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The Neopian Pie Guide

by lonely_love


      With Neopia being pie galore, I am sure you have stopped and wondered, which pie should I start with first? Based on my extensive knowledge of pies, there are over 100 pies in Neopia waiting to be devoured by you! So let me guide you through some of my must-try pies for any kind mood, season, weather, event and occasion.

      1. Apple Lantern Pie & Spooky Raspberry Pie



      We start the list with Halloween themed pies! Who doesn’t love Halloween? Have you ever tried to throw a Halloween party only to be stumped with no dishes to prepare? Well no worries, the easily bought and popular Apple Lantern Pie will be a definite hit. An upgrade from the usual apple pie, it is a seasonal treat loved by many Neopians and with good reason too! It is filled with delicious syrupy apple chunks with a light dust of powdered sugar on top making is a sweet treat. For the more frugal Neopian, the Spooky Raspberry Pie is equally delicious with the added bonus of being able to bite your hand off!

      2. Triple Chocolate Mince Pie & White Chocolate Mince Pie



      Now chocolate is a craving I am sure most Neopians are familiar with. I know I am! So how about satisfying your need for chocolate with some delicious pies? The Triple Chocolate Mince Pie is a must try for anybody with chocolate cravings! This mince pie has melted chocolate, chocolate chunks and chocolate flakes on top! Now that’s what I call chocolate overload. But if this is still not enough, the White Chocolate Pie oozing with lashings of melted white chocolate is sure to bring you to your knees and straight into chocolate heaven. These baked pie treats is something any chocoholic should eat. Mmmm, I am drooling just thinking about it!

      3. Minty Cherry Mince Pie & Christmas Brue Frosted Pie



      During the Christmas season, pies are a must on the dinner table. Now is the best time to try some new Christmassy pies to get yourself into the festive mood! The Minty Cherry Pie is a combination of delicious sweet cherry melded together with the sharp taste of mint to elevate this pie’s scrumptiousness. Not to mention every slice of this pie is red and green giving you the classic Christmas colours to decorate your dinner plate with. Another great choice would be the Christmas Bruce Frosted Pie which is just as tasty. This adorable Christmas Brue pie is the perfect dessert to end your Christmas dinner off on a sweet note.

          4. Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie & Veggie Stew Pie



      For my Neopians out on the lookout for some delicious but healthy pie choices, fret not, there are pies that can fulfil your wishes. The Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie is unique take on the traditional vegetable quiche with an added infusion of Grunions and Zeevines. This absolutely luscious dish is only served in Kelp and comes at a hefty price but worth every penny. Another healthy pie you can opt for is the Veggie Stew Pie which can be a hearty pick-me-up for any day you are seeking some nice comfort food. The vegetable stew is made of numerous different vegetables which have been boiled and simmered until perfection and then baked into a pie. Every slice is creamy, rich, and flavourful which are all the qualities I love in a good pie.

      5. Scrambled Egg Pie & Peppermint Mince Pie



      Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not start your day right with some pie? Combining the elements of breakfast and pie is the wonderful Scrambled Egg Pie. It is a baked savoury treat that goes great with tomato sauce. Plus eggs are a great source of protein. This pie and cup of orange juice is sure you get you ready to conquer the day. For those in a rush, the Peppermint Mince Pie would be a good option as you can completely skip brushing hence saving more time! Due to its extra minty-ness it doubles as a wonderful breath freshener. Now this is 2 in 1 pie where you can keep your mouth fresh and stomach full at the same time.

      6. Dargil Meat Mince Pie & Vionanna Mince Pie



      For my gourmet feeders out there, rejoice as there are pies certified as gourmet foods! The Dargil Meat Mince Pie is an extremely expensive pie made of Dargil meat puree and will delight even the strictest food critic’s taste buds. Just a side note, Dargil meat is actually a fruit that grows in the shape of a drumstick hence not actually a meat at all! This is a rare and exquisite treat that is very hard to come by hence I suggest you snap it up as soon as you can. Another pie in the gourmet food club list is the Vionanna Mince Pie. This pie is filled with mashed Vionanna with just a tiny bit of Bargella Root to elevate its flavour. The mesh of ingredients may seem odd but the taste proves it a match made in heaven. These ingredients are hard to find making this a pie you should savour with every bite.

