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7 Days at the Neolodge

by lonely_love


     An excerpt from Chaet’s Diary.

     Day 1: The month of storing; November 13th (12:17pm)

     I cannot believe I am stuck at the Neolodge for the next 7 days! When I said we should all go on an exciting adventure, a trip to the Grand Neopian Lodge was not what I had in mind! I know we are here because of the 65 hour seasonal discount but ugh! Now all of us are here for a full week. Honestly this is the worst. I could be out flying around Kreludor or sneaking into Smugglers Cove or even backpacking trying to find Jelly World. But no! Instead I am here in Neopia Central aka the most boring place in Neopia.

     At least we got checked into AstroVilla Hotel which I have heard great things about. I mean it is the most expensive deluxe hotel and has 5 star rating so it should be decent enough. I got to choose whatever add-on I wanted but I was only allowed to pick three. So I went for the Swimming pool, Burger Bar and Grooming service. I decided if I was not going to be out enjoying myself, I might as well be inside pampering myself.

     Same day but later (5:20pm)

     OMG! You would not believe who I just saw. I was on my way to my grooming appointment when I saw him. IT WAS ARISTOTLE A. AVINROO! But what was he doing here? I guess it was almost that time of the year again. Nonetheless it was surreal to see a celebrity here in the Neolodge! I guess this is where the important neopians stay huh. I hope I get to meet more. Perhaps this Neolodge idea thing isn’t so bad after all. But I am still craving something interesting. I mean it is nice to chill and all but there is just no excitement.

     Day 2: The month of storing; November 14th (1:25pm)

     I went for lunch at the Burger Bar with Eithers, my sibling who is a Baby Kougra, and we had the most delicious kelp burger ever! Since reading the Neopian’s Guide to Kelp article, I was dying to try out some kelp dishes and the burger was a-ma-zing and that isn’t even the best part! I thought Aristotle would be the only celebrity I would encounter at AstroVilla BUT THE BETTER THAN YOU HOST WAS ALSO THERE!

     Okay minor side note but, does anyone know what the Better Than You Host Kyrii’s name is? Does he even have one?

          Day 3: The month of storing; November 15th (10:35am)

     Okay so I just got woken by shouting outside my open window. Our suite is on the 3rd floor and even then I could hear all the squabbling. Ewenn, my other Baby Xweetok sibling, also woke up and we decided to go look out the window. The Better Than You Host (honestly does anyone know his name? Let’s just call him Host) was in a heated argument with Capara and the Island Mystic! Wow more celebrities. But it was puzzling why there was this gathering of Kyriis? I mean these Kyriis all had jobs but here they were, in the middle of the week, at the lodge doing who knows what?

     I couldn’t make out the whole conversation but I heard bits and pieces. Something about a meeting at the basement level 1 of the hotel at 11pm? It sounded so suspicious. I decided that I am going to go check it out. I guess things just got interesting.

     Same day but later (9:15pm)

     Ewenn and I spent all afternoon and evening trying to locate basement 1 of the hotel but THERE WAS NO SUCH THING! The lift floor stopped at level 1 which was the ground floor. We tried asking the hotel service but they thought we were joking and told us off. I am so frustrated. It is about to be 11pm and I have no clue where to find the venue. Ewenn is tired and taking a nap, after all she is a baby Neopet and sleeps a lot so now I am on my own.

     I don’t care what it takes but I am going to find out whatever fishy nonsense is going on. I will head down to the lobby and camp out for them. Hopefully one of the three Kyriis will show up and I can follow them to the location.

     Day 4: The month of storing; November 16th (1:27am)

     Okay omg omg ok. I have to write down what happened. Nobody is going to believe me but I swear this is the truth and nothing but the truth.

     It was slightly past 11pm when I saw Capara coming down the stairs from her suite. I saw her get a key from the receptionist and then she walked towards the hotel kitchen. I knew she was heading to the meeting and stealthily followed behind her. From behind the plate racks, I saw her unlock a door labelled "freezer" and go in. I waited 5 minutes before following her.

     The room led to a damp and dark staircase. I did not want to make any noise so I tried to step down as softly as I could and hoped no one would come after me. At the bottom of the stairs was another door. I knew going in would get me caught so I pressed my ears against the door and tried to listen in.

     Here is what I heard:

     "Enough is enough! You know who deserves to host the Games Master Challenge this year? ME! Every week I am hosting Better Than You but who cares about that? All anyone wants to participate in is the one event Aristotle hosts!"

     "Honestly that seems sooo unfair. I mean who better to host a game event than you?"

     "You are right. You work day in and day out all year, perhaps maybe this time you should be the one in charge of the game challenges. You do have a lot of experience."

     "I am glad all of you agree. The reason I picked this hotel is because Aristotle is staying here. The plan is in the briefing notes I provided. We are going to do is stop him from leaving the hotel so that he cannot start the Games Master Challenge Event."

