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Hidden Gems in Old Maraqua's Murky Waters

by loumina28


     Neopia has finally entered the Month of Celebrating, December! It’s time that we get into the holiday spirit, decorate houses and roads, bake delicious treats, get gifts for our beloved ones and most importantly, have fun, because Christmas and New Year are almost here! Of course, while most Neopians are busy with their plans for Christmas and New Year, it’s never the wrong time to go for exploration to neopia’s most difficult to reach locations as well! One of such places that deserves more attention and appreciation than it gets is definitely Old Maraqua (A.K.A. Maraquan Ruins). Truth told it’s actually one of Neopia’s most visited places, as the “Ye Olde Fishing Vortex” is always crowded, however most Neopians prefer to take the broadside path instead of the central one due to the dangers that lurk within the center’s murky waters. Many strange, uncommon and perilous creatures call Old Maraqua home and the notorious whirlpool would always pose a risk to any visitor. However it’s a common misconception that this is all the water’s depths have to offer, as there is much more than meets the eye. That’s what we are going to prove with this article, so keep reading because we are exploring Maraqua’s ruins!

     The Bubbling Pit

     Our first stop is a mysterious pit that emits green bubbles, located in the heart of land. It has everyone concerned because of its unknown origins and unexplored depths and there is a very popular theory that it’s connected to the appearance of many Maraquan pets lately. This weird hole reaches a depth of over seventy fathoms and hence it has remained unexplored for many years. After the first six fathoms the abyss continues with a strange green liquid, the source of the green bubbles. Within the first of the remaining fathoms is a hole in the solid walls followed by a small ascending path that leads to a secluded, dry cave. Progressing further into the cave a sea of crystalloids extends beyond our eyes, weirdly hewn rocks of various colors piercing the ground, acting as light bulbs and enlivening the shady area with their soft and gentle glow. Escorting the crystals is a long, emerald colored river flowing from a waterfall located in the grotto’s heart. The majestic waterfall’s silver waters seem to be a mix of the green liquid and water and provide the cave with fluorescent plants of all kinds that vary widely in color and shape, as well as Sponderolas, palm trees and grass.

     The Ruined Castle Grounds

     Our next destination is Maraqua’s ancient castle! A strange beast has been guarding its gates since the city’s destruction, prohibiting access to the castle. He’s allowing us to take a look in the castle because of our scientific reasons nevertheless he demands that we keep it as sort of a while as possible. The castle’s grounds used to be a common sight for Maraqua’s kings and their followers however it definitely was very rare that a Neopian had the chance to take a stroll in its corridors, let alone visit the royal room. At first glance we can see the central room, a grand chamber full of maractite made, silver and gold trimmed furniture, such as sofas and armchairs. The walls are painted turquoise with orange and pink coral paintings scattered across them. The ground is decorated with colorful drawings that depict of kelps, maraquan petpets and other scenes of sea life. The castle’s remains are split in three more rooms: The dining room-kitchen, the king’s chamber and the “Aquarium”. The utmost left of the three is the dining room which also functions as a kitchen. Such a combination has never been seen in another castle, but this one broke the rule. The chairs and table are made out of seashells and covered with green velvet. The ground and walls share the same colors in both the central and dining room with a few different, undefined shapes painted in the latter. There are also small counters with metal pots and gold cutlery placed on them. The room right next to it is the king’s chamber. The first eye catching feature is the large, gold throne sitting at the far side of the room, decorated with white coral shapes of kois, flotsams and Peophins and clad with red silk. Purple rhombuses, lambs and shapes of cresting waves adorn the cobalt blue walls and the teal ground is garnished with pink and yellow floral shapes. Wooden furniture of detailed architecture with candles on them can be seen along with silver statues. After walking out of the truly impressive chamber we enter the right room, speculated to be called “Aquarium” because of the many inscriptions on the walls that spell this word. There, our eyes behold an astonishing sight. An aquatic jungle unfolds before us, full of tall and lush, productive trees, small, multicolored flowers of unusual shapes and gold, Goldy shaped fountains that spray a light violet liquid. The whole room is painted with a crystal clear turquoise, like a lake, and decorated with white marble Delfin statues. It is a truly beautiful, fruitful, tropical paradise, one if its kind.

     The Ruined Park

     Our time at the castle is up, so we are walking out, astonished. Now, we are visiting yet another ancient work of art, the ruined park, which is also guarded by the gigantic creature. The largest part of it has been destroyed so we are running short of information on this one. Before entering the park we are greeted by a very large marble arc adorned with embossed, detailed figures. The arc is followed by a short, marble staircase and homely, marble columns, standing on rectangular bases. Many mottled corals and flowers are planted within the park, with the pastel blue, corner one been the largest and most well known of all. In height it reaches plants such as apple trees and in width the holiday tiki palm’s leaves span, at its lowest part, gradually decreasing while its trunk climbs higher. Since it is hollow, it had been used as an attic for some of Maraqua’s most precious items, such as clay and golden statuettes, Maractite weapons and beautiful paintings, hidden from all robbers. The small ‘room’ is embraced by a hot pink and its ‘walls’ encrusted with large, vivid colored jewels.

     So, this is it! We have compiled a small list of places in Old Maraqua worth visiting. Not all of them are easily accessible however we hope that they become available to all Neopians soon!


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