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31 Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Month of Celebrating

by oxbridge_united


     The Month of Celebrating is the best month of the year, when everyone gets together and celebrates the best that Neopia has to offer! I’ve collated 31 excellent and affordable gift ideas that show the spirit of the month to your friends for every single day. I’ve tried to get something from every region of Neopia, so there’s something for everyone here.

     1. Visiting the Advent Calendar Background.

     Start the month off with a reminder of this month’s biggest attraction, the Happy Valley Advent Calendar, the best official celebration of the month of celebrating! Don’t forget to visit every day for brand new gifts for free!

     2. Rainbow Cupcake

     Rainbows are amazing things, showcasing all of the colours that a Neopet can be painted, and this cupcake is a delicious, multi-colored treat to enjoy on this lovely day.

     3. Virtupets Postcards 10 Pack

     Who would go on holiday to the Virtupets Space Station? I don’t know anyone who would, but if you do, then the best gift idea from there is probably this quaint pack of postcards.

     4. Kiko Lake Travel Brochure

     Find out what the Kiko Lake Altador Cup team really spends all your “donations” towards with a look at this travel brochure, showcasing the attractions at the lake, including their popular game, Kiko Pop.

     5. The Bruce Book

     The 5th day of the month is Bruce Day, so everyone will be Bruce mad, and you can be too with this book about Bruces, today’s favourite Neopet!

     6. Cooking for your Petpet

     We all love our pets, and our pets love their Petpets, and this book is a great way to strengthen the bond between pet and Petpet, by showcasing how to to cook food that Petpets will adore.

     7. BKG Ticket

     Any day in Tyrannia is not complete without visiting the concert hall, and BKG are playing today (and on other days of the month), so grab a ticket from the ticket booth before they sell out!

     8. Elegant Bottle of Sand

     Mystery Island is famed for its Bottles of Sand, many of them are given away by the Tiki tack man, but you can make your gift from this tourist friendly location a special one by getting a premium bottle of Mystery Island’s finest export.

     9. Brain Tree Lolly

     The Haunted Woods is probably the scariest place in Neopia, but the folks here aren’t out to get you, they just want your help. One such resident is the Brain Tree, who takes the form of a delicious lolly in today’s gift.

     10. King Hagan Stained Glass Window

     Brightvale is home to scholars from all over Neopia, and also to the finest stained glass windows, and today’s gift is dedicated to Brightvale’s brightest Neopian, King Hagan.

     11. NeoLodge Stamp

     Many Neopians dump their Neopets on Cockroach Towers so they don’t have to feed them themselves, and today’s gift is a stamp that was made in the NeoLodge’s honour due to its very successful business model.

     12. Cup of Wocky Day Soup

     The 12th day of the month is Wocky Day, so everyone will be Wocky mad, and you can be too by getting hold of a cup of Wocky Day soup, specially made for a special pet day.

     13. King Altador Figure

     Every Year, Altador is the home to thousands of Neopians thanks to the Altador Cup, but the month of celebrating isn’t for competition, it’s for celebrating, so today, we’re celebrating Altador’s King.

     14. Neopian Culture Flash Cards

     Neopia Central is the hub of shopping for all Neopians, find out all about the shops and attractions here with this fun set of flashcards, detailing which shops sell what things, and where the best bargains can be found.

     15. Framed Desert Scroll

     The Lost Desert hasn’t been lost for years now, but it has many secrets still to discover, maybe there’s one hiding in this scroll, specially framed to protect it from the elements.

     16. Snowager Plushie

     The Snowager is one of Terror Mountain’s most popular residents, if you’re able to avoid his wrath, that is. This Plushie is a great reminder of the adventures many Neopians have in his ice cave, both the good and the bad.

     17. Ye Old Meridellian Vocabulary Workbook

     Get on the good side of greedy King Skarl with the knowledge held in this book, and in no time, you’ll be talking like one of the local farmers who live in this fertile region.

     18. Shenkuu Tea Tray

     We're more than half way through now, so we're off to Shenkuu, which is a relatively isolated part of Neopia, famed for its mountains and its tea, so for today, take away a tray of its finest tea from here.

     19. Roo Island Merry Go Round Model

     Roo Island is a fun little place, home to many Blumaroos, and the popular game Dice-A-Roo, and also a Merry Go Round, which is recreated in this model for you to enjoy.

     20. Borovan Day Gift Basket

     Borovan is the drink that everyone either loves or hates, but there’s definitely something in this gift basket for everyone to love, whether it’s the Borovan itself or one of the other associated gifts inside.

     21. Battle Faerie Plushie

     The Battledome is one of the busiest locations in all of Neopia where Neopets of all abilities fight for prizes, or just to show off their skills, today’s gift is made in honour of the Battle Faerie, one of Neopia’s strongest fighters and a winner in many battles over the years.

     22. Fyora Keychain

     Faerieland used to be up in the clouds, but now it’s on the ground, it’s never been a better time to visit this place, as it’s been rejuvenated by Queen Fyora, who is on today’s gift in the form of a keychain.

     23. Springy Lutari Toy

     Little is known about Lutari Island, as very few have ever been there, so to commemorate this island, why not get yourself a toy to celebrate it’s best known export, the Lutari Neopet!

     24. The Art of Surfing in Moltara

     Moltara has been hidden deep underground for many years and has many lava caves, so who would anyone want to go surfing here? You’ll find out in this book, which is all about surfing in this dark, warm location.

     25. The Gift that Keeps on Giving

     The Day of Giving is finally here, the day we’ve all been building up to, but with so many gifts already, this gift is the way to make this day a gifting spectacular, as it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving!

     26. Kreludor Globe

     Kreludor is Neopia’s only natural satellite, and is rarely visited, but astronomers all over Neopia love this special location, and you can get hold of a replica of this moon with a Kreludor Globe.

     27. Shop Wizard Stamp

     Everyone’s favourite Jubjub helps Neopians from all over Neopia find the items they’re after for free, and this stamp was made to commemorate the selfless work that the Shop Wizard performs every day without fail.

     28. All About Ogrins

     The 28th day of the month is Ogrin Day, so everyone will be Ogrin mad, and you can be too by getting hold of this book that’s all about Ogrins, the Neopets species that unfortunately gets overlooked my too many.

     29. Maraquan Jewellery Box

     Maraqua is the best place to travel to for seashells and underwater fun, this jewellery box shows what can be made with Maraquan seashells, maybe you’ll be inspired to create something.

     30. Outdoor Pirate Flag

     As the month approached its end, we have one final destination to visit, and that’s Krawk Island, the home of pirates and dubloons, so get hold of a pirate flag to plant in your NeoHome.

     31. New Year Cake

     Today’s the last day of the month, but the celebrations don’t end yet, as there’s the new year to celebrate, so get some New Year Cake to prepare for the best way end the month of celebrating, and to begin the year.

     And that’s them all! Whether you’ve bought all of these items to give as gifts to your friends, or it’s helped you find other gift ideas to give, I hope you enjoy the best month of the year, where every day is a day to celebrate!


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