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10 Underappreciated Neopets Under 1 Mill Neopoints

by keira522


     Sometimes all you need in life is a little change. Perhaps you’re looking to give yourself a treat this holiday season. Maybe you’re ready for a change for the new year. Or maybe you’re just sick of seeing the same ol’ pets. Every Neopet in Neopia deserves love, and some species get more love than others. It is possible a popular pet that looks the same as everybody else’s, but often expensive, and it can be just as rewarding to create a pet that is less appreciated than other popular pets. You can create these unique, underappreciated pets for less than 1 million NP, and add to the diversity of Neopia in the process!

          10: Woodland Bori

     Many woodland pets in general are appealing with their natural looks, but woodland Boris are particularly underappreciated. Their green and brown fur (bark?) melds together into seamless camouflage, and their rocky shells provide the perfect protection. Your Neopet could have this gorgeous organic coloration with ease, as the morphing potion is only around 750,000 NP.

          9: Snow Yurble

     Snow Yurbles represent the perfect combination of autumn and winter with their colorful leafy manes and snowy visage. Both Yurbles and snow pets are rare, and having a snow Yurble could be the perfect opportunity to have a beautiful and underappreciated Neopet. Even better, you could have this wintry Neopet for less than 100k, as the Green Yurble Morphing Potion costs about 28,000 NP, and the Snow Paint Brush is around 34,000 NP.

          8: Mutant Eyrie

     Mutants are some of the most unique Neopets out there, and arguably some of the most beautiful in their abnormality. Mutant eyries especially have an appealing mix of green scales, and fascinating spines that no other eyries have. Their fierce visage suggests that mutant eyries might have prickly personalities, but their fluffy manes seem almost cuddly. Your Neopet could look this epic for only about 600,000 NP.

          7: Silver Flotsam

     Silver Neopets always have a pretty glossy look to them, but silver flotsams are noteworthy in their two-toned nature. Imagine the sun rippling off their silvery sheen while rolling through the water, and it is hard to resist adding more silver flotsams to the world of Neopia. It is only 24,000 NP for a Yellow Flotsam Morphing Potion, and 225,000 NP for a Silver Paint Brush.

          6: Plushie Pteri

     Plushie is a popular color in general, but Pteris are some of the most underappreciated limited-edition pets, and plushie Pteris are no exception. These cuddly birdies have colorful patchwork fabric that catches the eye, and makes you just want to give them a hug. Cuddle up with your new plushie Pteri friend this holiday season for only 200,000 NP.

          5: Island Peophin

     Island Neopets always have an easy just-rolled-off-the-beach look, and the patterns on their skin/fur/scales easily catch the eye. Island Peophins are some of the most simple of the island pets, but are glorious in their simplicity, and their leis are the perfect coloration for summer or winter attire. You can morph your Neopet into an island Peophin for an extremely affordable price of only 350,000 NP!


     4: Eventide Korbat

     Eventide pets are some of the most beautiful pets out there, with their sunset shades and starry faces, but are not very common. Eventide Korbats not only have a lower body, but sunset wings as well, which provide a dramatic contrast from their dark, shiny ears and sky blue chests. Only 83,000 NP, and these sky bats could be a part of your Neopet family.

          3: Desert Gnorbu

     Most Gnorbus come from the city of Shenkuu, but these Qasalan counterparts have glorious black locks that make them stand out from other Gnorbus, as well as other desert pets. Many of the desert pets are unique looking and have fun clothes, but desert Gnorbus in particular stand out with their gold circlets and contrasting colors. The morphing potions are even extremely affordable at only 50,000 NP.

          2: Water Acara

     Some of the most elemental Neopets, water acaras’ turquoise coloration pairs well with their hypnotic ripples. Water pets are sometimes discounted as hard to customize, but with the wide array of NC items out there, a perfect customization is available for every pet with just enough tinkering. Water acaras are practically a steal at 200,000 NP for the morphing potion.

          1: Faerie Grundo

     Neopians with families consisting solely of Grundos are not unheard of, because some people adore them so much. However, they are not a very popular species because only an unfortunately small number of people realize the beauty of their cheerful smiles and big eyes. Faerie Grundos have the most expensive morphing potions on this list at 900,000 NP, but their starry space wings and eye-catching irises make the price worth it.

          Bonus: Christmas Hissi

     Encapsulating the most festive colors of the holidays, a Christmas Hissi would be a great addition to your Neo family this holiday season. Each basic Hissi MP (yellow, green, blue, and red) is only about 130,000 NP, and the Christmas Paint Brush is only around 83,000 NP.

     It is the sad reality that these pets are not valued for their uniqueness and beauty nearly as much as they should be. This is only a small list of Neopets and colours that are underappreciated, and a quick glance at the rainbow pool may surprise you. In the craze of popular Neopets like Draiks, many Neopets get pushed under the rug and some Neopians have even forgotten certain species exist because of their rarity, even though they can be created for not only less than 1 million Neopoints, but even less than 100,000 Neopoints.

     Each of these Neopets can be added to your family for less than 1 million Neopoints, and by doing so, you can add to the diversity of Neopia! Their inexpensiveness has nothing to do with their true value, and as long as you love them, that is all that matters. Consider making a difference in Neopia this holiday season by making these undervalued species and colour combinations a part of your family.


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