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The New Years Around Neopia

by naama_mikeas


      Hey there fellow Neopians! Happy New Year! Here we are at the first Neopia Times issue! And we prepared something very special to you. Today, to show you how was the New Years in Neopia, we decided invite and interview some famous Neopians. So if you stayed at Neohome, watching TV or probably sleeping, keep reading and you will see some incredible places to spent the New Years.

           - So, we’re going to start this with one of the most famous Princess around Neopia: Princess Amira! As you already live at the Lost Desert, what kind of things can you suggest to our readers?

      - Well, at Lost Desert you will probably find one of the brightest skies in Neopia, I can assure that you can have a perfect night seeing the fireworks and personally, I’d recommend having one Spicy Fruit Punch that you can buy at the Qasalan Food’s shop. It’s my favorite drink ever!

      - Wow, that’s a really nice recommendation, we’ve already tried and loved this one! Is there anything else you would recommend to our readers to do at Lost Desert?

      - Hmmm, if you spare some time to visit Sakhmet, I recommend you visit Scratchcard Kiosk, you might be a lucky Neopian to get some cool prizes with 3 matching symbols, did you know that you can even get a Desert Paint Brush from it? It can be your chance to give your pet a brand-new colour! Also, if you want to get some souvenirs to bring home, Sakhmet has a lot of options just for you like the Osiri's Pottery’s to decorate your NeoHome, or Sutek's Scrolls’ to read while you’re travelling around Neopia!

           - Our second guest is Saskia, and she spent the New Year at the Deserted Fairground! Can you tell us about the festivities there, Saskia?

      - Sure! The Deserted Fairground is a place where all the spooky Neopets meet to spend the New Years! When Halloween meets the End of Year Holidays! Many pets in scary colors like ghost, glowing, Halloween, mutant, shadow or wraith. Also a lot of spooky foods. I was drinking Skeith Juice Cocktail while watching the fireworks.

      - Hmmm! Sounds delicious. Did you spin the wheel of misfortune?

      - Well… I tried. There was big lines to play Wheel of Misfortune, Scratchcards and the Coconut Shy! So many pets! So, I decided to spend my precious NPs in a new Spooky Furniture to my Neohome. Look at this gorgeous Meepit Lamp. Speaking of Meepits, they were impossible. Despite being a new year, I still needed to be very careful with then. They do not waited one second after the New Year to do their firsts pranks.

           - For this round of interviews, we bring to you the most powerful and loved faerie around: Queen Fyora! My majesty, can you please tell us something about staying at the Faerieland for the New Year’s eve?

      - Well, my first plan was to travel outside Faerieland, but as you probably know, we’re having some issues with wraiths again so I had to stay home to take care of it. But that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t have a wonderful night at there! I could even watch the fireworks and there were tons of faeries around there!

      - As you couldn’t leave Faerieland, you probably brought us some things to do there, right?

      - Of course I did! If you’re into shopping, you can visit places like the bookstore, or the furniture store if your home needs some new decorations. I’d also recommend the Faerie Foods’ store, that can sell you some foods that will take you up to the sky as they are so delicious that you won’t be able to find them anywhere else on Neopia. You can also visit Jhudora’s cloud and help her with a quest, I’ve heard that she’ll give you a big prize when you come back to help her at quest #50, but pssst don’t ever think about telling this to Illusen.

      - What about Neopians that can’t afford shopping now? You know, crisis hits everyone unfortunately.

      - I know right? For those who can’t spend much around, a great suggestion if you’re looking for Neopoints and you’re a workaholic is visiting the Faerieland Employment Agency, where you can get some basic jobs for free, or super jobs if you use some coupons that you’ll find around Neopia’s market or at the The Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale.

           - And now, we want to say hi to Linae. So glad you are here. How was the New Years in Shenkuu?

      - Hi! Is my pleasure to be here. I just wanted serenity, good vibes, exotic foods and play my Kou Jong this New Years. So I stayed in Shenkuu for all of that.

      - We’ve heard that you are bringing some prediction for us?

      - Yes. I visited the Wise and Old Gnorbu right after the midnight, and he said to me that, according with the position of Kreludor, in Year 20, to all Neopians, the will to grow will be on the rise and the career has everything to take off. So, it's worth putting a lot of focus on the work. Also, we have pay attention to any changes in the finances and try to contain our spending.

