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Night Creatures: Items

by water_park1993


     Welcome dear readers, to the next article of the Night Creatures trilogy. In this one we are going to explore different items inspired from the lives of our Notable Night Creatures. Read on to find out, admire them and even buy them for yourselves.

     Edna's items


     You never know what is going to end up in Ednas brew!

     Well, let's face it, everyone (even scary witches) has to eat, right? If you've got the stomach for it, we suppose you could join her at her old tower for a meal, taken right from this Cauldron. However, I really wouldn't recommend it! You may end up with something nasty, like Neogitus or Achy Head, or even worse, she'll throw you into her brew. This thick, green sludge isn't up to everyone's taste buds but it is by far one of the most delicious recipes Edna has ever invented; I guess anything beats Baked Intesteen. Although it is rumoured that sharing this meal with the old witch puts you in her 'Good Neopets book'. But obviously, no one yet has quite had the stomach to master Ednas Spooky Brew! Perhaps you'll risk it..? On the other hand, you could buy one of these and put it in your Neohome, in order to cook like her, if you admire Edna that much, you are free to do it. And for your convenience, it is made and sold at the Spooky Food!


     This fun hat looks like like Edna’s, and it even comes with ears!

     Everyone has heard of that time of year, when little Neopets and Neopians like to dress up, spooky or not, and ask their neighbours for candy and sugar-filled treats. That's right, Halloween! This hat would be the perfect item to wear next Halloween. I guarantee it or your money back, that you'll scare your neighbours into giving you all of their candy. After all, you'll be dressed up as Edna! It is most successful when worn by Green or Glowing Zafaras, but any Neopet can wear it. Made and sold at Uni's Clothing, after a special request made by Edna. Of course the shopkeeper couldn't deny the orders of the grumpy old witch. They quickly manufactured this excellent piece of clothing. Firstly they make the hat and then add the Zafara ears, to suit a ‘beloved witch’, as they claim her to be.


     Who is she, where did she come from and why is she so grumpy?

     As the name suggests, this book is written about Edna. I have my doubts whether she wrote it herself, but the chances are, she ordered another poor Neopian to write it in her stead. That or she really adores literature! It includes the deepest secrets of Edna, as well as sections about her favourite spells and potions to brew. From potions and mixtures, to scary clothes and which shampoo she uses, this book will clearly tell you everything you need to know about Edna. It narrates her childhood story, her origins, her different petpets and other interesting facts about this Zafara. This little book of secrets can be bought at the Magical Bookshop. Once you've read it, please inform me; Why is she so grumpy!?

     Sophie's items


     Make sure your opponent gets a little more damage in the Battledome with this Elixir.

     Be careful not to accidentally drink from this bottle, while venturing around your kitchen. In here, there is one of Sophie's best elixir ever made on Neopia, created especially for all the Battledome lovers since it deals quite some damage. It has multiple uses, it can be reused again and again to battle your opponents in the Battledome. It can be found at Haunted Weaponry, since Sophie makes it in her shack and the closest selling spot is the Haunted Woods. It is said that she carefully picks the vines that she will wrap around each bottle. Other Neopians say that the vines magically encircle the bottle when the very first drop of elixir is poured in. No one knows for sure; well no one, except Sophie and her Mewclops. Try stalking her while making potions and maybe you can be the very first Neopian to learn the answer. Or just stay away.


     The spoon IS stronger than the sword.

     One of Sophie's best kitchen utensils, since she uses it all the time to brew her elixirs, and one of her best Battledome weapons as well. This wooden spoon, as fragile as it might look, can deal some damage and it can also defend you against your opponents. It can also serve its obvious purpose nonetheless. It can be used in the kitchen to stir your soup or to even stir your own potions. Made from the trees found outside of Sophie's shack and sold by the Haunted Weaponry, this spoon can be really helpful in your daily Neopian life. Just like her above elixir, the vines around the spoon have their own theory. It is said that she prefers to use vines from the same tree that she had used to make the spoon.


     Sophie after a long debate writes her tale.

     After the famous Neopian Plot, the Tale Of Woe, it is only logical that Sophie would write a book about all of her experiences during that time. This must have been very difficult for the Ixi though, as she had not seen her family for over ten years and reliving those memories must have been painful. However now, the whole of Neopia can know what she had been through. From meeting Gilly, a curious Usul, to discovering Neovia; everything is described in this little book. Oh, and of course, there's a whole chapter dedicated to her dear Meowclops. Where would she be without her petpet? Don't forget the other interesting chapters, such as "You! Get in my potion!" and "Why must you drop all of my ingredients?!" Reading this book to your Neopets will increase their intelligence and truly take them one step closer to the life of being a Swamp Witch (if that is what you want, anyway). Of course the vines hanging from the book couldn't not be present, since it's a typical trait of Sophie.

