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Little Pink Poogle

by heysarahkate


      Little Pink Poogle loved to run and play. It was one of her most favorite things to do. She'd run with her little plump feet, around and around each day. She wasn't the fastest Poogle in the lands, the other's were much faster, but that she didn't care. Little Pink Poogle just wanted to have fun, not complain about how it was unfair. So that was exactly what she did, and not once did you see Little Pink Poogle with a frown on her face.

     "Maybe you'll get faster when you're older." The others would suggest. She'd nod and agree, "I will practice and practice, and never give up. I'm going to be the fastest Little Pink Poogle in the world!" She'd try her best each day and practice each night, but nothing seemed to help her gain speed and take flight.

     She wanted more than anything to compete in Poogle Races, and she told herself she'd make it just to see her friends faces. Every night she'd time herself, but her times were always slow. That didn't stop her from trying, and Little Pink Poogle never quite gave up, Running all the time... and as the days passed by, she continued to try, and try, and try.

     Running and running, over and over, Little Pink Poogle would try. She didn;t give up, and sure enough, Little Pink Poogle found a way to run faster. She practiced and practiced, and finally made it! Her time was fast enough! Sure, she wasn't the fastest, but she was able to compete in her first Poogle Race. Little Pink Poogle was so excited she could barely sleep! She just couldn't wait. This was going to be it! This was her fate.

     Signing up for Poogle Races, Little Pink Poogle danced with joy! She was so thrilled to be a part of it! Dancing around she laughed with her friends, practicing and running. It was her favorite thing to do, that was true, and nothing could stop her! Just a few more days, she couldn't wait! She'd finally get to race. Little Pink Poogle practiced and practiced, waiting, and waiting, until....

     The day had finally come, when Little Pink Poogle could compete, she jumped around, "oh this is fun!" looking at her number, she was given one! It looked great on her back, and next to her stood number two. She wished him luck and smiled, turning to the gate: ready to run through.

     Surely she thought she would win, as the others placed their bets. Little Pink Poogle got ready, listening to the "on your mark, get set!" Off she ran, her little legs going faster than she had ever ran. She pushed herself as hard as she could go, the shouts from the crowd cheering her on: "Go! Go! Go!" Everything was perfect, as she smiled to herself. Ahead was the final bend.. but once she reached it something wasn't right, Little Pink Poogle took the corner just a little too tight! Down she fell, tripping over her own feet. She lost her balance and hit the ground, stumbling and rolling, dirt all over her brand new number. Clouds of dust flew around her, but the race didn't stop. The others passed the finish line, leaving Little Pink Poogle behind.

     She sat on the ground, with the biggest frown, a day she'd always remember. The others laughed, oh they thought it was a hoot! How she looked so silly.. She closed her eyes and wished the day away, hoping this memory wouldn't stay. "I'll never run again" She told herself, kicking at the ground. What she was was true, Little Pink Poogle convinced herself to stop running that day, and forever...

     Little Pink Poogle forgot about running, she was much better at walking, she never fell and could always tell, just how to turn and stand. It was much safer this way, and she had convinced herself so. But something was different about Little Pink Poogle, and her friends just couldn't let it go.

     She was sad now, and never smiling. Little Pink Poogle was a mess. She walked with a slump, and wasn't any fun, playing it safe always, no matter what. This wasn't her, not the Little Pink Poogle everyone knew and loved.. something was wrong, and her friends wanted to help! They needed to get their friend back.

     Her friends had decided they didn't want to see Little Pink Poogle so sad and let down, and so they came up with a plan. Together they went to the Poogle Races and entered her back in, hoping they could convince her to do one last race.

     They'd do anything to get her to try, even if they had to trick her. Besides, it would be fun, and they hoped she'd be able to place.

     "Come on, just try, Little Pink Poogle!" Her friends told her the news. She was nervous and scared, definitely not wanting to try. "I only walk now." She claimed, though her friends saw through her lie. They reminded her how much she loved to run, and how hard she used to try. Listening to them tell her about how proud they were of her, Little Pink Poogle decided to try, and so she agreed on this one last race.

     and before she knew it....

     Little Pink Poogle lined up with the others, waiting side by side. She smiled again, missing this feeling: running with her friends. "It doesn't matter who wins!" The poogles said near by, "Just have fun, and don't be scared!" Little Pink Poogle nodded her head, ready to run and tread. This time she'd try her best, and make sure she would be careful too. She didn't want to get embarrassed again, oh no, that wouldn't do.

     "On your marks!" They called, Little Pink Poogle got set, ready to run again, Her heart was full of smiles, and her legs were ready to run wild! Little Pink Poogle, entered her race, and off she started to run! It didn't take long for Little Pink Poogle to remember that running was so much fun.

     She reached the turn, took it wide, and narrowed in towards the finish line. She could taste the victory, she wasn't far behind. Surely if she stepped up the pace, she'd make first place! Running faster and faster, she closed her eyes. The dirt beneath her crumbled as she ran, small clouds of dust rolling behind in the wind.

     There it was! She finished the race! This time without a fall, she passed the line with such a thrill, she started to dance around, not a care in the world except that she did it. Jumping around, she celebrated even more... than the Poogle that actually won.

     And she was so happy, even though she came in fourth place.

     Little Pink Poogle loved to run, especially in Poogle Races. Although most Neopians knew not to bid on the Little Pink Poogle, she didn't mind if her odds were against her. She loved to run and had a passion to race, and that was all that mattered. Little Pink Poogle danced after every race, even when she came in last. There was no crying or sadness in her, and she always had a blast.

     The End.

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