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Edimira's Plushie Picnic

by alvissofcaldia


     Sitting on an Antique Four Poster Bed (which was set next to the wall) was a female Faerie Xweetok who had just woke up to the sun shining through her hotel bedroom’s window. The Xweetok yawned and stretched her arms, she glanced around and noticed that her favourite plushie – a Lilian Fairweather Plushie had fallen from her bed. "Tsk, tsk, Lilian! You’ll get hurt if you keep falling off like that. Maybe I should make you your own bed someday" she scolded the plushie who just looked at her with a smile. "I know, I can’t be mad at you as you are my absolute favourite plush" the Xweetok exclaimed and hugged her plushie tight and looked around her room.

      A Purple Wardrobe was seen on the opposite side, full of her favourite Xweetok clothes. On top of the Purple Wardrobe was a: Baby Xweetok Plushie, Faerie Xweetok Plushie, Cloud Xweetok Plushie, Mutant Xweetok Plushie, White Xweetok Plushie, Cherub Xweetok Plushie, Borovan Time Xweetok Plushie and an Orange Xweetok Plushie. Near the window, was an Elegant Wooden Desk – which had a Faerie Desk Lamp, Pretty Fyora Potted Flowers, Electric Notepad and a Basic Pencil. Next to the desk was a Deluxe Canopy Petpet Bed, which belonged to an Ona named Magic who was currently sleeping in it.

      A Springabee was busy flying around the Pretty Fyora Potted Flowers, being unnoticed by the Xweetok. Soon the Ona awoke and jumped out of her bed. "Good morning, Edimira, what are we going to do today?" Magic asked, running up to give the Xweetok a hug. Edimira hugged her back. The Springabee heard Magic and flew over to her.

      "Good morning, Magic and Ire. I was thinking we should go on a Plushie Picnic. I have plenty of plushies that are longing to go on a day out – we could go to Kiko Lake for it. It shouldn’t take me long to get there if I fly there and I know the way" Edimira announced happily. "Though, we would need to bring a lot of food" she quickly added, looking at her plushies and imagining that they would be very hungry.

      Magic and the Springabee looked at her and nodded. "Food sounds good! Will we be doing shopping for this?" Magic asked.

      "Yes, we will. I’ll also get my Red Picnic Hamper that I left underneath my bed – I have forgotten that I had it until now. Lucky, I just remembered where I left it. Let’s do the shopping first and come back to prepare for the picnic and choose which plushies I can take with me, I’d love to take all of them, however, my arms can only carry so much" Edimira answered smiling to her.

      Edimira quickly took her Lilian Fairweather Plushie with her – she mustn’t leave without her if she can help it. She opened the door allowing Magic and Ire out first, then she left her room and closed the door behind her. The three of them made their way to Neopian’s Fresh Foods. "What would you like to eat, Magic?" Edimira asked – while thinking of what she might like herself. She knew she’d buy a Xweetok Bologna Sandwich – one of her absolute favourite meals from the Neopian Fresh Foods and perhaps a Sushi Roll and a Milkshake – though she wasn’t too sure what flavour Milkshake she’d like as she loved all of them.

      "May I please have a Tuna Sub, Pear and Apple Juice, Edimira?" Magic requested after trying to decide what she’d like on the picnic. "What would you like, Ire?" she turned her attention to the Springabee who was buzzing around a flower which was nearby. Ire – the Springabee quickly returned to Magic and Edimira – afraid of being left behind.

      "What were you talking about? I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, that flower caught my eye," Ire apologised. Magic giggled. "We were deciding what we’d like to buy to eat at the Neopian Fresh Foods, Ire. What do you feel like? We can have up to three items each," Edimia informed Ire before Magic could.

      "What would I like? Hm… That’s a hard choice… I would love to have a Bitten Red Apple, please? I love them, I find the bitten ones sweeter than the full apples – and filling" Ire answered, flying around Edimira playfully.

