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The Ghost, The Witch and The Story

by cheetahzluv990


      "Grab me that burning potion from the top left shelf, darling?"

     "This one, right?"

     Tegan grabbed the potion from Priscilla's hand without taking her eyes off of her spell book. Finally after looking at the spell long enough she looked at the potion. She brought her face close to it, her eyes squinting as she examined it. Priscilla simply floated around her, glancing at Tegan every now and then to see how she was coming along.

     "And this spell you’re making is going to do what to me now?" She asked, eyeing the bubbling cauldron. It glowed a pastel shade of pink and gave off a faint scent of bubblegum roses. It had a homey feel, which was fairly surprising for one of Tegan’s spells. Usually she concocted up something that was for the greed of another and her own. Those usually gave off a feel that left you cold and empty hearted, as if you were stuck in a rainstorm with no one around to help keep you warm. Priscilla hated those spells the most. She couldn’t stand to be any more cold than she already was. Being a ghost takes away any and all warmth you once had, and having something that made you more cold just left you more empty than you once were. Yet, this spell gave her such a feel that left something odd inside her, as if it were possibly alive once again.

     "We’re trying to see if we can regain some memories, and I think this might help a bit." Tegan said, finally uncorking the potion she had asked for. "If we’re tap into your brain and give you these emotional senses for just a moment, it might trigger a few memories to actually find out how you died." She slowly began pouring in the potion, carefully watching how the pastel pink turned to a warm orange. Priscilla inched closer as the color kept changing, loving the feeling it was giving off. It felt as if autumn was washing over her, leaving her with a sense of security and love. She took a deep breath and released a relaxed sigh.

     "So, how do you want me to take this one?" Priscilla asked, her voice filled with warmth. She was still feeling the effects of this new spell.

     "You can drink it this time, if you’d prefer. Or I can just dump the whole thing over you like last time and we can have another mess to clean up. You’re call." Tegan offered as she began to clean up.

     "I’ll drink it. Much easier on the both of us."

     Tegan went across the room and grabbed a mug from her cabinet and dipped into her cauldron before handing it over to Priscilla. "Drink up, Prissy. It shouldn’t taste too bad. If it’s anything like it smells, you’re gonna have a nice pumpkin spice latte." She laughed. Priscilla glanced over at Tegan and raised a brow.

     "Pumpkin spice?" She questioned before shrugging it off. If it was as good as it smelled, then she knew she’d love it. Just as she was about to take a sip, Tegan suddenly stopped her.

     "Ah! Just a second!" Tegan held out her hands as the mug’s rim touched Priscilla’s lips. "Take a seat, girlie." She pointed to the chair that sat in the corner near her fireplace. "Last time we had you drink a spell, you fainted. I don’t want to have to drag you to a room again." She said. "I may be a witch but I don’t have super strength, and you’re one heavy ghost." She gave a playful smile at Priscilla’s pout.

     "Oh, fine! But if I faint, you need to watch over me." She said as she made her way over to her seat.

     "Of course, of course. Just don’t faint, and we’ll be okay." Tegan laughed at her glare, but finally eased up and continued on cleaning her spell room.

     Finally, after settling into her seat and getting cozy, Priscilla lifted her mug to her lips once more, inhaling the scent one last time before taking a large sip. Instantly, the warm feeling took over her, and it felt unnatural. She let out a sharp gasp, mainly from the shock. Tegan was almost by her side when was able to relax once again. "Prissy, you okay?" Tegan asked, unable to hide her concern. Priscilla smiled and nodded.

     "It was just a bit shocking, is all. I’m fine." She said, her voice relaxed and calm. Tegan hesitated for a moment but nodded before going back to what she was doing. Priscilla decided to take another sip, hoping it wouldn’t be as startling. The next drink had a lesser reaction. The warmth was accepted this time, it completely washing over her. She smiled at the feeling, gladly taking it in. She hadn’t been this warm in ages. She took another big drink, nearly finishing it off this time. Priscilla felt lost within her own senses, as if she had lost control of herself, yet she loved the feeling. She could hear Tegan calling out to her as she faded in and out of consciousness.


     Priscilla’s memories of being alive where ones filled with such emotions, it was as if she was more alive than anyone else. She remembered being surrounded with her friends and family. She remembered how her home was always filled with laughter and love and warmth. She remembered how much she loved her friends and family, how she would’ve given the the world and more if they had asked her. She remembered planning movie nights in for her and her friends. She remembered the times where she laughed so hard she cried and the times she cried so much that all she could do was laugh afterwards. Priscilla remembered all the times where she stayed home with her mom and watched cliche movies all night long. She remembered her beloved pet and how they were inseparable. She remembered her siblings and how they would switch between bickering and joking, no one could doubt that they were siblings. She remembered her first love and her first heartbreak. She remembered her anger, her love, her happiness, her sadness, her emotions. She remembered her memories. She remembered her death.

     Her death was quick. She remembered going out for her daily walk with her pet, enjoying the autumn weather. It was the weather right where the seasons were changing from one to the other, and Priscilla loved it. She had one of her favorite playlists playing in her ears, one that kept that warm autumn feeling going on through the whole year. She was almost home from her walk, when she had to cross the street to get to her side of the street where her house was. She had done this for years on end, she knew the streets like the back of her hand. Yet, this time, she was distracted by her phone. As she crossed, a car came speeding down her street and ran her over. Her pet had made it across safely, but Priscilla was left on the ground. The owner of the car jumped out and was swearing up and down he didn’t see her, and he was telling the truth. It was an unfortunate accident on both ends. It was as if she wasn’t meant to die.


     As Priscilla lie there, stuck in the memory of her own death, looping over and over as if it were a bad dream, she heard her name being called out over and over. "Prissy! Prissy, you gotta wake up!" The voice was faint and far away, but she could still hear it. "Priscilla wake up!" It continued to get louder until it was able to finally wake up. She looked around, almost unable to tell if this was all a bad dream or not. "Prissy, darling, you were out cold for hours." Tegan didn’t even hide her worry over the ghost, her concerned eyes staring at her. She was knelt down next to her chair, her hands clasped around Priscilla’s. It was as if Tegan was keeping her grounded. "I was so worried about you. I didn’t know if you were going to wake up or not."

     "I’m dead. It wouldn’t matter if I woke up or not." Priscilla’s voice was low and husky.

     "It does matter, and I’m glad you did wake up. Dead or not, you’re still my friend." Tegan countered, a bit upset at Priscilla’s words. "Did you remember anything?"

          "I remembered everything. I remembered my life before I died. I remembered how I died."

     "Then? Is there someone we need to go after? Was it accidental? What happened?" Tegan asked, firing question after question.

     Priscilla looked away, not wanting to answer anything she was asking. "I don’t really want to indulge on the details, but it was accidental. That’s all I really want to say." Tegan paused for a second, her eyes locked on her. A moment of silence passed between them before she finally nodded.

     "Alright then, I won’t pry." She said, standing up. She let go of Priscilla’s hands and stretched. "Well then, let’s go get a real drink. The autumn scent of that spell made me want a latte." Tegan held her hand out. "It’ll cheer you up, I promise."

     Priscilla stared at Tegan’s hand. Out of everything that a witch could have offered, would a latte really make her feel better? She had just discovered her death was a complete accident and that her life had only just begun and that she was now stuck forever in this infinite realm that had no concept of time. Would it actually take away some of the intense burning pain of knowing that her death could’ve been avoided and she could still be alive and happily living?

     The answer is yes.

The End.

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