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A Neopet-Paint Brush Match Up Guide

by myjudem


      Choosing a paint brush to paint your Neopet can be a difficult and expensive choice (brushes can cost several million NPs!), and not every Paint Brush is available for every pet. Some paint brushes come with accessories and clothes, which you may want to take into consideration while choosing new colours. For example, the Relic Peophin looks quite subtle and perhaps even dull. So when it came to painting my own Peophin, I chose to Paint my Peophin with a Royal Paint Brush and a Mystery Island Paint Brush. These two Paint Brushes gave me the clothes and accessories saved to my closet. I then Painted my Peophin with a Relic Paint Brush – my Relic Peophin now has some Royal Peophin and Mystery Island accessories to make it more exciting.

      Of course, not everyone wants to spend the NPs on several Paint Brushes for the single Neopet. I have listed the Paint Brushes below (excluding the basic colours of blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow) and my opinions of each Paint Brush.

      Please be aware: Before buying a Paint Brush, please check if that Paint Brush can be used on the Neopet you intend it for. Paint Brush colours are released to different Neopet species over time!

      Baby Paint Brush: A pretty decent Paint Brush, with my personal favourites being Aisha, Peophin, Pteri, Quiggle and Scorchio. Just a note: Clothes and accessories will not fit a Neopet painted with this paint brush unless the item is specifically for a Baby Pet.

      Biscuit Paint Brush: Not a standout Paint Brush for me personally, although Lupe and Wocky in this Paint Brush colour are as close to a realistic pet dog and cat you’re going to get on Neopets!

      Camouflage Paint Brush: This Paint Brush colour is personally very much hit or miss. I thought the Chomby, Draik, Koi and Vandagyre looked quite good in this colour and yet others just didn’t work.

      Candy Paint Brush: This is a pretty recent Paint Brush, and only available to seven pets as of yet. It’s very fluorescent and garish, it works for the Kougra the best as of yet. If it becomes available to more pets, hopefully there will be improvement in artwork.

      Checkered Paint Brush: Not a memorable Paint Brush colour, because it simply doesn’t translate well as a colour – would have worked better as clothing. Only the Ruki comes close to pulling it off.

      Christmas Paint Brush: A Paint Brush with a few bits of Christmas related clothing or accessories. The Aisha is cute with the antlers and red nose. Peophin works the best for me with a Christmas Bow for the festive season, and can be taken off and the Peophin can still look like a dark green painted Neopet.

      Clay Paint Brush: Another recent Paint Brush and a bit of a bland one. If you have the right clothing or bright accessories, a Blumaroo or Aisha painted with this Brush may be able to work it.

      Cloud Paint Brush: Most pets painted with the Cloud Paint Brush are mostly noticeable for the clouds literally printed onto them. However, for a Gnorbu painted with this Brush, its mane is puffy and cloudlike, and the clouds printed are very faint and hardly noticeable.

      Darigan Paint Brush: disappointed by the majority of the Darigan looks. The Peophin gets a reprieve because the mane is awesome.

      Dimensional Paint Brush: despite its name stating it as dimensional, I find this Paint Brush makes Neopets look very ‘flat’ and blurry-edged. Gnorbu in this colour is the most defined, so is my pick for this colour.

      Disco Fever Paint Brush: the colour palate for this Paint Brush is bold and definitely to a specific taste. However, Korbat and Wocky in this colour are generally quite cute.

      Electric Paint Brush: Not a favourite of mine. Gnorbu, Grarrl and Eyrie in this colour are the best in my opinion.

      Eventide Paint Brush: The Usul is the standout pet to be painted this colour, almost faerie-like. Jubjub and Lenny are also two of the better pets for this Paint Brush.

      Faerie Paint Brush: I think the Faerie is one of the best Paint Brushes for a Lenny. I also particularly like Pteri and Lutari in Faerie too.

      Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Paint Brush: I don’t like this colour on most pets, because it makes pets just look like it has tacky flames printed on them. However, for the Gnorbu, Kyrii and Xweetok, the Neopet is black and the fire effect is on their mane/hair.

      Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush: This Paint Brush has two distinct looks depending if your pet is male or female. This Brush has some clothes and accessories, although some pets definitely look better than others. Bruce and Xweetok win out for the Elderlyboys and the Elderlygirl Kacheek are my picks for this colour.

      Ghost Paint Brush: This Paint Brush gives most Neopets red eyes, which throws the whole ‘ghost’ look for me. Only Korbat doesn’t have the red eyes, and hence looks most ghost like and looks the best painted with this Brush.

      Glowing Paint Brush: For all Neopets, this Paint Brush makes them a garish bright lime green sort of colour. It’s not to everyone’s taste but I think only Nimmo pulls it off for me – makes Nimmo look more like a tropical forest frog!

      Golden Paint Brush: This makes your Neopet look like a part of your trophy cabinet – an Elephante painted Gold is particularly trophy-like.

      Grey Paint Brush: Although this Paint Brush gives your Neopet a sad-looking expression along with the stormy colour, a Lupe in this colour manages to look distinguished rather than outright sad.

      Halloween Paint Brush: Personally I think the Halloween Paint Brush makes most pets look like they bought their costumes from the sale-bin, except for Gelert. The vampire teeth and cape and a Gelert manages to pull off a decent costume with this Paint Brush.

      Ice Paint Brush: I like Chia and Wocky in this colour because only these two look as if they are ice sculptures – other Neopets look simply as if they are an icy shade of blue.

      Invisible Paint Brush: I guess if you like the novelty of having a pet no one can see, I guess this is for you?

      Lost Desert Paint Brush: a Paint Brush with great accessories and clothes included. If you’re looking for a more subdued colour, consider painting your Neopet with this Brush first, simply for a couple of accessories to mix it up. Ruki and Zafara painted with this Paint Brush look particularly good as a completed look in this colour.

      Mystery Island Paint Brush: Aisha in this colour is particularly cute. Some pets come with accessories which may look good if you choose to paint your Neopet again.

      Maractite Paint Brush: Another overall good Paint Brush choice, I don’t think a single Neopet looks bad in Maractite. Chomby, Elephante, Lupe, Usul, Skeith and Zafara are particularly well-patterned with this Paint Brush.

      Maraquan Paint Brush: Maraquan is such a weird one and what one person likes can have the opposite reaction with someone else. However, I think overall Draik and Grarrl in this colour are pretty cool across all boards, Shoyru makes a very cute sea-turtle, and Wocky is the cutest cat-fish you’ll ever see.

      Marble Paint Brush: A rather recent Paint Brush and disappointing. Not many Neopets have been released, and the Ixi has the best marbled colours when Painted with this Brush. I hope that if more Neopets are released in Marble, they are improved in the colour palettes that are marbled together.

      Pastel Paint Brush: Another colour palette to suit a particular taste. These could come close to Faeries without wings. Xweetok and Yurble are the least cloying of the Pastel colour.

      Pirate Paint Brush: Another accessories Brush. Most Neopets look a bit too much like playing at ‘dress-ups’ in this colour, but I think Tuskaninny manages to avoid this problem.

      Plushie Paint Brush: Overall another good Paint Brush. Hissi looks cute in Plushie. I enjoy Aisha, Cybunny, Eyrie, Gnorbu, Grarrl and Skeith in Plushie as well.

      Polka Dot Paint Brush: multi-coloured Polka Dots sound like fun, but it comes off as half-hearted in reality for these Neopets. Vandagyre comes closest to pulling it off.

      Rainbow Paint Brush: the Rainbow translates best onto the Koi and the Lutari. For many of the other Neopets, the transitions between colours are at weird places.

      Relic Paint Brush: A rather dull Paint Brush that makes Neopets look like statues. At least with the Jetsam, Koi, Brush and Peophin, the moss makes them look like long-lost relics and adds a little mystery to a somewhat boring colour.

