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The Story Behind A Grey Super Hero

by _the_spardel_queen_


     My name is Super. I came from a peasant family. I came from nothing. My mother worked all day long and was barely able to put a bowl of potato soup in front of us every night. My dad was injured while on the job many years ago and couldn't find work that would accommodate his wheelchair. I knew it would be my role growing up to take care of them, I was the only child after all, it was my duty to make sure they were taken care of. I worked the fields outside, took care of the family Kau's and Uni's, cleaned up, and helped harvest any crops we could spare and take them to the farmers market.

     Even though my world seemed grey, I never knew it could get grey-er.

     Our oldest Uni Angel was ready to go, I had pumpkins and gourds loaded into the cart she pulled behind her. We set off on the long trail to Neopian Central.

     We would arrive 3 hours later, it was quite the journey from the potato farms of Meridell to the Neopian Bazaar. Once there, we loaded up our stand with the pumpkins. Customers would stop to look at our offerings, but only to laugh. "Pumpkins in August?" they laughed. Of course, normally we would have tomatoes and fresh corn, but bugs infested our crops this year, and for some reason our hard root vegetables and squashes were the only things to make it. I sighed a heavy breath, mother will be so disappointed if I can't sell anything. I've become a failure to my family who needs me the most.

     Nothing seemed to ever go right in my life. I tried so hard after so many years. This was a truly depressing day to say the least.

     "AHHH!" screamed a young woman a few stalls down from ours. "Someone help! That man stole all of my Neopoints!" the young acara yelled as she pointed towards the man, running away in full sprint.

     I'm not sure what it was, but something exploded inside of me. I saddled up onto Angel and we began the chase after the criminal. The look of panic on the Lupes face when he saw us approaching was a look I could never forget.

     Sure enough, the criminal was apprehended. I returned the Neopoints back to the Acara, and she kindly gave me 1,000 of them as a gift and thanked me publicly for my bravery.

     This was too much attention, but I appreciated her kindness. I waved through the crowd of people applauding and went back to my stall, ready to pack up and head home. That's when I was approached by a tall Moehog gentlemen in a yellow super hero suit with a black cape. My eyes widened in amazement. "Judge Hog?" I asked. Suddenly, Aisheena and The Masked Intruder appeared beside him.

     "Thank you for your bravery, son. We would like to invite you to join our team, the Neopian Defenders. We need someone like you who stands for justice in a world full of villains."


     Mom couldn't believe her ears when she heard the news, although she was much more disappointed then I would have imagined. "But who will man the farms and take care of your father?" she asked, slipping off her work shoes, which needed to be replaced about 2 years ago. "I will." I told her. "Don't worry, I am going to provide for us and help you get to retirement." I said as I handed her the 1,000 me-points. Tears welled up in her eyes and she hugged me, it was the first time in a long time when I would feel happiness.

     The first days of training were intense, I was physically strong from working the fields, but it was nothing compared to their rigorous training excesses. Judge Hog could shoot laser beam from his eyes, Aisheena could move with super-aisha speed, and Masked Intruder had huge fists he could use to break through walls. Several other members of the Defenders had amazing powers too, maybe one day I would get some, too.

     I practiced every day, I gave it my all in every training exercise and every lesson. I started completing high profile missions with the team, while also earning a substantial amount of pay I could use to keep my mother off her feet so much at work. Things were actually going okay.


     But one day, many years later, the Lupe from the Neopian Bazaar would reappear. I was out on the farm, herding the chickens, when the sky went dark grey. Clouds rolled in and started pouring heavy rainfall on me, and thunder and lightning cracked against the ground all around me. I put the chickens in their coops and turned around...and there he was. The Lupe, I recognized him immediately. He had what appeared to be a ray guy pointed at me, the shade of grey. He shot me an evil smile before pulling the trigger. I fell to the ground, my body in shock, I stared at the grey sky and was left to be drenched by the rain.


     I woke up with a warm wash cloth on my face, and the Defenders team surrounding me. "Wha...what happened?" I asked, weak with very little energy.

     I remember Judge Hog's face, sunken and sad as he told me the bad news. "I'm afraid you have met our newest villain. Seems he was plotting against you from the moment you apprehended him many years ago."

     I blinked my eyes. Wait, shouldn't I bet upset? Shouldn't I be mad? Shouldn't I feel some kind of emotion?

     "He had a ray gun...he pointed it at me..." I said.

     "More bad news I'm afraid. This new villain, self-named "Emoticon", has developed a weapon he uses to steal people's emotions." he told me.

     I think normally my heart would have sunk, but I couldn't feel anything. No pain, no weakness, no nothing. "Emotions?"

     "Yes. I'm afraid his weapon is a ray gun, it turns your whole body grey and drains you of all of your energy. Victims have no capability of feeling any kind of emotion, good or bad. You were his first victim."

     I sighed. It was the only thing I could get out. That made sense...I had no reaction to anything he was saying. I asked Judge Hog where Emoticon was now, he bowed his head and said he wasn't sure. They hadn't been able to find him anywhere. But the entire town was grey, and the rain hadn't stopped in 2 weeks. The town was miserable, cold, and grey.


     "This is how I became the grey super hero. This is how all of us 'greys' came to be. Emoticon is still ut there, terrorizing innocent Neopians everywhere, and it would be my job to end his reign and save them." Super said as he fastened his dark-red cape over his super suit, custom made with the dark grey color scheme and a large red 'A' sewn onto the front. "Whatever you do, until he is caught, don't think any happy thoughts. He is as fast as smoke, first he's there then he's not. He's impossible to catch, and he is looking for me. And he will attack you, steal your emotions and make you grey if you aren't careful. I've become faster and stronger, not having emotions has helped me concentrate on becoming powerful. I will take him down and find the way to get my emotions back. Until then." he said, before jumping off the side of the building. You gasp, wondering how he would survive that fall, but are relived when you see his red cape flying behind him as he flies towards the sun.

     You take off your sun glasses and writers hat, put your ink and quill down and sigh. "This report on Super's back story, framed as an entry for the Neopian Times, should be enough to convince Emoticon not to steal my emotions." You turn around and head inside the building, putting your accessories back on and pulling your long black trench coat over your shoulders. With the papers in hand, you head out to Emoticons secret lair, to give him all of the secrets to bringing down the "Super" Man.

      The End.

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