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The Haunted Cave - Retold by Oira

by alvissofcaldia


     As you walk into room number 292 at the Cheap Hotel - you would see a Regal Oak Wood Bed and a baby Kougra tucked in it - reading a book. Next to the bed was a Funky Lime Table which had an Elegant Table Lamp which was turned on to eliminate darkness in the room as it was night-time. As you look around you would notice a Blue Moon Petpet Bed and a bowl of Disco Petpet Bowl full of delicious food a Meepit could eat - next to the Disco Petpet Bowl was another one which was full of water. An old Purple Wardrobe stood on the opposite side of the Regal Oak Wood Bed - in it was Oira's belongings. Also in the room was an Elegant Wooden Desk and chair to match which was near the room's windows - which had a pair of tattered old curtains. On the desk was a Dark Battle Duck Notepad, Brain Tree Pencil and several snack items.

     There was no rubbish bin so Oira had to keep his rubbish in the corner - though he wished he could put it in the bin. Climbing up onto the Regal Oak Wood Bed was a pink Meepit named Iora - she was curious to know what Oira was reading and how long he'd be up - as she was sleepy and it was well past 12amnst - she knew Oira was a night owl and loved staying up late - as he says that's when the ghosts lurk Neopia.

     "What are you reading, Oira?" Iora asked as she sat next to him after getting up on the bed. Oira glanced at her and placed his paw's finger on the word he was up to in the book. "I'm reading 'The Haunted Cave' it's really interesting, Iora. Apparently, the lantern lights up itself! According to this book, the cave is located somewhere in the Haunted Woods - I want to find it and investigate it to see if it truly is haunted - would you like to come with me? This hotel room I'm in is permanently mine, as I've fully booked it throughout the whole year so we don't need to worry about other Neopets staying in it while we are away. Are you up to seeing this cave?" Oira explained - slightly changing the topic for a moment.

     Iora looked at Oira with excitement. "Yes, for sure. I love spooky things too. Let's hope that it's true and that this time we really do get the chance to meet a ghost instead of a Neopet dressed in a white sheet!" Iora exclaimed, clapping her paws together. She remembered the last time they went searching for ghosts after being informed by another Neopet that a certain place was haunted, that the ghosts only turned out to be Sinvous a Faerie Xweetok playing a prank on Oira - however, Oira was still determined to prove that ghosts are real.

     "Please don't remind me of that, Iora. I'm sure to this day, Sinvous is laughing about us being fooled into thinking he was a ghost for a moment. That Faerie Xweetok is always playing tricks on others - why he even played one on Kauvara! Anyway, let's write up a list of what we need for our journey" Oira threw the blanket off him and placed the book down on the desk. He grabbed the Brain Tree Pencil and opened the Dark Battle Duck Notepad which hadn't been used yet - he recently purchased it after seeing it at the School Supply Shop.

     Oira sat on the chair and excitedly started thinking of items to take. "We will bring our Blue Kacheek Torch, a map, snacks and drinks, hmm. What else would we need, Iora?" Oira began to write down the items he could think of.

     "How about the pencil and notepad that you are using? They might come in handy - and a Basic Shovel as you never know when you want one - a backpack which you have to put everything in, a Cosy Sleeping Bag for you and a Green Petpet Sleeping bag for me, a Lost Desert Tent and that's all I can think of" Iora suggested excitedly as Oira wrote everything down.

     "Hm, I can't think of anything else to bring, I might ask Snow if we run into her tomorrow morning, she said she's going to revamp my room to the way I wanted it to be - so this might be the perfect opportunity for us as I won't be in the way. I'm excited though, I can't wait to see what she'll do for my room! Anyway, Iora, we'd better get some sleep, it's 1amnst and I'm tired" Oira placed the Brain Tree Pencil down on the desk next to the Battle Duck Notepad - he then climbed back onto his bed and pulled the blanket over him. Iora jumped into her Blue Moon Petpet Bed - which had a cute blanket in it - Oira had given her one as he was sure she'd need one. Iora tucked herself in her Petpet bed and yawned. "Good night, Oira, see you in the morning," she called out to him, looking at the baby Kougra who was laying in his bed. He was facing the wall as he normally would. "Good night, Iora, sleep well! Will do and tomorrow will be a big day for us" Oira responded and said no more - all Iora could hear after a few minutes was snores from the Kougra - yes he was fast asleep.

