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Avatars to try for during the Holiday Season

by hallie035


     Have you tried to get a good prize from a site event? Like you want to get some rare item from Snowager or Turmaculus and didn’t get anything? Or did you try to get a good score for a random game like cheese roller? Did you spin wheels and got a booby prize? The prizes next to the booby prize could be a very expensive item. Yes, those things happen, even to me.

     I know those events are random. You don’t know what will happen. Some of those even seem to give you an avatar, but how? You see people with a picture of a Snowager, but they don’t know how they got them. I’m talking about random avatars, or those that seem to be hard to get.

     I made a list with 7 of those avatars. I’ll tell something about the game, the site event or the place of the game. With this guide we may get a solution to this avatars, that may not be that hard as we think they are.


     This game lets you keep the cheese if you score in less than 60 seconds. What happens if you dive left or right is totally random. Your time is random, the amount of seconds you get when you bump into a rock is random. Some people are lucky and score in less than 60 seconds the first time they play. There is not really a guide for this one. I use the brick cheese and dive left. On some days I finished in less than 60 seconds three times, on other days I didn’t finish before 60 at all. So, you should just try some cheeses and see what works best. Some people say you can win 2-3 times when using a certain cheese but that doesn’t count for everyone.

     Coconut shy

     The scoring goes like this. If you hit the coconut but it doesn’t really move, you get 50 np. If the coconut does move a lot, you get 300 np. If you knock the coconut down, you’ll get 10 000 np and a coconut.

     This is what you do. You go to the shy every day and throw balls. But that coconut won’t fall down. After throwing for a while, you need to stop because you can’t play again for that day. You walk away. Even if you spend more than 1000 np’s a day, you just get some of it back by knocking off the coconut. Don’t tell me you don’t want to spend so much np on a game. If you really think so, you wouldn’t play that game.

     So, keep trying for this one. It will fall down in the end. In Holland we say: after rain there is sunshine. In this case, that is so true. You’ll be happy when it falls down. It is up to you to play more afterwards.


     The Snowager is really random. He could blast you and hurt you. You could get items or weapons too. It is more common to get nothing from him, or at least nothing expensive. That isn’t what you want. You can try three times a day. I think most people try it less because the sleeping hours are far apart. My advice, just keep trying. One day, the Snowager won’t be so protective anymore and give you what you want. Keep in mind that everyone who tries, is going through the same as you. It is extremely rare for everyone. We all want that true treasure he is protecting. We just don’t yet know what that treasure is.


     Turmaculus sleeps for 23 hours a day. It is random when he will awake. If you do know when he will be awake or see someone posting it, get a Petpet that you don’t mind losing, go to the Turmaculus, choose an option and see what happens. He could stay asleep, or give you np or give you clothing. This happens most of the time. People make topics to tell people Turmaculus is awake. Search for this topics. If Turmaculus eats your Petpet, buy a new one if you want.

     I can give you advice for this. People will like you if you make a topic about Turmaculus. So, try to do that if you are the one that finds out when Turmaculus is awake. If it doesn’t happen today, try again tomorrow. One day you will be lucky.

     Wheel of excitement

     You can play once every two hours. You can’t play while fighting in the Battledome. You could end up with different prizes. Your pets can be healed; this is good when the Snowager just blasted you or when your Neopet got a disease from something. You could get np, maybe a little from the mystery prize or a lot from the other np ones, like 2000 np or 1000 np. There is a chance you get nothing, but that doesn’t happen that much. I try to spin the wheel every 2 hours. You should be patience to get something good from this wheel.

     Wheel of knowledge

     This is just as random as wheel of excitement. You can get items, cheats for games, or wisdom from the king himself. No np for this wheel. You could win a free spin, which saves you 500 np. Sometimes you get 5 free spins in a row, and the last spins gives you nothing at all. Frustrating isn’t it? Yes, that’s what wheels are. Unpredictable and random.


     It is hard to feed your first Kadoatie. They are fed really fast. You should read a few guides to find out how it works. Then buy an inventory and try if you can feed. You’ll find out soon enough if your inventory is good. Some items are easy, others are not. I’ve tried different kinds of food. At the end I had an inventory stocked with items I knew I could feed. This game is luck and strategy. Believe me, you will feed one. After you have fed some, it will be easier. On some days you will feed 1, on other days 3. Or even more. Overfeeders can feed a lot of Kadoaties each day. Don’t let them discourage you. They also needed practice to become what they are now: overfeeders who are good in feeding. You could be that good too.

     The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

     Long name, but it’s as random as all the others site events that I mentioned before. This plushie is really sad and it would like to be cheered up. By whom, you might ask. Well, that’s where you come in. You are the one who should make him happy.

     This is what could happen if you talk to the little plushie. He could give you a plushie, or np, or make your pet less hungry. He could also make your pet happier, but it’s only good if your pet is happy before visiting him.

     You can visit the plushie once s day, because he needs rest. He needs to sleep just as we do. There is some avatar you could get from this, and it seems random. It’s a picture of a blue Grundo crying. Well, that is one we have yet to figure out.

     Advent calendar

     Alright, this one isn’t so random. Everyone gets the same days on the same day. Everyone gets the same amount of np and the same items. But one thing is random about this event.

     It is random when you will get a certain prize. They say a Christmas pacintbrush, an avatar and a site theme are awarded every year. But on what day? Will you be there when that happens, or will you forget? My advice, bookmark the page of the advent calendar and click it every day. That way you won’t be missing any day, except when you’re gone from a computer for a whole day.

     It’s different than the others I mentioned though. This event only runs in December. Every day you can visit it and you mostly get two items and some np. Well, it’s always nice to be gifted.

     Toy chest

     This chest was released together with Petpet park, a new game on Neopets. You can visit the chest and Weltrude will give you a nice item, or np. There is a chance that the pant devil will visit you and steal the item before you know what it was. The item is different for anyone. You could get books, np, have the pant devil steal it, and some other items.

     Just like with advent calendar, it’s nice to be gifted. It may not be worth much, but every bit helps. And remember, a lot of little bits together are worth a lot. Really.

     This is it. I hope this guide will help you to keep trying. Like most things , they take time. Never give up, you will make it eventually. Just keep in mind how happy you would be when you reach your goal. That is why you keep trying. If you want me to write about other games and events too, drop me a Neomail. I might write another guide.


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