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Ease the Transition for Your Newly Adopted Pet

by kayahtik


     Every day, more pets are abandoned at the Neopian Pound. It’s always extremely unfortunate when someone decides that they are no longer willing or able to take care of a pet. But on the bright side, every day more pets are adopted from the pound and welcomed into a caring, loving Neofamily. And thanks to the addition of an extra pet slot for all users, it seems like more pets than ever are being adopted! This is a great first step, but adopting a new pet is a big commitment, and it doesn’t end at simply paying the adoption fee. These pets have already been left by their previous owner, and then had to spend an unknown amount of time in the pound before you came along to rescue them. Any good pet owner will want their pet to feel at home as quickly as possible, so here are a few simple things you can do to help your adoptee adjust to life with a new Neofamily.

     Health, Hunger, and Happiness:

     When you first adopt a pet from the pound, it’s not unusual for it to be hungry, unhappy, sick, or a combination of the above.

     Your biggest concern should always be your pet’s health and happiness, so this the obvious place to start to make sure they feel right at home in your Neofamily. Take a quick trip to the Healing Springs to restore lost hit points and cure any diseases. If that doesn’t do the trick, be ready to splurge a few Neopoints on some healing potions and other cures, if necessary.

     Your new pet’s mood is likely to improve with good health, but if they’re still feeling a little down, take them to play a game like Kacheek Seek, or give them a toy to play with. You probably already have one in your safety deposit box, but if not, there are countless toys you can buy for very cheap, and your pet will thank you for it!

     Finally, ask to see if they’re hungry--or worse, dying! Feed them up for free at the Soup Kitchen if you qualify, or with any other foods you purchase around Neopia. If you really want to treat them to a good time, consider putting your new pet into the Neolodge. It’s surprisingly inexpensive, and will keep them warm and full for up to 28 days at a time!

     Dress to Impress:

     Now that your new pet is fed, healed, and well cared for, make them feel one-of-a-kind with a brand new customization! Your pet doesn’t have to be painted a fancy color to look great, but if they were already painted when you adopted them, or you have some Neopoints to spare on a paintbrush, you’re already a step ahead.

     Colors aside, there are tons of great wearables for you to choose from, and some of them are even specially designed for each species. Browse through the options and consult with your pet to see what style of outfit best fits with their personality.

     If you’re feeling brave, you can even delve into the arena of Neocash items to find that perfect look, although it might take a little bit longer to find everything if you have to trade for some items. Nevertheless, you would do anything for your pet, wouldn’t you? So don’t wait, get started on building them a brand new wardrobe!

     Casting Call:

     Every family member has a role to play, and your new pet is no different! Decide what kind of contribution they’re going to make to your Neofamily. Do you want them to be your Battledome pet? Your gourmet pet? Your book pet? All of the above? Or something else entirely? Whatever it is, choose an activity to give your pet a sense of purpose and to let them know that you’re invested in them for the long-term.

     Set goals for the two of you to accomplish together, and track your progress toward those achievements on a user/petlookup or portfolio. Every time you reach a new milestone, do a little something to celebrate, and let your pet know that you’re proud of how far they’ve come. In a few short weeks, months, or years you can look back at where you started and see how far you’ve come and how much hard work the both of you put in.

     Jazz Up That Lookup:

     No pet is truly at home unless they have a petlookup page that neatly organizes their stats and reflects their personality. If you’re good at coding--or willing to learn--you can make one yourself, but a premade one is great as well. It’s usually very easy to edit the fonts, colors, and images, so even a premade lookup template can be tweaked to be just right for your new pet.

     Having a nice petlookup will show any visitors how much you love your new pet, and will tell them everything they need to know about your pet’s history, personality, and goals. It may even encourage other Neopians to check back regularly for updates on your pet’s progress, and they will surely love all of that attention!

     Spread the Word:

     Nothing will prove to your new pet how excited you are to have them join your Neofamily better than sharing the news with all of your Neofriends. It makes sense that you would want to share this big news with the people closest to you, so telling everyone you know about your newly adopted pet will show them how genuinely excited you are to have them around. Guild message boards, Neoboards, and Neomail are all great ways to share the update, and you might even want to make a note of the date of adoption on your pet’s lookup or on your portfolio to memorialize this momentous occasion.

     None of these suggestions are too difficult, but some of them will require a bit of time, patience, and even Neopoints. But you would never adopt a pet without being ready to take excellent care of it, right? Keep in mind that these five steps are only to get you started--all pets are unique, and yours will have its own quirks and needs. But even though there’s some work involved, it will be well worth it. There are infinite possibilities for what you can achieve with your pet, and they will always appreciate all you’ve done to help them.

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