      "Yes, I will get one for you" Edimira promised Ire as she placed her Lilian Fairweather Plushie on her shoulders. The Xweetok happily hummed a tune to herself as she, Magic and Ire made their way to the Neopian Fresh Foods store. They loved it there and were regular customers. It didn’t take them too long to get there and when they did, they were greeted by the store owner who was behind the shop till counting the NeoPoints he has so far made. "Hello, Edimira, Magic and Ire," the owner of the Neopian Fresh Foods store – a Yellow Chia exclaimed waving to the Xweetok and her pets when she just walked in.

      "Hello, Happy!" Edimira didn’t know the name of the Chia, however, she always called him Happy for, he was always smiling at them and everyone else.

      "What can I do for you today?" Happy asked, as he stopped counting his NeoPoints and put them away in the till. He closed the till and paid attention to her.

      "Magic, Ire and I are going on a picnic at Kiko Lake with our plushies, and we’re just buying food for the picnic – as I don’t have anything back at the Cheap Hotel that would interest me for the picnic" Edimira explained.

      "The picnic sounds nice, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun on it - wish I could come" Happy commented.

          "I wish you could come too - I love picnics this one is going to be the best one yet! I’m going to see if you have any of the items we wish to bring along with us, to eat" she added then skipped off to the aisles she knew too well. Magic and Ire followed after her – worried they might be left behind. "Ah, here’s the Xweetok Bologna Sandwich" Edimia happily took one of many Xweetok Bologna Sandwich’s off the shelf. It was wrapped up so she didn’t have to do the job. She flew off to the aisle which sold Sushi Rolls, how she loved Sushi! However, much to her dismay, there was no Sushi available. Edimira felt disappointed about that. ‘I guess I’ll have to have something else, instead’ she thought. She then flew off to the aisle that sold Milkshakes – the aisle was cold to keep the drinks cold.

      There were so many milkshakes to decide from – and Edimira couldn’t simply make up her mind which one she wanted. She ended up choosing a Vanilla Milkshake for herself – she loved that flavour. She then started searching for an Apple Juice for Magic and found that there was plenty on the shelf, much to her relief – she took one and gave it to Magic who smiled and thanked her. Magic knew she wasn’t allowed to drink it until Edimira had paid for it – as much as she’d like to.

      Edimira returned to the aisle that sold sandwich’s and looked for the Tuna Sub, it took her some time to find it for there were so many choices, however, she was able to find the sandwich which was tucked away on the end of the shelf with many other Tuna Subs. Edimira then finally went to the fruit aisle to get a Pear for Magic and a Bitten Red Apple for Ire.

      "Alright, that should be enough from the Neopian Fresh Foods, let’s pay for this and head home, so we can go to the bakery to buy some more things, this time I’m bringing a bag with me – that way I can buy more things" Edimira announced happy with the items she was holding. Her Lilian Fairweather Plushie was still tucked away safely under her arm.

      Edimira, Magic and Ire made their way back to the Chia and paid for the food items they bought. "I hope you enjoy your picnic, Edimira" Happy commented, eying the food that Edimira had bought.

      "Thank you, we will enjoy it. Have a nice day, Happy!" Edimira said then flew off carrying the items she had purchased. Magic and Ire followed Edimira back home.

      It took Edimira, Magic and Ire about half an hour to return back to the Cheap Hotel – when they did, they placed the picnic food on the Elegant Wooden Desk. Edimira kept her Lilian Fairweather Plushie with her and looked at Magic and Ire. "All we need to do now is to go to the Bakery and get a few more snacks – then we can head off to Kiko Lake!" Edimira announced happily. She quickly looked under her bed and took out an Island Gift Bag which was empty. Edimira sometimes used that for shopping.

      Edimira then once more left her room with Magic and Ire by her side. Her Lilian Fairweather Plushie was still in her arms. "Now to the Bakery to get several doughnuts, Chocolate Chip Cookies, oh and a Blueberry Jam Sandwich" she announced as she made her way to the Bakery with Magic and Ire. It took about forty-five minutes to get there by flying and when they did, they were surprised to see how busy it was. Not that it bothered Edimira, she loved crowds.