     Iora got out of her bed and turned the Elegant Table Lamp off, then hopped back into her bed. Moments later, she too was fast asleep.

     The next morning Oira awoke at 10amnst, feeling hungry and excited. He glanced down on the ground to see what Iora was doing - she was just waking up too. "Morning, Iora. Let's go and get some breakfast then see Snow, she said she'd meet us downstairs," Oira said with excitement. He pushed his blanket off him and jumped off his bed, and quickly made it. "Morning, Oira! I wonder if they'll have my favourite omelette this morning, they didn't have it last time" Iora said. Iora's favourite omelette, of course, was Mushroom Omelette. She loved every bite especially the Mushrooms - the chefs at Cheap Hotel would put extra Mushrooms especially for her so they say (even though they actually got it from the Giant Omelette which ran out that day).

     Iora's stomach growled just thinking of it. Oira smiled to her. "I'm sure they'll have plenty!" he informed her then opened the door to his room to leave - he allowed Iora out first then went out after - he shut the door behind him and locked it (he always kept the key with him so he didn't need to worry about it - and Snow always had a spare one just in case he lost his one).

     The pair made their way down to the restaurant area of the hotel and was amazed to see how many Neopets and Petpets were there - eating their breakfast. There were at least over 500. It was a good thing that Iora and Oira were good with crowds - otherwise they'd have to wait later on. The restaurant could only accept up to 1,000 Neopets at the time due to the lack of Neopets working as chefs there. Spotting a spare seat between LilianFairweather and RoxtonAColchesters. Oira quickly took it and smiled. Iora sat on his lap as usual.

     After each Neopet said their good mornings to Oira and Iora, Snow said the same thing and asked what he was doing that day. "I'm glad you asked, Snow, perhaps you can help me out a bit. Iora and I are planning to go to The Haunted Cave in the Haunted Woods. We wrote a list of what to bring with us and can't think of anything else," Oira informed her then told her what they were bringing. "Do you have any suggestions?" he asked. Snow thought for a moment and smiled. "How about a Spooky Umbrella just in case it rains? I bought you one and it should be in your wardrobe if you have a look. Other than that, I can't think of anything else, Oira" Snow suggested. "Does anyone else have anything they could add?" She questioned as she looked at her other Neopets.

     "Why not a Grappling Hook?" RoxtonAColchesters added. "I bring one wherever I go as you never know when you need one" he told Oira.

     "You could also take a Gold Handled Short Sword as you might need to cut a vine that might be in the way," LilianFairweather suggested.

          "Grappling Hook and a Gold Handled Short Sword, oh and the Spooky Umbrella - I like the suggestions, thank you. I'm only going to be away for a couple of days as I imagine it wouldn't take Iora and I long to find The Haunted Cave" Oira made a mental note to write those down when he returned to his room.

     "If you get lost, Oira, it may take longer. It's best to bring extra food and water just in case - speaking of food, Snow is it time to eat? I'm starved!" RoxtonAColhesters told Oira then looked at Snow who nodded. "Yes, you all may go and eat now, I'm going to get something myself, however, will do that when you guys all return" Snow replied. Just as she said that all of her Neopets got up from their chairs and made their way to the cafeteria part of the restaurant where they were serving breakfast. Oira began to talk to LilianFairweather and RoxtonAColchesters - asking them what else they should bring with him and Iora.

     After obtaining a list of items that Oira and Iora should bring with them on their next adventure - Oira decided to pack straight after breakfast. Soon Oira and Iora were both eating breakfast with Snow and the other Neopets at the table, Oira couldn't stop thinking about the cave and the mysterious lantern that lights up on its own. Was it really a ghost who lit it every night? RoxtonAColchesters noticed that the baby Kougra was in deep thoughts.

