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Christmas in Moltara

by madiwoo


     This time of year, we are always presented with the traditional holiday images: snowmen, hot chocolate, roaring fireplaces and toasty chestnuts, carolers out in the snow, but sometimes, we forget that the holidays isn't all cold days, snowflakes, and getting bundled up until we resemble a small yeti everywhere. With this article, we wish to shed some light on what the holidays are like somewhere it doesn't snow, somewhere where the very idea of snow would evaporate the second you stepped outside. Welcome, to Christmas in Moltara.

     Molten Holiday Tree


     You don't even need Christmas lights!

     The biggest problem about the holidays in Moltara is 1. Finding a tree and then 2. Finding a tree that won't catch on fire. Well, with this tree, both problems are solved. You don't need to worry about burning up a poor, defenseless tree for the holidays because this tree is already on fire! Nothing says happy holidays more than a crispy tree.

     Pro tip: Don't leave the presents underneath this tree. Unless you didn't really want to give anyone anything more than ash. Unless you have that anti-fire wrapping paper we were talking about.

          Bucket of Fake Snow


     Melts just like real snow!

     It might be hard to ship to you in Moltara, but if you do manage to order this bucket of fake snow, have it delivered, and get it inside before it completely turns to water, then you can finally have a little snow for the holidays! Make sure to store it in your freezer and only take it out for longing glances and gentle touches once in a while, or it will melt!

     Pro tip: If you don't want a bucket of fake water, make sure to shell out that extra NP for ultra-refrigeration delivery.

     Pro pro tip: It's fake snow, do not eat!

     A Warm Christmas


     Being from Moltara, most of us have gotten this gift or something like it, as a joke, from all of our friends that are knee-high in snow. Well, it's true, we do have a warm Christmas. We live in MOLTARA for crying out loud. The next time someone gifts you this book, take it with a smile and tell them how it will be the perfect read for when you curl up next to your fire-y living room after making lava angels. Their face should at least entertain you a little bit more than this book you've been gifted every year.

     Felf on a Shelf


     Get into the holiday spirit by playing Felf on a Shelf! Each day hide the Felf in a different spot in your house and have your friends and family try to find it. Make this fun game of hide-and-seek even more unique by staging the Felf doing mischievous activities such as eating holiday cookies or stealing ornaments from the Christmas tree.



     Real mistletoe would shrivel up and die in Moltara’s extreme heat. No one will want to kiss you under dead mistletoe. Don’t worry though there is an easy fix to this problem: get yourself a Mistletoe Headband! This headband comes with very realistic looking fake mistletoe. Even Moltara’s extreme heat wont stop you from landing a smooch on your significant other this holiday season.

          Chestnusts Roasting on an Open Fire


     Roast chestnuts anytime and anywhere because you live in a place that is basically on fire! Just get yourself a bag of chestnuts walk outside and BOOOM perfectly roasted chestnuts to fill your holiday needs and your stomach.




          Pro tip: Don’t bring your Abominable Snowball to Moltara. It will melt. No one wants a melted Abominable Snowball. That’s just sad. Instead get a festive hat for a Pile of Soot! A Pile of Soot is the perfect petpet for the almost unbearable heat down in Moltara.



          The month of Celebrating is here and that means warming up in front of the fire, drinking hot cocoa, and cozying up in your warmest winter sweater…..unless you live in Moltara. Even the coldest day in Moltara is still extremely warm. This means no cozy sweaters from you unless you want to pass out from heat stroke and no one wants that! Instead focus on wearing fun Christmas colors, glittery dresses, comfortable short sleeve shirts basically anything that isn’t too warm. Everyone in Terror Mountain will be jealous when they see pictures of you in a elegant strapless holiday dress while they’re bundled up from head to toe.

          Frozen Hot Chocolate


     Frozen Hot Chocolate is all the rage in Neopia these days, especially when you're in Moltara. All you have to do is make hot chocolate, and realise it's way too hot to have hot chocolate, so dump your mug's contents in a blender, add a ton of ice, and bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend. Don't worry about the ice breaking the blender. The natural heat from your surroundings will melt the ice ever so slightly, making it perfect to blend ice and hot chocolate into … FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. *cue Frozen Soundtrack* Don't forget to add whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top of it, and stick a straw and enjoy!

     Plate of Charred Cookies


     Cos, YUM. Who wants a Christmas platter of black sooty cookies? In case you've forgotten where you are, Moltara is the hottest place to be…. And I mean it, quite literally. You hear that sizzling? That's because I, as a baker, can say that – in one minute (using raw dough) on a Moltara rock, these cookies are ready! So have that frozen hot chocolate to go! Better eat 'em before they become soot, kinda like your petpet. Be advised; bake cookies and then head to your Christmas gathering, because if you bake them and wait until the big day, chances are… *whispers* Sooty cookies. People will confuse them with coal, and you don't want that! :)



     Presents…. Oh boy. No Christmas is complete without seeing a gaggle of presents under that dry, skeleton-like Christmas tree! You may be wondering HOW these presents haven't gotten burnt yet, well; let me tell you why, my friend. Here's the kicker; anti-flammable wrapping paper (courtesy of a non-existing neopian store), in which they've tested it extensively to withstand super high heat, and won't catch on fire suddenly.

     That's it! We hope you enjoyed our article about Christmas in Moltara. Until next time. :)


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