      There were about fifty Neopets at the Bakery including Edimira. Edimira clung tightly to her Lilian Fairweather Plushie – afraid of losing her. She, Magic and Ire made their way to the aisle that sold doughnuts. Edimira smiled as she spotted the doughnuts which had many flavours on it – some with icing on it some without. Edimira chose several Sugar Doughnuts – thinking her plushies will enjoy them too. Smiling, she placed them in her Island Gift Bag and went to find the aisle that had cookies. It took her a while to find it, however, when she did, she found out they were sold out much to her dismay.

      "Never mind, I’ll see if there are Blueberry Jam Sandwich’s then," Edimira said to Magic and Ire as they went to find the aisle that sold them. She smiled and found that there was one Blueberry Jam Sandwich left – waiting for her to buy it. She took it off the shelf and placed it in her Island Gift Bag. "Alright, that’s everything, let’s pay for this and go on our picnic," Edimira exclaimed flying over to the checkout – where the Breadmaster was standing and waiting for his next customer.

      "Hello, Breadmaster, how are you today?" Edimira greeted him as she put several doughnuts and the Blueberry Jam Sandwich down on the counter. Edimira placed her Lilian Fairweather Plushie on the ground beside her for a moment, next to Magic and Ire so she could get out her Bag of NeoPoints to pay for the items. "I am well, thank you. We’ve been really busy all morning today" Breadmaster answered – then told her how many NeoPoints that the items cost altogether. Edimira gave him the NeoPoints and put her Bag of NeoPoints away. She then put the items back into the Island Gift Bag and picked up her Lilian Fairweather Plushie.

      "I noticed that with the Neopets that were around here. I hope you have a nice day, Breadmaster" Edimira said. Breadmaster nodded. "Thank you, Edimira, I hope you have a nice day too," he said then watched the Xweetok happily fly out of the store with her Island Gift Bag, Lilian Fairweather Plushie, Magic and Ire.

      "Are we going to any more shops, Edimira?" Magic asked as they made their way back to the Cheap Hotel.

      "No, I think we’ve got everything we need now, Magic. The question is, how many plushies apart from Lilian, should I take?" Edimira answered.

      "I think two more, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to carry anything else, Edimira" Magic pointed out. Edimira smiled and nodded in agreement. "Sounds good to me, you and Ire can choose the plushies to bring with us if you like," Edimira said.

      Magic thought about the plushies that they had back in the room and tried to decide which one she’d take – so did Ire. "You know, Edimira, that is going to be a hard decision," Magic told her.

      "I know what you mean, Magic. It is a tough decision – as it’s not fair on all the other plushies to be left behind, however, I’ll make a promise to them to take them each on a picnic" Edimira said after a while of thinking. They soon made it back to Edimira’s room in the Cheap Hotel, Edimira placed the Island Gift Bag on the Elegant Wooden Desk.

      Edimira put her Lilian Fairweather Plushie on the Antique Four Poster Bed and flew up to the Purple Wardrobe. Magic and Ire flew up with Edimira to see which plushies to bring.

      "You know guys, as much as I’d love to bring all of you with me on our picnic, I can only bring two – however, I promise you, that I will eventually each bring you on a picnic" Edimira informed her plushies as if they were real. She almost expected them to protest about the decision, however, they didn’t - they just sat on the Purple Wardrobe and smiled at her.

      Magic looked at all of them and finally made her decision. "I’m going to bring the Mutant Xweetok Plushie with us on the picnic," Magic exclaimed. Edimira nodded and took the Mutant Xweetok Plushie down from the Purple Wardrobe and put him on her bed, next to her Lilian Fairweather Plushie. She then flew up again and looked at the rest of her plushies – wondering which lucky plushie Ire will choose to bring with them.

