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Night Creatures: Notables

by water_park1993


     Welcome everyone to the Night Creatures trilogy, concerned with the most terrifying creatures, items and suggestions to become one. This first guide will present you everything you need to know about some of the meanest creatures of Neopia. The article is concerned with the Notable-est of the most Notable of Night Creatures! And without further ado, let’s get started.


     Firstly, we start with Edna, our 'lovely' Green Zafara (more like stingy!) Try your best to avoid her when she's creating nasty, bubbling potions using her cauldron. She can be found cooking her spells in her Tower in the middle of the Haunted Woods. Many Neopians, scared or not, ask her for quests; and she, of course, can't reject this offer from victims to fetch her ingredients. Her rewards are most of the times worthless, nothing compared to what you pay in order to be accepted by her. Many young Neopets listen to stories during the 31st day of the month of Collecting. Rumours have it that Edna once used to look entirely different. A potion once went astray and now she is a messy furred Green Zafara. But who knows? Everyone is too scared to ask her anything! With a harsh swift of her two paws, she can turn everyone into a Mortog; if you are that lucky! No particular Petpet has been associated with Edna. She seems too harsh to even have a Petpet of her own. Probably they all left her for better owners, but she doesn't seem to really care. Perhaps she threw them into her cauldron, when they asked for a hug? All she has in her mind is to finish as many spells and potions as possible. Nowadays, she is planning on opening her own potion shop, against Kauvara and Kayla. Who will buy from her? I don't even know!


     Also known as the 'Swamp Witch'. This Ixi would prefer to stay in her old shack with her little Meowclops, than go shopping at Uni's Clothing. She can be found on your way to Neovia and if you have enough points you can get some prizes that she is offering. She has been interpreted to have a harsh, cold personality, although if you're willing to help her to master her never-ending potion, I'm sure she'd be very grateful. Bouncing ingredients into the snot-coloured liquid inside her boiling cauldron... what could be more fun? However, don't drop anything or she may just turn you into something nasty. She has also been involved in one of the best family reunions ever. She hadn't seen her family in more than ten years until, all of a sudden, she found her long lost brother Bruno, and with the help of him and a curious Usul, Gilly, they led the whole planet to a new land; Neovia. The entirety of her saddening story can be read when you visit the Gypsy Camp since they always keep a spare book to let you read around the campfire. She is the most quiet of all of our Night Creatures, but indeed she has a long history! With only one game of her own, she is relaxing in tranquility inside her shack, rocking in her old chair. Occasionally you might catch Bruno visiting her, but they are both very sneaky.

Von Roo

     The sleepy Blumaroo, living in an old decaying castle, found inside his stone-made coffin on Roo Island. How ironic, a vampire right next to the Merry-Go-Round, one of the happiest places on Neopia! He sleeps most of the days and sometimes you can hear him snoring deeply. He can attack you in the Battledome and try to beat even your strongest pet, so make sure to equip strong weapons against him. Otherwise, he can easily knock your pet’s levels down, using his elite dice. Down one level, down two levels... However, if you can win in his game he might reward you with some levels. He scares many little Neopets who are venturing around the island, so why in the world of Neopia, are there items of this Halloween Blumaroo? Of course, I am sure everyone would want a Von Ron Gnome, or a Von Roo Clock sitting in their dining room. Be warned and don't be out alone at midnight on Roo Island. If you hear that evil laughter, that Blumaroo shadow lurking over your head, those bright red eyes staring at you. Then my friend, you're in trouble. But he'll leave you alone if you play his game. Are you willing to take the risk?

Hubrid Nox

     The blue Chia, with the weird (some call it classy) hairstyle, who surely wears too much gel on his hair. With his expensive clothing, you see, a cloak tailored solely for this Chia, he ventures in the skies of Neopia scaring off any flying Neopets. He frequently laughs menacingly to scare off any little petpet which had been following his path and shadows. As it is known, his own and only rival is Magax, the Wocky. However Hubrid always has the upper hand and can transform into an innocent Blue Cybunny to get away. Furthermore, he can also defend himself by blasting green flames which, if they catch you, they can trap you inside them rendering you unable to use any kind of power, so be cautious! He can easily call his friends for help. These include a handful of Ghost Scorchios with a speciality to pull pranks on unsuspecting passers by. Stay away from this Night Creature... You only know half of what he can do to you, and it doesn't help that he is able to live anywhere in Neopia, no one knows for sure. Either in a cave, deep inside the Haunted Woods, or next to a swamp, as it is suggested from NeoQuest II... He certainly gives a hard time to anyone who decides to fight him, as we learn from any Blumaroo going on the trip of NeoQuest!

     It is worth noting that all of the above Night Creatures presented to you appear as hexes in Key Quest, the long lost game. They surely give a tough time to all Neopians, but without them, life on Neopia would certainly be boring. The article covers less than half of what lurks in the dark corners of Neopia. If you want to survive, stay tuned, and read on for the next article in the Neopian Times! But please remember and beware when walking through the streets of Neopia; they could be stalking you. Don't say you weren’t warned...

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