangers that you meet on the boards!

      We hope you enjoyed reading our article about things to do with your Neo BFF, and that you have fun trying it out with a friend of your own! Of course, our list isn’t all inclusive. There’s probably a thousand and one more ways to spend quality time with your Neo BFF that aren’t on this list. All you have to do is get out there and have fun! Make friends, try new things, and remember that experiences are more memorable when you have someone to share them with.


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