      Royal Paint Brush: Another accessories-heavy Paint Brush, and another Paint Brush with differences between male and female. Male Lutari and female Ruki, Xweetok and Peophin look great overall but I would recommend having a look at accessories.

      Shadow Paint Brush: Although a basic concept – Shadow is black all over, this Paint Brush is a great Brush for all Neopets overall. If you have the Neopoints, I suggest looking at some Paint Brushes that come with some accessories before painting with the Shadow Paint Brush. Usul and Wocky are great in Shadow.

      Silver Paint Brush: Like the Golden Paint Brush, Silver makes your Neopet look like a part of your trophy cabinet. Elephante, Korbat and Nimmo look especially so.

      Skritchy Sketch Paint Brush: I think an Elephante is the best executed artwork for this Paint Brush.

      Skunk Paint Brush: A Neopet can either look good or bad in this colour. Some of the good ones include Lupe, Mynci, Nimmo, Wocky and Xweetok.

      Snow Paint Brush: Make your Neopet out of Snow! I like Chia painted with this Paint Brush purely because of the Classic Snowman look.

      Speckled Paint Brush: This Paint Brush reminds of freshly mowed grass. Koi, Nimmo and Ruki are the pets that look best in this colour.

      Split Paint Brush: Not a fan of this Paint Brush colour, it’s just an odd choice to pair orange and purple together and split a Neopet right down the middle with the two colours. Xweetok painted in this colour mixes it up the tiniest amount and wins out as the best pet for this colour.

      Spotted Paint Brush: The majority of pets painted with the Brush are mustard yellow with black spots which isn’t flattering. I think the Draik pulls it off. Some pets also get a black and white colour combo, like Kau which is alright. Lupe doesn’t get the same spotted effect as other pets either - a mix of yellow, black and white – and comes off as very interesting.

      Starry Paint Brush: Not a great fan of this because of the colour combination of blue and big yellow stars. To choose a pet, I’d go with the Koi, because the stars are smaller than on other pets.

      Stealth Paint Brush: another all-round great brush with plenty of clothing and accessories. There isn’t a Neopet that looks bad painted in this colour. My favourites are Blumaroo, Buzz, Cybunny, Draik, Gelert, Korbat and Mynci.

      Striped Paint Brush: a pretty average Paint Brush- not bad, mostly okay, just not spectacular. Lutari, Wocky and Xweetok’s stand out as the best in the Striped category.

      Swamp Gas Paint Brush: I think this Paint Brush is more of a lark or a joke to paint your Neopet with rather than because you think it looks appealing. Techo seems to be most at home in this colour.

      Transparent Paint Brush: A Paint Brush with a very cool concept and they’re mostly good. Eyrie and Flotsam have great skulls and Kau in Transparent is spookier than the Halloween version. Wocky is my personal overall best with the Cheshire cat grin.

      Tyrannian Paint Brush: Lupe is by far the best of the Tyrannian Neopets, looks like a mix between prehistoric wolf and hyena. Kacheek is endearing too.

      Water Paint Brush: For me, this was a disappointing Paint Brush. Overall it’s not bad, it’s just comes short on fulfilling the Water part of the title. Wocky looks the closest to Water.

      Woodland Paint Brush: The Neopets that look the best in this colour have a mix between wood and flower/leaf growth – Cybunny, Eyrie, Usul. Wocky is also interesting with the purple sheen look.

      Wraith Paint Brush: Another great Paint Brush. Every Neopet in this colour looks good. Acara, Draik, Gnorbu, Grarrl, Jubjub, Kougra and Krawk have great facial expressions in this colour.

      Zombie Paint Brush: I am about to sound very contradictory on this one – this is a great concept and well executed with the looks they gave the Neopets…however I am not a fan of zombies in general so I found it hard to like any. However I think the Ruki is pretty good.


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