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Celebrating the New Year, Neo-Style

by kimchica


      So here we are, at the end of another crazy year on Neopets. New Years Eve is a time for celebrating as well as a final chance to get things done for the year, along with preparing for another exciting year ahead. So what sort of things can you do to celebrate the New Year, Neo-style?

      -Dress your 'pets for the occasion

      There are tons of lovely clothes, backgrounds, and trinkets to dress your pets up for a night of celebrating the New Year. Add a party hat and some confetti, and they'll be ready for the clock to strike midnight! If you have trouble coming up with ideas, use Dress to Impress or JellyNeo's closet to come up with inspiration, or just look through your own Neo-closet to see what you have. Be creative! You don't need a ton of Neocash items to have fun dressing your 'pets to party. Not even counting species-specific wearables, some great Neopoint items include:

      Altador Cup Watch Party Snacks

      17th Birthday Party Hat

      Black and White Neopets 8th Birthday Hat

      Blue and Gold Neopets 8th Birthday Hat

      Birthday Streamers

      Streamers Garland

      Black and White Trendy Dress

      Queen of The Forest Dress

      Borovan Fountain

      Bowl of Shiny Decorations

      Fireworks Background

      Glitter and Sparkle Background

      Special Event Foreground

      -Finish up a goal

      Maybe you've meant to submit something to the Neopian Times, or wanted to earn a new avatar all year. Even if you didn't set official goals at the start of the year, you probably still have goals that you know you want to achieve. You have some time left! Pick a goal that you haven't achieved yet, and use what time is left to try to finish it. If there isn't enough time, that's okay. The progress you make will start you o the right path in the new year.

      -Connect with friends

      Most of us have Neofriends. Maybe some we haven't really touched base with in a while. Now is a great time to send them a Neomail and wish them a great New Year, and see how they are doing, or send them a trinket to let them know you are thinking of them. It's easy to not keep in touch thanks to a busy Neo-life, but the connections made here can last a lifetime. It's easy to forget to reach out to friends, but they will probably appreciate hearing from you!

      -Admire achieved goals

      Did you make goals at the start of the year? Now is a great time to look back and see what progress you've made on them all, and celebrate the ones you achieved. Great job! If you didn't quite get there, take a moment to appreciate the progress you made towards them. Brightvale wasn't built in a day, and every step, no matter how big or small, is still a step. If you didn't make any progress on a goal at all, you can make it a goal for the upcoming year, and focus a bit more on it to work on achieving it.

      -Set new goals

      There's a whole year ahead of you. Set new goals, even if it's just using the same goals as the previous year. Some goals will take more than a year to achieve, and that's okay. Sometimes goals are just making progress on something that is very difficult, or something that cannot fully be achieved without a lot of time passing, such as completing a collection or earning a large number of trophies. While having an ultimate end-goal is great, it should also be broken down into small, achievable parts. Try to also choose something you don't have a lot of experience in, to make you branch out. If you're not great at gaming, maybe make a goal to try to improve your personal high score in 12 games for the year. If you think you're a terrible artist, vow to enter the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery a few times, or submit comics to the Neopian Times. The more you practice, the better you get! You can keep track of your goals on a Petpage, or just in a note on your desktop that you update when you make progress or achieve something.

      -Track your stats

      This one seems a bit weird just in a few words, but record everything about your account- avatars, stamps, shop size, pet stats, trophies, the works. At the end of next year, you can do it again, and compare the two. You never realize just how much progress you've made in a year until you start really keeping track! For example; thus far this year I added 53 stamps, earned 4 new avatars, fed 105 kads, won 4,889 battles, and earned 1,471 stat points for my BD pet. I haven't even finished for the year yet, and I didn't include a number of other items I took note of at the start of the year.

      -Ready for reset

      This isn't much different than the end of any other month. Get ready for the monthly reset. When the clock strikes midnight Neo-time, everything resets. If your goals include new avatars, go for the ones where you need to be on a high score table to earn it. If you want trophies, take a look at what ones you have that you can upgrade, or check out guides that list easy trophies or the lowest score needed to earn a trophy the previous month. Use game guides provided on Petpages or at various Neo fan sites to be ready to play once the HSTs reset. If you are planning to move pets around to work on goals, be they trading, training, reading, or gourmet, figure out ahead of time what needs to happen. If you have transfers left, start using them now so you still have more to use when the new month starts if you have a lot of pets to move around accounts. Prepare yourself for your new year beforehand so you can get a running start on trophies, avatars, pet transfers, and more!

      There are only a few days left. Celebrate the Neo way, and have a fantastic New Year!

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