      "I’m going to choose the Baby Xweetok Plushie to bring with us," Ire told Edimira who happily took the Baby Xweetok Plushie down from the Purple Wardrobe and put the plushie next to her Lilian Fairweather Plushie. She then took her Red Picnic Hamper out from underneath her bed and placed it on her Elegant Wooden Desk. She opened the Red Picnic Hamper and put all the items she had purchased that day from them. She carefully put the drinks in separately so they wouldn’t spill. Once she had done that, she put her Mutant Xweetok Plushie and her Baby Xweetok Plushie in the Island Gift Bag and placed them in the Red Picnic Hamper.

      Edimira took her Lilian Fairweather Plushie off her bed once more and smiled to Magic and Ire. "Alright, it’s time to go to Kiko Lake" Edimira exclaimed, taking the Red Picnic Hamper from the Elegant Wooden Desk.

      Magic and Ire looked at one another with excitement. They could hardly wait to get to Kiko Lake. "I hope there’s plenty of flowers there," Ire said, buzzing around Edimira. "I’m sure there will be, Ire," Edimira said.

      It took Edimira, Magic and Ire about half an hour to get to Kiko Lake – when they got there they noticed it was busy. Edimira, Magic and Ire flew down near the water. Edimira looked around for a good spot to set up the picnic. It didn’t take her very long to find a nice spot – which was near the Glass Bottom Boat Tours. She had a good mind to check out the tours someday – but not today.

      Edimira put her Red Picnic Hamper and opened it. She took out the Island Gift Bag out and opened it – removing her Baby Xweetok Plushie and her Mutant Xweetok Plushie while still holding her Lilian Fairweather Plushie. Edimira put the two plushies on the ground and nodded to Magic, letting her know that it was okay for her to help out.

      Magic made the Baby Xweetok Plushie and Mutant Xweetok Plushie sit together, she too sat down with them. Ire flew about – looking for flowers, however, didn’t see any until Magic pointed out that they were on the shrubs. That made Ire happy and flew over to them. Edimira took out a rug that was in the Red Picnic Hamper and placed it on the ground, she spread it with Magic’s help. Edimira put the Red Picnic Hamper and the Island Gift Bag in the middle of the rug and put her Lilian Fairweather Plushie down on the corner of the rug. Magic took the Baby Xweetok Plushie and Mutant Xweetok Plushie and put them on the rug – so they wouldn’t get dirty.

      "Are you ready to eat, Magic?" Edimira asked excitedly.

      "Yes, I am, actually. I’ll go and get Ire, I’m sure she’d be hungry too" Magic answered and left for a moment. Edimira took out the Tuna Sub for Magic and the Bitten Red Apple for Ire. She then took out the Xweetok Bologna Sandwich then waited for her friends to return – which they did in a few minutes time. Edimira took out three doughnuts and gave one to the Baby Xweetok Plushie, one to the Mutant Xweetok Plushie and one to her Lilian Fairweather Plushie.

      "Alright, it’s time to eat!" Edimira exclaimed watching as Magic picked up her Tuna Sub. Ire landed on the bitten part of her Bitten Red Apple and tasted it. It was sweet.

      The three of them ate their lunch and looked at the lake – noticing that there were many Kikos swimming about, sometimes they’d see a Koi jump out of the water and dive back in again. Edimira noticed how busy the Glass Bottom Boat Tours were too.

      "What do you think it’s like on the tour, Edimira?" Magic asked – watching the Neopets line up for the Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

      "I think it will be great, maybe next time the three of us can go on one" Edimira answered and ate her sandwich. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like underneath the lake. Soon they finished eating their sandwiches, Edimira looked at the plushies and noticed they still had the doughnuts – smiling, she took them from the plushies and put them in the Red Picnic Hamper. "I guess they weren’t very hungry," Edimira said – referring to her plushies not eating their doughnuts.

      Edimira took out the drinks and gave an Apple Juice to Magic and took out the Vanilla Milkshake and had a sip of it through the straw. It was so sweet – Edimira loved it. "You know, food and drinks always taste better on picnics then they do at home for some reason," Edimira said to Magic and looked at the lake – watching as several Kikos started throwing a red and white ball to one another. Several Kois appeared to join in the game.