     Von Roo's items


     If your opponent has these dice you might not like the outcome...

     Yet another Battledome item, for your use against other Neopets. Don't freak out by the strange green glow. Von Roo himself enchants the dice to glow in that colour. He has a special spell for that exact shade of green. This item is sold at the Battle Magic shop, where if you're lucky, you might just be able to haggle and buy this item. They also include Von Roo's portrait delicately engraved and coloured on one side of each die after his request. Otherwise how could they sell a 'Von Roo' item? We've all seen what the famous Count Von Roo can do to Neopets. Why not try this against your opponents in the Battledome? A story told on Roo Island is that Count Von Roo seems to have made this item far more intricately than his other items. Perhaps the dice could be biased? Who knows. These dice can be used repeatedly against your foe, but just how evil can this item really be?


     Awww... doesn’t Von Roo look cute as a gnome?

     By far, one of the creepiest gnomes you will ever come across. What's that? You think it is really cute!? You must be under his spell. Quick, snap out of it! This shiny item can be found in the Neopian Garden Centre. The shopkeeper is a Green Blumaroo so there is no wonder this item sells there. The poor Blumaroo must be terrified of him and so agreed to sell that odd gnome. If you really want, you can have this little gnome sitting in your front or back garden, staring and glaring as Neopets and Neopians walk past, offering an innocent yellow flower to anyone who sees it. Maybe the gnome is kind of cute. Wait, no! What am I saying!? The little gnome can be cursed, I have no idea what spells and incantations were bestowed upon this gnome. Even I have turned to admire the little beard that hangs from his jaw.


     Only for brave Neopians. Warning, this book may cause nightmares.

     A book written by Von Roo for other Neopians to read and admire. It narrates several spooky stories about his different accomplishments over the years; pranks, evil deeds, everything of the sort. It is outdated since, until today, he has done many more evil and indescribable actions which are not included in the book. Rumour has it that everything in this book is fake, a hoax, all written by Von Roo to enhance his image as the ultimate Evil Night Creature. I just read his stories around the campfire, after having taken all the necessary precautions of course.

     Hubrid Nox's items


     Show how much you love Hubrid Nox by proudly wearing this shiny badge.

     Everyone loves the one and only, Hubrid Nox! Not really, who am I kidding? This scary Chia is one of the bad guys, so I am not sure as to why he has a fan badge of himself. Magax doesn't have a fan badge, and he's the good guy. If you really are so supportive and you want Hubrid Nox to rule Neopia then buy one of these pieces of metal. Show your support and desire for Hubrid Nox by wearing the badge, but I don't support it. No wonder Neopians classify this object as Toy. No one really takes him that seriously it seems. This item would be the perfect gift for your friends if they are big Hubrid Nox supporters. Remind them though, that this is just a toy! Wearing this badge does not, I repeat, does not let you morph into a Blue Cybunny with crimson eyes or let you attack other Neopets without Battledome consent. Be aware of its magical powers, if any exist as well.


     Can you make this pinata burst open to reveal all the delicious goodies inside?

     Well, it is established that Hubrid Nox is the villain here. So why not get the little ones involved by whacking a pinata of Hubrid Nox, and nomming the sweet, sweet candy that falls out? An excellent idea if you ask me. A lot of fun too! This stylish pinata is on sale in the Toy Shop, where you might be able to get one for yourselves. Hurry up though! These pinatas sell quickly. Originally made by Magax to hit the pinata when he felt really sad and powerless, later established as a nice item for young Neopets' parties. Who doesn't like free candy, especially when it's falling from a villain's belly? Get rid of your angry mood and your tense nerves by destroying one piñata after another.


     An evil grimoire containing vile spells and repulsive incantations... read at your peril!

     The scariest of the scary books, the creepiest of the creepy books, the darkest of the dark! Some might find it milder than the description I gave, but after all, I am no supporter of Hubrid Nox, as I have already established! I do not recommend reading this to younger Neopets. This book contains some of the darkest spells that Hubrid Nox himself has used against Neopets, primarily Magax. If you really are that curious, you could try and find this book to read. It doesn't stock in any of the shops... Perhaps it is a bit too scary? I would rather ignore the fact that it exists and carry on with my Neopian life. Trust me, you don’t want to have nightmares!

     That's all about my favourite Night Creature items. Read the next and final article of the trilogy, next time in the Neopian Times. Until then, have a Happy Halloween, everyone!

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