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Six Faerietastic Outfit Ideas

by madiwoo


      Hello Neopia! Kim, Akira and Madi are back with another themed customization article. We really enjoy a nice pet customization can’t you tell? ;)

      This time we are writing about faeries. Yes faeries! Those lovely creatures that fly around Neopia generously giving out gif">ts, abilities or even raising the stats to your fabulous pets. It’s a proven fact that everyone loves faeries. Seriously everyone does. Don’t question it. You know it’s true. Maybe it is because of their generosity or maybe it’s because we all wish we had awesome powerful abilities like them. With all the intense events happening in Faerieland right now all our minds are on the faeries and their lovely home. We are already fighting to help the faeries and now with these faerie customizations your Neopet can be almost as cool as the real faeries…almost ;)

      We chose to do customs for each of the basic faerie types: Air, Fire, Dark, Earth, Light and Water. Hopefully there is a little something for everyone. Now let us get into the outfits.

      The Lovely Air Faerie:


      It's too bad that Psellia the Air Faerie doesn't come down to Neopia that often, because this customization is absolutely adorable; and honours yours truly. This Aisha is also incredibly proud to dress up like her! The cloud background as well as the dress is incredibly fitting, and makes you feel like you're actually in the clouds hanging out with the Harrises and Psellia, herself! Looks like the Aisha is also watching a beloved game of Cloud Racers in progress with the cute garland!

      Items used in this outfit: Air Faerie Eye Shadow, Dyeworks Blue: Faerie Dust Shower, Faerie Cloud Racer Garland, Faerieland Cloud Background, Winter Faerie Wings, Faerieland Furniture Collectors Cloud Dress, MME20-S3a: Blonde Side Braid Wig








          The Fierce Fire Faerie:


      Want to be like Ember, the Gormball Champion or one of these mischievous fire faeries that cause havoc around Neopia? This is the hottest customization you are gonna see; and the Draik is absolutely gorgeous here! I absolutely think the background just enhances the dress and her eyes, to the point that you're absolutely engulfed in flames to see that she may just be a tad sassy and playful! Just don't fall in the lava (THE FLOOR IS LAVA!). :)

      Items used in this outfit: Broiling Fire Foreground, Fire Orb Staff, Sassy Fire Faerie Wig, Fire Faerie Wings, Tyrannian Volcano Background, Belt of Fire, Orange Ombre Dress, Orange Contacts









      The Mischievous Dark Faerie:


      Sometimes you can’t help, but love a good villain. While not all dark faeries are bad they all do have a mischievous side. Whether you love Jhudora, Malice, Spite, Vanity or the Darkest Faerie (gasp) this outfit is perfect for your Neopet! Show your love for the dark side with these ominous accents and purple hues. Your Neopet will look truly menacing and hopefully will scare off some of these evil wraiths!

      Items used in this outfit: Dark Faerie Magic Wig, Dark Faerie Magic Staff, Dark Faerie Magic Orbs, Dark Faerie Magic Effect, Dark Faerie Magic Cloud Garland, Dark Faerie Eye Shadow, Dark Faerie Magic Wings, Dark Faerie Smoke Dress, Forgotten Faerie Grove Background, Darkness Attacks











          The Kind Earth Faerie:


      This outfit is inspired by everyone’s favorite earth faerie: Illusen. The forest background and tree frame really make this custom resemble Illusen’s famous glade. The leafy dress and hair wreath really make this a classic earth faerie look. The only thing that would make this look even better is cute little Petpets frolicking around!

      Items used in this outfit: Earth Faerie Dress, Earth Faerie Eye Shadow, Earth Faerie Frame, Earth Faerie Leaf Shoes, Earth Faerie Wings, Earthy Magnifying Glass, Laurel Wreath Wig, Mysterious Forest Clearing Background









      The Brillant Light Faerie:


      When you think of the light faerie, what comes to mind? Joy, hope, and of course, LIGHT! With this customization, your Neopet can embody all that which encompasses our beloved light faerie. A brilliant yellow gown with shimmering wings start the look, but you can't stop there. With swirling lights and orbs that dance around your pet and glittering jars winking in the night, you might have trouble telling the difference between your Neopet and the real thing!

      Items used in this outfit: Iridescent Light Dress, Light Faerie Eye Shadow, Light Faerie Collectors Orb, Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings, Long Curled Sideswept Wig, Summer Night Dream Background, Bell Faerie Lights, Swirling Lightmite Shower









      The Adventurous Water Faerie:


      Under the sea, under the- oh! What are you doing down beneath the waves? You've stumbled upon our water faerie customization. With it, you can emulate the water faerie and be queen of the seas! The glitter, the glam, and the shells! With your pets wig swaying in the gentle currants and sparkling wings of water and shell, your Neopet will not only feel like a faerie, but a water faerie, the best of them all. The backgrounds can change out, but the cave coupled with the shell foreground will give this piece a comfy, yet regal feel.

      Items used in this outfit: Water Faerie Eye Shadow, Golden Underwater Wig, Water Skirt, Dyeworks Blue: Faerie Dust Shower, Faerie Cave Background, Premium Collectible: Mermaid Face Paint, Luminous Seashell Staff, Sea Shell Bathing Suit, Sea Shell Foreground, Elaborate Shell Wings











          Well that is it guys! Those are all of our faerie inspired outfits. Whether you are fierce like a fire faerie, kind like an earth faerie or have a mischievous side like a dark faerie there is a faerie themed outfit for you! We hope you enjoyed and gained inspiration from these faerie customizations. Keep a look out we might be back soon with outfits inspired by your favorite faeries like Fyora, Naia, Taelia or even the new faerie Kaia! We really like faeries can’t you tell? There isn’t much more we can say. Until next time. :)


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