      "Mhm, maybe it’s because we just feel – relaxed? They look like they’re having fun" Magic suggested then watched the Kois and Kikos playing together. Edimira, Ire and Magic watched the Kois and Kikos play – as they ate and had their drinks. When they finished their meals and drinks, Edimira decided it was time to go – as much as she’d love to stay she didn’t have the time to as it was getting late.

      "Do we really have to go, Edimira?" Magic complained sadly as she helped put the Baby Xweetok Plushie and the Mutant Xweetok Plushie in the Island Gift Bag. "Yes, we do, Magic. We have a lot to do at home – however, I have plans for all of us to return to Kiko Lake to go on the Glass Bottom Boat Tours – I really want to see what that’s like" Edimira answered as she placed the Island Gift Bag in the Red Picnic Hamper.

      Edimira and Magic folded the rug together and put it in the Red Picnic Hamper and looked around to see if they have left any rubbish lying around. They didn’t want to make Neopia untidy. Edimira smiled after finding out they hadn’t left any rubbish. "Ire, are you finished with your Bitten Red Apple?" Magic asked curiously, watching as the Springabee flew around it curiously and making a buzzing sound as she did.

      "Yes, I have finished it. The Bitten Red Apple was most delicious. I wish I could’ve eaten all of it" Ire answered. "Are we going, now?" she asked, after noticing Edimira had picked up her Lilian Fairweather Plushie and her Red Picnic Hamper.

      "Yes, we are, Ire. However, we are coming back soon to go on the Glass Bottom Boat Tour – I am looking forward to seeing what that is like" Magic answered.

      "I’m looking forward to the Glass Bottom Boat Tour too," Ire said – imagining all the Dubloon Coins that might be on the bottom of Kiko Lake.

      "Are you two ready?" Edimira asked as she tucked her Lilian Fairweather Plushie under her arm again to ensure that she stays safe. She held the Red Picnic Hamper firmly in her paw and looked at Magic and Ire.

      "Only when you are" Magic answered smiling. Edimira nodded and started to fly back to the Cheap Hotel – with Magic and Ire following closely behind. Soon Edimira returned back to her room in the Cheap Hotel and unpacked her Red Picnic Hamper – she then took out the Island Gift Bag and removed her Mutant Xweetok Plushie and her Baby Xweetok Plushie and put them back on the Purple Wardrobe. She then placed her Lilian Fairweather Plushie on her Antique Four Poster Bed and smiled.

      "Today was fun," Edimira said and stretched her arms. She was tired after all the flying she had done.

      "It sure was – I am looking forward to going on the Glass Bottom Boat Tour. I wonder if any Neopians have dropped some Dubloon Coins or Codestones in Kiko Lake by mistake" Magic agreed – and made her way to her Deluxe Canopy Petpet Bed.

      "If they had – I wonder how they would’ve done that. It’d be interesting to find out. I’m going to have a nap before we head out for dinner tonight" Edimira said as she lay down on her Antique Four Poster Bed.

      Ire flew around the Pretty Fyora Potted Flowers and landed neatly on a petal that looked comfortable to her. "I suppose we’ll find out when we get there. I really enjoyed today though – watching the Kois and Kikos playing – it looked fun," Ire said – imagining that the two species would be still playing.

      "Me too! Anyway, I’m off to sleep – I’ll talk to you both later tonight when we wake up for dinner" Edimira said and smiled as she rest her head on her pillow. She pulled her Lilian Fairweather Plushie close to her and closed her eyes.

      "Night, Edimira, or should I say good afternoon, as the sun’s still up," Magic said – earning a giggle from Edimira. Soon the three of them fell asleep – dreaming about playing with the Kikos and Kois in Kiko Lake and sharing their picnic lunch with them and the possibility of going on a Glass Bottom Boat Tours – which may be another adventure for Edimira in the near future!

      THE END!

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