      - Are you a big spender?

      - I am afraid to say yes. *laughs* For me those predictions were not enough, so I went to Noda's Fortune Cookies, and bought a lot of cookies to get more lucky and predictions. Anyway, spending the New Year in Shenkuu always brings good things to me.

           - For this round we brought to you one of the most powerful Faeries around Neopia, she’s a stronger one and even fought Dr. Sloth in the past! Please come in Space Faerie!

      - Thank you so much for this invitation!

      - Well, Space Faerie, we’ve heard that you stayed at the Space station for the New Years eve, is this right?

      - Yeah, that’s true, I thought about staying at Faerieland, but there was a rumor that Dr. Frank Sloth was around at the Space Station, I had to stay there just to keep it safe, you know… But I can say that New Years Eve outside Neopia can be amazing too, I could see the fireworks at many places around Neopia directly from the Hangar, which is a positive point when you decided to visit a satellite.

      - Oh, we can imagine that! Anything you can recommend for those who never been there before?

      - This is a place that you can make a lot of friends as the most part of its populations are Grundos and they’re really friendly and will help you having an unforgettable time there! Also, don’t forget to visit the Recreation Deck, you’ll find a lot of activities to do there and it’s possible to try some space foods because you won’t be able to find them when you get back home! If you’re more into fights, you can find some armor and weapons to bring home and surprise your opponents at the Battledome, but don’t forget to test them first at the Space Battledome Arena!

           - We now are going to interview someone who is very kind and take care of many other pets, the Uni Pound. Hi! Tell us. What place did you chosen to spend the New Years?

      - I choose the Mystery Island Beach. However, I could go any others, like in Krawk Island, Lutari Island and Altador. But I love the beaches of Mystery Island.

      - Did you take any pets in the pound to go with you?

      - Yes! I chose some stucked pets to go with me. It was fun! They could enjoy a lot of fruit cocktails, a luau, the chat around a campfire and the perfect view of fireworks. And you know, New Year at the beach means no sleep. So we enjoyed the first dawn and the first rays of the sun of the year! Things like this brings light, new ideas, wisdom, luck and we hope a new owner too.

           - Now, we talked to Finneus, the Archive Keeper of Altador whose spent his new years with his favorite Meepit plushie organizing files. Mr. Finneus, can you please share with us how is the New Years in Altador?

      - Oh well, of course I can. You know that I spent most part of my time at the Archives, but I have spared some time to see the fireworks with my lovely Meepit plushie. They were even brighter and extra colorful this year, not sure what organizers did but it was amazing.

      - That’s so good to hear, it would be a great suggestion to be there next year, right?

      - Indeed, it is. Altador is even more special because it has a lot of history around, you can visit the Hall of Heroes and get to know a lot more about the 12 Heroes of Altador, but just be aware that there is an angry janitor that will get mad at you if you mess around the Hall of Heroes. We heard that a lot of owners brought their pets to the museum and they were so dirty that the angry janitor couldn’t even sleep to clean all the mess they made. :( To sum up this, I’d just say that If you’re the type of person that only visits Altador for the Altador Cup once a year, you should visit us a few more times! There are a lot of other things to do here!

           - And last but not least, we have Adee Chia here!!! Hi! Let me guess… New Years in Terror Mountain, right?

      - Yes! You’re right. I just have to say. Whether it in the Happy Valley, the Ice Caves or in the Top of The Mountain, New Year in Terror Mountain is one of the best options!

      - I knew it! It was cold there?

      - Yes, but Snow Food Shop and Slushies Shops are ready with foods and beverages that kept us warm, but froze our brains. But it couldn’t stop me. I did my last visit to the Advent Calendar and collected awesome prizes. Also, I skied and played snow fight.

      - Sound fun! We’ve heard that the Snowager is very mad now. Any comments?

      - Oh! He woke up from hibernation right after the New Year and he was FURIOUS over all the treasures that have been stolen from him *hiding treasures* It was icy blasts everywhere. I was hit by one. So cold… I think I catch Sneezles *sneeze*

      - Oh! I hope you get better soon… *keeping distance*

      - Thank you! At the top of the mountain, the view was wonderful to watch the fireworks, and watch all the celebrating in Neopia.

      Wherever you will spend the New Year, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! New dreams, new hopes, new experiences and new joys!


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