      7. Grey Peach Pie & Hearty Pie



      Once in a while all neopians go through a bad day. Now, there really is no cure for a bad day, but you can definitely make it better by eating some delicious pie to cheer you up. A highly recommended choice is the Grey Peach Pie. You may wonder how on Neopia would eating a GREY pie make your mood better, but the pie tastes nothing like its name. The organic peaches in this pie are big, succulent and juicy making this pie scrumptious from the very first bite. Although no one has yet seen a grey peach tree, rumour has it that there is one hidden in the outskirts of Tyrannia supplying the peaches for this pie. Another fabulous choice would be the Hearty Pie. This is sure to up your mood! This pie is chock a block with delicious vegetables, warm gravy and rich meat. Every spoonful will spread warmth of the bottom of your tummy to the rest of you. Both these pies will improve your mood no matter how down you are!

      8. Sketch Pie & Stone Pie & Meatless Pie




      These pies are special. These pies provide the taste and texture of pie without you actually consuming them. These zero calorie pies are perfect for a cheat day where you want a treat but with no strings attached. The Sketch Pie is extremely healthy as it is just a sketch. Picture your favourite pie in the drawing and eat the paper. Mmmm guilt-free deliciousness. As long as you can visualize the pie, you can “eat” it. Another one is the Stone Pie. This pie may have no flavour but the crunchy crust on this pie is well worth it. Just chew the stone and spit it out. However if you cannot picture a pie or do not like crust, the Meatless Pie is sure to satiate you. The almost-zero calorie Meatless Pie has no filling hence you can just eat the outer flaky crust and be done with. This pie also provides you the opportunity to customize your own filling and stuff it in.

      9. Waterberry Pie & Small Shepherds Pie Smoothie



      I bet you didn’t know pie can also be a thirst quencher! To prevent yourself from getting dehydrated during a hot day, make sure to consume a Waterberry Pie. Waterberries have a passionate flavour all taste buds enjoy, and in a pie, it may be one of the only desserts that is both delicious and will quench your thirst. However if you crave a liquid thirst-quencher, the Small Shepherds Pie Smoothie will do the trick. With real mashed potato flavour, it will seem as though you are eating a whole meal and drinking at the same time. It doesn’t get more time-efficient than that. The Shepherds Pie Smoothie also comes in a Large size. Whenever I feel thirsty, these are my go to food items.

      10. Dripping Cream Pie Hat & I Love Pie Background



      You can do more that eat pie. YOU CAN WEAR IT. These two items are my personal favourite. The Dripping Cream Pie Hat is a perfect accessory with any outfit. Delicious cream pie will be dripping down your hair giving your locks an absolutely mouth-watering smell. Not to mention, whenever you are feeling peckish, just give your hat a quick lick to get you through to your next meal. As this hat both covers my bad hair days and is a statement fashion piece, I make sure I never leave my house without it. Another wearable I completely adore is the I Love Pie Background. With the edges completely covered in every type of pie imaginable, this background is a feast for your eyes. The nice browns shades of pie crust everywhere is sure to complete any outfit.

      BONUS: 4 Billion Pie Recipes


      This book was extremely helpful in my pie journey. The sheer amount of recipes present in this book is overwhelming and unlikely to be baked finish in your lifetime. However the variety present in this book is far more comprehensive than this guide so is it highly recommended that you read it if you get the chance. This come also comes with tips and tricks on how to bake pies plus history and information on pies.

      With that I finally come to the end of my short pie guide. Now these are some of the pies I love and adore and have on a daily basis. If you have never tried pie before, I suggest you immediately try one of the pies on this list or any other you have been fancying. The world of pie in Neopia has been around for a long time but not explored by many. So I hope you join me in my journey in tasting every pie available and becoming a pie lover yourself!


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