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Ten Things to Know before filling your new Pet Slot

by lepitode


     Recently, Neopian families were revolutionized - owners everywhere got the privilege of adopting one more pet. Hip Hip Hurray!

     But, as a wise guru said once, with great power comes great responsibility. Below I have compiled a handy guide to those of you who are thinking about welcoming an additional member to their family.

     1. Look for the pet Species that is right for you.

     Did you know Meercas are notoriously sly and hyperactive? Or that Kyrii are allergic to Apples? What about Kikos, who need to live by water, especially when young?

     Make sure to thoroughly research the species you’re thinking about adopting, otherwise you could end up with a really cranky, or even sick, new pet!

     2. Choosing a Color for your Pet.

     Ok. you have chosen the species that suits you the best. Now what?

     When creating a new pet, picking a color is as important as picking a species. Pets usually come in four different basic colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Be sure to pick your favorite!

     If you want a bit more pizzazz (and have some Neopoints to spare), consider buying them a magical Paint Brush! Now, I know Paint Brushes can cost a lot, but they sure are worth it!

     Also keep in mind that different colors of Neopet have different needs. For example, a Faerie-painted pet needs a bigger place to stretch their wings, while a Maraquan-painted one needs wholly different, underwater living conditions!

     If you’re short on Neopoints, though, there is still a way you could get an expensively-painted Neopet… the Neopian Pound!

     3. Consider adopting at the Neopian Pound.

     I know it’s really fun to create your own Neopet from scratch, but consider the following: There are hundreds of Neopets living in the Pound right now. One of them will certainly capture your heart. Taking them home will make their day! Also, if you’re lucky, you can find really special Pets in the pound, with rare colors, unique names or even great Battledome stats! There is no downside to browsing the Pound for a new buddy to bring home. Speaking of which...

     4. Prepare your Neohome for a newcomer!

     Independently of the species or color of your newcomer, they are going to need a comfy place to live. It’s time for some renovations!

     Matching colors and themes is hard, but luckily there are lots of different stores all over Neopia where you can buy furniture, or even a cute decoration or two, for your Neohouse. Some of them include Kiko Lake Carpentry, Chesterdrawers' Antiques, Tyrannian Furniture or good old Fine Furniture.

     If you really want to make your Neopet feel at home, you can even find some deluxe furniture items at the NC Mall. They’re bound to love it!

     5. Plan their Outfit.

     It’s makeover time! Planning outfits for your Neopet is a very important (and fun!) challenge of pet ownership.

     Go all out during your next visit to the Clothes Shop, where you can buy a myriad of different clothing items for your pets, like shirts, trousers and accessories.

     Try coordinating the clothes you buy with the Pet’s color, or maybe try doing something unique and different, like a fully grey outfit for a Rainbow pet, or a punkish outfit for your Faerie newcomer!

     Don’t forget backgrounds and foreground items. Those can be bought in Qasala’s Mystical Surroundings and Tyrannia’s Ugga Shinies, respectively. Having these enhance your pet’s customization to a whole new level, plus they’re also fun to mix and match!

     As always, the NC Mall is happy to offer chic alternatives to clothes, background and foregrounds that are sure to make any pet smile.

     6. Get them a Petpet of their own.

     Nothing is better than cuddling with your pets. So why not get them a pet of their own? There are tons of different Petpet stores, from Shenkuu’s Fanciful Fauna to the Space Station’s Robo-Petpet Store. You can even paint them to match your own Neopet! But, of course, be sure to read about what kind of Petpet is best for you and your Pet.

     7. Gifts Galore.

     Your new Neopet will surely feel a bit displaced during the first days in a new home. Make sure to pamper them as much as you can! Ask them about their favorite foods, books and toys, then go on a shopping spree around Neopia (and beyond!). See if you can find a plushie that looks like them, and give it to them as a surprise gift!

     8. Other Activities.

     After your pet gets used to you and your other pets, they might want to explore Neopia with you. Take them on a tour around the world! Play with them in the Game Room - aim for getting an avatar together! Or, if your pet has a more serious personality, they can train to fight in the Battledome! Maybe both of you can in a contest together, like the Beauty Contest or the Customization Spotlight! Who knows, you could even get a shiny new trophy for your lookup!

     9. Customizing their Lookup and Petpage.

     A Neopet’s Lookup and Petpage is where their personality shines. If you’re interested in programming and/or design, it is also a the perfect place to exercise your knowledge! In their lookup, you can put the basic information about their personality and backstory, and even put up some drawings of them! As for their Petpage, there you can do pretty much anything you can imagine. You can write about your Pet’s favorite pastimes, or maybe some guides and tutorials for other Neopet owners to read. You could even write a book or draw a comic featuring your pet!

     10. That’s it!

     You are now fully qualified to bring home your brand new pet. There might be some challenges to overcome along the way, but there is nothing that you and your new pal can’t overcome together!

     Now go forth and adopt your awesome new buddy! Remember, the most important part of owning a Neopet is having fun!

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