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Best NC Items of 2017

by rikarie


      Given the new year I wanted to take the time to discuss my favorite NC items of 2017. Now there were so many items to choose from, so I got to admit it was pretty hard to come up with such a limited list. I tried to add a variety of different items but I feel my bias has come out a little bit. I tend to like backgrounds the most of any other NC items…But here it is! My top 10 items of 2017! (Please note: This list is just my personal opinion!)

      10. MME22-S2b: Elegant Powder Blue Suit from MME22-S1: Cursed Castle Background

      This is by fair my favorite outfit of 2017. It is classy for more of those fancy oriented customizations but can also be played in a more haunted-Halloween designs as well. Frankly I would to see this as a Dyeworks item in the future. It has great potential. *wink* *wink*

      9. Exquisite Queen Necklace obtained through the 10th Birthday Royalty Wish Candle.

      This is definitely one of the more unique necklaces! I mean who doesn’t like little bling bling? It is a perfect addition to any dress to make it stand out a little bit more! I got to say, I do like it with the Aqua Tasseled Dress and Shimmery Webbed Dress. It just adds a touch of something that may up your customization game!

      8. Sophie's Collectors Lantern Staff - This is the 4th NC Collectible from the Family Ties series.

      Now I am not the biggest fan of handheld items, as I tend to stay with those four legged neopets. But let’s face it, Sophie is on the coolest characters out there and I am so happy to see her Lantern staff as a wearable item! It has so many potential customizations. It can be dressed up and down and can be for a spookier or even a refined look.

      7. New Years on the Beach Background from 2017 Celebration Mystery Capsule

      So this is one of the latest items to grace the NC market before the New Year. Now I think the majority of the new NY backgrounds are great! And it was tough to choose just one for the list, but this one seems to be one of the more popular ones from the new caps, though not my personal favorite. I do very much enjoy the twinkle light trees in the front and the animation seems to be very well done. It is definitely a must have for a causal New Year’s customization!

      6. Tree of Potions from Lulus NC Challenge in Y19.

      So I love tree NC items and had to add at least one to the list. It was probably the best tree item to me, of the 2017 year. I must say, a major pro for me was its placement! Have you noticed there are more left sided trees compared to right sided trees? Well now you will! Of course, it is not just the placement of the tree that I like either. The potions and animations of the potions are very well done and add such memorizing look that the eye is just naturally drawn to it.

      5. Spring Princess Wig from NC Mall, retired in June 2017.

      So I am not that big of a wig person – obviously given the bias in this list, but this wig will bring out your flower child! This is such a whimsical piece. And you know what? It doesn’t look that weird on the pets. Sometimes there can be iffy placements with wigs, but I think this one generally looks good on the majority of pets!

      4. Make Your Own Gingerbread House Background from Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram.

      This is a great background for all the Jinjah fans out there! This background has it all. Some gingerbread houses to the left. Some gingerbread houses to the right. And some gingerbread in the back! It really is the fantasy background for people obsessed with gingerbread! The small sparkle on these sweet treats is also a very nice touch!

      3. Premium Collectible: Overgrown Tracks Background - This NC item was given out as a Premium Collectible reward in Y19 in April 2017.

      Given the name, I did not think I would be a fan. So, when I finally looked at it in my inventory I must say I was pleasantly surprised! To me, the colors are prefect. They just grab your eye and you can’t help but stare. Of course, this background works good with any flora pieces and I feel it can be used any time of the year. I may have to try it with a winter theme. Seems like it would be very pretty.

      2. Cherry Blossom Bridge Background from Springtime in Neopia Mystery Capsule.

      So it appears I have a preference flowers? But I doubt anyone could really argue against having this one on the list! One of the most beautiful backgrounds around. The detail is wonderful and animation is not overpowering. It just another great piece featuring cherry blossoms that you can never have enough of!

      1. Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule

      Okay, so I may be cheating a little bit by listing this one. But I cannot help but put it top of the list! So many cool retired Dyeworks items were re-released. I missed so many of them that it was nice to have another shot at getting them again. And I’m sure the NC community agrees! I mean, do any of us really pay attention when Dyeworks items retire? (Like the golden orbs where in there for a hot second and then BAM gone!) I guess it is my New Year’s resolution to pay attention to that a little bit more…

      Honorable Mentions:

      Troubled Water Bridge from the Wraith Resurgence event – I must admit, I do not know exactly how I would use this item in customization but I LOVE it! Well I love purples so it really should not be a surprise that I like it so much.

      Sparkling Faerie Dust from participating in Evellas Free the Bottled Faeries game at the Y19 Faerie Festival – It is sparkly, nuff said.

      Thanks for reading! Happy customizing!

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