     "How will we do that?"

     "I just said the plan is in the briefing notes. Capara do you even listen? All we have to do is lure him in with a new game and trust me, he will stay there until he gets a high score. I had this game especially made with a fake high score keyed in that is impossible to achieve. So while he is busy playing that game, the event this year will have no host. But the show must carry on and that’s when I will step in and show Neopia who should rightfully hold this event. FINALLY THEY WILL ALL KNOW MY NAME."

     "The future seems cloudy and it does not seem like this will go well. However I will still help you my friend"

     "Nonsense. It WILL work. Alright our plan will take place 2 days before the start of the Games Master

     Challenge. See all of you at 7am in front of his room on that day. Meeting adjourned."

     Same day but later (4:20pm)

     The events from yesterday night kept replying inside my mind. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went to the Burger Bar, had a dip in the Swimming Pool and even booked another grooming appointment but all I thought about was how Aristotle was unknowingly about to be locked inside this hotel and absent from his own event.

     I knew I had to help him but I just didn’t know how. I only had 1 more day before the Kyriis put their plan into action.

     Day 5: The month of storing; November 17th (12:30am)

     I spent all day pondering how I could help and decided it would be best if I just told Aristotle the truth. I know he is good at puzzles and strategies so maybe he could save himself.

     It took a lot of pestering before the receptionist would give me his room number. I had to pretend my siblings and I were HUGE fans and just wanted to say hi. I am so glad both Ewenn and Eithers were baby Neopets who could charm anything out of anyone with their big eyes and adorable faces. A gift I wish I had. They asked me why I wanted his room number but I kept mum. It was not that I did not trust them but the situation would get too complicated if too many knew.

     Same day but later (2:50pm)

     Honestly I have no idea what to say to him. I don’t even know how to start. What do I even say?

     "Oh hi, I’m Chaet. Two nights ago at a hidden basement in the hotel, I overheard a plan to keep you imprisoned in this hotel so that you can’t host the Games Master Challenges."

     "What no! I am not crazy!"


     And that is the scenario I imagined happening.

     Oh well. Might as well try. If I get kicked out of this hotel maybe we won’t have to come here for vacation again. Although I do admit this hotel has some pretty good food and amenities.

     Same day but much later (7:37pm)

     I just had the best time with Aristotle! He is such a cool and skilled guy He is also so easy-going and fun to play games with. He beat me in almost every game we played but I did manage to win some rounds. It was the best afternoon ever!

     I always assumed he would be arrogant and stuck up but not really. He was helpful and even gave me tips and showed me how to improve. Maybe now I can finally try for some game avatars.

     I also told him the whole story about the Kyriis and their plan. Surprisingly he seemed to believe me although he did seem slightly sceptical. We decided he would stay over at my suite until he could leave the hotel so as to escape the Kyriis.

     I have to sleep next to Eithers tonight since Aristotle is a guest and wants his own bed in the room. We brought down all the games and decided to have a fun sleepover. I am quite excited. This vacation has been a weird turn of events but in a good way.

          Day 6: The month of storing; November 18th (11:00am)

     Aristotle and I woke up around 6:30am earlier this morning to go take a look at hallway where his room is located. The Kyriis were all there waiting for him to come out so that they could introduce the game to him. Too bad they didn’t know he wasn’t going to come out.

     We also decided it would be dangerous for him to be wandering around the hotel today so it’s best if he just stayed in our room. We have to check out tomorrow at 12pm since our one week vacation ends tomorrow. Aristotle had made alternative arrangements to stay with Lulu, his cousin, for the next week while the Games Master Challenge is going on.

          Same day but later (8:10pm)

     My siblings and I kept Aristotle company the whole day and we had a really good time. Ewenn and Eithers was curious as to why he was here with us but smart enough to not ask questions for now. I went to the Burger Bar in the afternoon to get lunch for us and I saw the Kyriis wandering around looking for him.

     I smirked thinking how a random neopian managed to thwart their plans just by being in the right place at the right time. I guess whatshisname will not be able to host the Games Master Challenge this year. Haha.

     Day 7: The month of storing; November 19th (11:15am)

     This is will probably be last entry for the day. It is almost 12pm so we have to check out soon and return to our homes. Honestly I had a great time here. It may not have been the adventure I wanted but it definitely turned out so much better than that.

     Also Aristotle told me what his middle name is but he swore me to secrecy so I can never tell. When I heard it I almost burst out laughing. I guess that why he just calls himself AAA. I never expected to make friends with him but I am glad I did.

     I realised the Island Mystic is a really good fortune teller, he predicted that their plan would not end well and it didn’t. I should probably visit him and get my future told at some point.

     In the end, I suppose no one will ever know how I single-handedly saved the Games Master Challenge from becoming a disaster. I am but a silent hero. Thanks to me, the Neopian World was saved from an obsessive Kyrii and his shenanigans.

     The End.

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