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Korbat Fashion Style Guide

by bugbless


         Korbat Fashion Style Guide

         Korbat's are seen as a somewhat horrifying Neopet species by many Neopians. It is easy to understand, they are a pet that celebrate their special day right around the spookiest holiday of them all: Halloween. Not only that, but many of them can be found in the spooky forest of the Haunted Woods. It doesn't help much that they are nocturnal, sleeping all day and only appearing in the dark of night, and they have fangs that are quite sharp and intimidating. Despite all this, or maybe because of it, Korbats are one of the friendliest species you'll ever come across. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they need to overcome their spooky appearance to be able to make friends, they are sociable creatures that enjoy having a large group of pals around. They are selfless, caring, and incredibly welcoming.

         There are tons of clothes available, and there is something to appeal to everyone. I want to break this up into two different sections, in a way to satisfy the wants of different people. The two categories will be "warm and welcoming", for people who want to play up the friendly and playful side of Korbats. This is for owners that are trying to show that their pet is approachable and kind. But the other category, "spooktastic", will be for those who want to embrace the creepy and gothic look of Korbats, and really play up that Halloween vibe they have!

              Warm and Welcoming

         The first step to appearing warm and welcoming is in the color of your Korbat. There are many paint brushes available for these guys, and the choice you make can really determine how others perceive your pet. I personally recommend something like Maraquan, which turns your Korbat into a friendly sea creature instead of a spooky night-flyer. You also can't go wrong with Rainbow, arguably the cheeriest color out there, or Jelly, because everyone loves a delicious sweet treat! Baby is also always a good choice, no one can be scared of something so cute!

         Now that you have chosen your color, you can start customizing! You'll want to stay away from black and dark colors, they have a gothic flair to them that can sometimes be off putting to certain folks. Choosing something elegant like the Shining Korbat Dress with the Shining Korbat Tiara is a great option for a more formal affair, but it could be a bit too much flair for daywear. A nice white button down, like a Korbat Aviator Shirt, will be snazzy and impressive without being overly dressy. On a chilly fall day, a Korbat Elderly Boy / Girl Shirt will keep your pet smart and charming! A lot of Korbat specific clothing can be a bit dark sided, so don't be afraid to branch off into all-species wear. A Colourful Yarn Sweater or a pair of Basic Pink Trousers can go a long way to adding pops of color to your look and being more appealing to the mainstream, but they could also be seen as a bit eccentric. A nice pair of Autumn Foliage Trousers will be subtle enough to blend in but still earn you a few compliments.

         When picking out a wardrobe for this look, gravitate to light colors and sharp looks. You don't want tattered or torn clothing, and you don't want your Korbat to look disheveled. Take the time to make everything look intentional, well curated, and everything should match!! No crazy color/pattern combos (plaid pants and a striped shirt? No!!) and you should be good to go.

         Everyone will be clamoring to talk to your Korbat and become their friend, these looks allow Korbats to build their social circle effortlessly. It really reflects their true personality in their look and makes them super approachable, where Korbats might be a bit intimidating otherwise.


         So you want to go the spooky route instead, eh? I like your style. There are countless options available for a spooky Korbat, but like the warm and welcoming look, you should start with a paint brush. A Halloween Korbat will be dressed as a spooky witch, which can be creepy or can be a bit cheesy, to each his own. My personal favorites for a scary Korbat are Wraith, they look like a shadow haunting your room on the darkest night, or Relic, an angry statue that you aren't quite sure if it's possessed or not...will it come to life? Quite possibly! And for an easy scare, you could go with a Transparent Korbat, with all their bones and organs exposed for the world to see!

         When dressing your spooktastic Korbat, you'll want to gravitate to dark and gothic shades, blacks and greys and dark blues. Paint their nails with Gothic Korbat Nail Varnish and toss on a Gothic Korbat Skirt. If you want your pet to seem like he has ancient tales of haunted houses to tell, go with a more vagrant-like look with a Neovian Gentleman Korbat Top And Cape. Or if you'd like to still stay a bit on the pretty and glamorous side, a Trendy Korbat Shirt matched with a Trendy Korbat Skirt will go a long way. And for a positively macabre touch, the Candelabra Wings, featuring sculpted iron with burning candles and dripping wax, will add an absolutely petrifying flair to your look.

         This looks thrives with tattered looks and many layers. If you are approached by someone wearing 3-4 layers of shirts and jackets, you are instantly going to be a bit spooked. What are they hiding in there? Poison vials and witch's brew? On this subject, jackets go a long way. The Dashing Gothic Jacket with greys, blacks, and blood reds will make you completely unapproachable.

         With this spooktastic look other pets will be watching from a distance with caution, too afraid to cross your path. But if they do decide to talk to your Korbat, they'll be pleasantly surprised by the friendly nature of this species. These Neopets are a good lesson in not judging a book by its cover, and that not only does their physical appearance not affect their personality, but neither does the way they choose to dress.

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