     "Are you still thinking about the cave, Oira?" RoxtonAcolchesters questioned - he had just finished his meal when he spoke to Oira.

     "Yes. There are so many things I want to find out! I'm longing to know the answers to find out if the lantern really did light up on its own! I want to see it with my own eyes! Iora wants to see it too," Oira told him with his voice full of excitement. RoxtonAColchesters chuckled.

     "I know what you mean. I'm full of adventures, apparently there's a world made out of jelly - well, rumours of it anyway! I haven't managed to find it yet. However, I want to so that I can prove it's real. Though, I don't even know where to begin with my search. I'm sure you'll find the answers you require for your Haunted Cave, Oira. Let us all know what you find when you return from your journey" RoxtonAcolchesters said with a smile

     Oira nodded. "Okay, I promise to let you know, and I hope you find Jelly World – if it is real" he said. After Oira and Iora finished their breakfast, they said goodbye to everyone and went to their room to start packing for their journey.

     "It shouldn't take too long, I mean, it's a two-day journey according to the map" Oira stated hoping that he was right. "however, we should pack up more food just in case we get lost or if something goes wrong on our journey, Iora" he finished.

     Two hours later, after packing all of their belongings and other items, Oira and Iora set off on their journey, alerting the hotel staff that they were going to be away for a couple of days before they left. "I'm super excited, Iora! To think, we're this close to meeting our very first ghost and it might not be a hoax" Oira exclaimed jumping up and down with excitement. Iora looked at him and nodded. The little Meepit was just as excited as Oira was and couldn't wait to get there. "Iora, if you do get tired, you're welcome to ride on my shoulder," Oira informed her. "Thank you, Oira. Let's hope the journey goes well... So, it should take us a day to get to the Haunted Woods and a day to return, right?" Iora said.

     "Providing we don't take the wrong path, yes. I wonder if our mysterious ghost is friendly, or if he is evil" Oira answered and imagined what the ghost in The Haunted Cave would be like.

     Iora shrugged. She simply didn't know. As the Cheap Lodge was located in Neopia Central, it only took Oira about 6 hours to get to the entrance of the Haunted Woods - that's when the young Kougra began to feel very excited. He couldn't wait to find this cave!

     "Iora, we're here! We're here! It's 7pmnst and it's getting dark. In this book it says the lantern lights up at 12amnst, so we have until then to find it! I'm so excited - to think we are so close to meeting our ghost" Oira exclaimed happily looking down at his Petpet, who was scratching her arm on the same spot. "Iora, are you okay?" a worried Oira asked - wondering why his Petpet is suddenly itchy.

     "Something feels like it's biting me, Oira. It's making me really itchy... and I don't like being itchy, anyone would think I have Breeblys," Iora told him, as she continued to scratch her arm.

     "Iora, please stop scratching. Let me get out the Torch and I will have a look for you, and if it is a Breebly as I heard they make you itch. I will pull it from you with a pair of Tweezers" Oira said looking concerned.

     Iora did as she was told - Oira got out his torch and shone it on her arm. Sure enough, a Breebly was biting her and causing her to be itchy. "You are correct, you have a Breebly, Iora. I'll get the Tweezers" Oira told her.

     Iora frowned. She was so annoyed about getting a Breebly. She couldn't think of how the Breebly got attached to her due to the paths that they took to come to the Haunted Woods. Oira pulled out the Tweezers and went to gently remove the pesky Breebly - however before Oira could even touch it with the Tweezers - the Breebly spoke! Yes, it did!

     "Please don't hurt me!" The Breebly exclaimed in fright. Iora and Oira stared at one another. "I don't mean to hurt you, I just have to bite as I'm young, I'm Rai" Rai, the Breebly introduced itself.

     "Rai, Iora doesn't like it when you bite her. Instead of biting Iora, would you be interested in trying an apple? As apples are nice and it would be better to bite one instead of Iora" Oira offered. "I'm Oira and as you guessed, this Meepit here is named Iora" he introduced themselves.

