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11 Ways To Make Y20 AWESOME!

by japanese_breakfast


      Happy New Year Neopians! Y19 was an amazing year filled with new games, new avatars, a Charity Corner, Games Master Challenge and even a new plot. And, Y20 is expected to be even more awesome! I can’t wait to see what Y20 has in store for Neopians. Here are 10 tips to make Y20 the best ever!

      Set Goals For The Year

      My favorite New Year’s tradition is resolutions. The new year is full of possibilities and is an awesome opportunity to improve yourself and your Neopets. What better way to start the year than to challenge yourself and set new goals! Whether it be obtaining a new avatar, building your gallery, winning a trophy (or two), or putting together that perfect customization—you can do it! The best way to keep a resolution is to set smaller goals within a larger goal, keep track of your progress and have fun!

      Try New Things

      New year, new you! The new year is an opportunity to try new things, learn new skills, and take some chances. Once during 2018, put yourself out and submit something for the art gallery, beauty contest, mystery pic, caption contest, poetry contest, or one of the spotlight competitions! This is a chance to improve your writing skills, learn how to draw, and explore Neopia more. Channel your inner artist and be creative.

      Make New Friends or Reconnect With Old Friends

      Friends are important to have and you can never have too many friends. Join a guild, or if you’re already in a guild set a goal to participate more! Hang out in the Neoboards and chat about a recent site event, the Battledome, or avatars. Reconnect with old friends by sending them a Neomail wishing them a happy holidays or new year. The best part of Neopets is the amazing community!

      Eat Healthy

      It’s easy to feed your Neopets the cheap junk food found at the Giant Omelette, Money Tree or Rubbish Dump. But, it’s important to feed your Neopets fresh healthy foods so they can stay strong and healthy. Healthy Neopets are happy Neopets! Stop by the Neopian Health Food shoppe for some delicious foods like veggie lasagne, sliced tofu, brown rice, sesame sticks and organic grapefruit yogurt. And whatever you do, stay away from the Chocolate Factory!!

      Exercise More

      No matter how many Organic Chia Wort Roots you eat, you can’t be healthy without exercising. Even though Grundo’s Gym is now closed, there are plenty of other ways that your Noepets can get in their much-needed physical activity. The Swashbucking Academy and Mystery Island Training School are great places for your Neopets to build strength, agility and skills. Try and be creative about exercising and your Neopets will have more fun. Kacheek Seek and Gormball are also fun activities that will keep your Neopets fit.

      Build a User Lookup or Pet Page

      This is the year that you will make yourself a userlookup and petpage! Custom art, storytelling, and interesting design is a great way to celebrate your very special Neopets and Neo-accomplishments. While it may take some effort, learning CSS is an awesome skill in both Neopia and the real world. Who knows, you may even end up with a spotlight trophy! Chat with the fine folks at the Neoboard for more help.

      Read More

      Reading is a way to learn about all the different worlds in Neopia! Crack open a book and your Neopet could be on an adventure on Kreludor, Mystery Island or Meridell. Read enough books and you have a chance to win the Neopian Book Award. Plus, the increased knowledge could really help you with the Faerie Crossword, Daily Puzzle, and games such as Imperial Exam. Not sure what you want to read? Ask the Library Faerie or visit the Lenny Library!

      Save Neopoints and Budget

      Want the Adam avatar? Or the latest Transmogrification potion? Or something from the Hidden Tower? It can be tough to save Neopoints with all the cool new items being released during the holidays, but the new year is a great time to start budgeting. Start by deciding what big-Neopoint items you want to buy and choose an amount to save daily. Then, create a plan for how you will earn the Neopoints you want to have saved daily. Dropping by the Employment Agency, playing new games, and improving your restocking skills are great ways to earn more Neopoints!

      Treat Your Neopets!

      Every once in a while, it’s good to splurge and treat your Neopets. While Neopets are usually happy eating omelettes and playing with keychains or broken plushies every day, it’s important to treat your Neopet and let me know how special they are to you. And, what better way to spend your hard earned Neopoints than to reward your beloved Neopets! Paint your Neopet a new fancy color, dine at Kelp, read a rare book, or stay a week at AstroVilla.

      Do Some Winter/Spring Cleaning

      Take some time to clean out your closet and safety deposit box. If it isn’t a seasonal wearable item or something you’re holding for your shop, consider getting rid of it. There may even be rare items that other Neopians are looking to eat, read or put in their gallery! If you’re a packrat like me, it helps to declutter by getting rid of one item each day. There might even be items that you forgot about that could be used for your gallery or as a guild prize. Plus, think of all the Neopoints you could earn if you moved those items into your shop. Or…

      Be More Kind and Giving

      Donate the items you don’t need to the Money Tree! Donating items is just one way to be kind and generous to others. Consider randomly gifting items to other Neopians, selling items discounted in your shop, adopting a Neopet from the Pound, helping others on the quest Neoboard, or participating in Charity Corner. If you can be kinder each year the better your years will be!

      Wishing you an AWESOME New Year!

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