     "An apple? I've never tried one. But sure, I'm happy to try one out! Let me get off and please remove those Tweezers! I'm terrified of them" Rai said pointing to the Tweezers. Oira put the Tweezers back in his bag and got out an apple slice, he gave it to rai to try out - who at once enjoyed the sweet and juicy piece of fruit.

     "Apples taste sweet. Say, are you going to The Haunted Cave? I overheard you mention something like that," Rai asked after finishing a mouthful of apple - he still had a bit to eat.

     "Yes. I think I know where abouts in the Haunted Woods it might be. We heard that it's supposed to be Haunted, and as keen Ghost Searchers, we want to check it out ourselves" Oira said with excitement.

     "Cool! I never knew ghosts existed, I'm happy to come along and help you find it" Rai said.

     Oira, Iora and Rai set off to find The Haunted Cave, Oira had taken out the map and kept the torch on him so he could read - as it was getting dark in the Haunted Woods. A Ghost Xweetok passed them carrying a basket full of shopping.

     "Hi, can you please tell us where The Haunted Cave is?" Oira questioned after noticing the Xweetok. The Xweetok just pointed straight ahead and continued on with its business. "I wonder what the Xweetok meant by pointing and why he didn't tell us anything otherwise," Oira said aloud and confused.

     "Perhaps it meant: Go straight ahead and you'll find it?" Iora suggested sounding hopeful. "No, I'm confident that the Xweetok meant that there might be danger up-ahead" Rai added in.

     "I doubt that Rai," Oira said. However, it turned out that the Breebly was correct as sometime later, Oira, Iora and Rai found themselves in a hole in the ground. "UGH! How did we end up here?" Oira complained as he grabbed a grappling hook from his bag.

     "Maybe this trap meant that the cave was around the corner?" Iora suggested, watching as Oira threw the grappling hook upwards hoping it will attach itself to the ground outside the hole - it did. Oira gave the rope a tug to ensure it was stable - it didn't move so he climbed up - with Iora and Rai on his shoulders - his torch was now in his mouth so he could use his paws to climb up the rope.

     Once Oira made it out of the hole, he dusted himself and took the torch out of his mouth. "Are you two okay?" Oira asked glancing at Iora and Rai.

     "Yes, we're fine," Iora and Rai answered at once. "Right, let's go!" Oira said - glancing around with the torch to see where they are - he at once knew what direction to go and started walking again after grabbing his grappling hook and putting it away in his bag.

     It took them about two more hours however, they managed to reach The Haunted Cave - which the book was talking about. Oira ran excitedly up to the cave with Iora and Rai still on his shoulders. He walked quietly with his torch still on, however, it started flickering when he stepped inside the cave, a gust of cold air swept through causing Oira, Iora and Rai to shiver from the cold. Walking ahead they came across the lantern which is said to light up on its own at midnight, it was around 10pmnst and the Kougra had two hours to wait. The cave was dark, even with the torch lit up - Oira shone the torch on the roof noticing several Shadow Korbats hanging upside-down - as soon as they saw the light, they flew off, causing Oira to duck, afraid they might swoop him. Once the Korbats flew out of the cave, all was quiet and Oira just sat down near the lantern and waited hoping his dream of meeting a ghost will come true.

     Soon 12amnst came and Oira eyed the lantern – which at once turned on by itself followed by the sound of someone saying "Ooooh, Ooooh!" at once, Oira fled and ran out of The Haunted Cave, terrified that he might meet the ghost after all. He couldn’t believe the lantern lit up itself, however, if he did stay, he would’ve found out that it was only an Invisible Zafara – moaning due to its sore foot, the Zafara was the one who lit the lantern at night, not a ghost! However, Oira was too afraid to look back which was a pity, really!

     Oira ran until The Haunted Cave was out of sight! He was so scared of meeting up with the ghost, and wanted to go back home and tell his friends about his adventures! Maybe another time when he’s a little older and braver he’d go back to The Haunted Cave and explore it a bit more, however, right now, he’s a little shaken up about hearing the ‘Ooohing’ from the ghost – Iora and Rai were scared of it too, however, Oira did get one good thing from his journey, a new Petpetpet for Iora!


     The End.

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