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15 of Neopia's Scariest Books

by sugarxcoma


     Halloween is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to snuggle up with your pets and read to them some spine-tingling tales guaranteed to get them into the spirit of the spookiest night of the year. If they're brave enough, that is! Some of these stories could keep even the toughest of Darigan Grarrls up all night. Now without further ado, I present to you, fifteen of Neopia's most frightening books.


     Webs of Death

     If the creepy, life-like Spyder on the cover of this book isn't enough to scare you, the stories inside it will certainly do the trick! Webs of Death is an excellently eerie collection of stories about ghosts, vampires, zombies, witches, and of course some creepy crawly Spyders.


     Ghost Lupe Spooky Stories

     A collection of tales about spooky Ghost Lupes, including a few about the legendary ghost of Mystery Island, The Ghost Lupe. Warning: This book may be a little too scary for timid Chias!


     The Haunted Cave

     This novel about, you guessed it, a mysterious haunted cave is truly a suspenseful spine-tingler. What are those sounds coming from deep within the cave? How does the lantern glow late at night without anyone having lit it? Why is the lantern there to begin with? A team of brave ghost hunters set out to answer these questions, and make many shocking discoveries along the way.


     Zombie Unis

     This book about the fictional, quiet town of Dinglebottom starts out pleasantly enough, until one day the zombies arrived and everything changed. One of the greatest books written about zombies of any type, this scary story will certainly keep you and your pets up at night!


     A Chia Halloween

     This one is a little hard to come by and may cost you quite a bit if you do manage to find a copy, but in my opinion it is well worth the price. Don't let the humor fool you, this book can have you laughing one minute and shivering the next. But those timid Chias I mentioned? They will absolutely adore this book!


     Can You Hear Me? A Ghostly Tale

     This may be one of the more recently released books on this list, but it reads just like a true classic ghost story, guaranteed to chill you to your bones! For added creepiness, be sure to occasionally wail quietly while reading out loud to your pets.


     Dark Gelert Rising

     Dark Gelert Rising isn't a conventional horror novel about ghosts or the undead, but it is still truly horrifying. It's a psychological nightmare about a Gelert who mistakenly drinks a mysterious potion and turns evil. Count Von Roo himself claims that Dark Gelert Rising is the scariest book he has ever read. Read it only to the bravest of pets!


     Stories from Beyond

     What is the scariest thing about this collection of short stories? They are all based on true events that happened to real Neopians!


     Waiting for Midnight

     A Neovian classic, Waiting for Midnight is a particularly eerie and suspenseful tale that Sophie the Swamp Witch calls one of her absolute favorites! It can be a bit expensive if you manage to find a copy, but it is a must-have for any true horror lover's book collection.


     The Curse of the Pirate Aisha

     If you like your spooky stories to come with a side of swashbuckling, look no further than The Curse of the Pirate Aisha, a book about a brave young pirate Krawk searching for buried treasure on a very haunted and cursed island.


     One Scary Night

     You can't have a list of Neopia's spookiest books without including One Scary Night! One of the most widely read scary stories in Neopia, this terrifying tale is always worth a re-read. You simply can't go wrong with a story about a small group of friends who must go traveling at night, meeting creepy witches and ghouls along the way, all under the glow of a full Kreludan moon, which as we all know brings out the Werelupes!


     Kikos Darkside

     Kikos may often be thought of as cute and loveable (as long as they have nothing to do with the Altador Cup), but Kikos Darkside is a creepy and cautionary tale of a young Kiko who goes very, very bad. You will certainly not think of this Kiko as cute.


     Acara Nightmare

     Nancy the Ixi and her friends are tormented by violent nightmares, all featuring a mysterious, clawed Halloween Acara. Soon they discover the Acara may be causing more harm to them than they thought possible. This book spawned many sequels, but the original is still the best and most terrifying of them all.


     Murky Waters

     Murky Waters is a haunting page-turner about a mysterious and wicked Koi that lurks deep in the swamp of Bogshot. Originally written as a short story for the book Dark Tales of Bogshot, its popularity encouraged the author to expand the story into a much creepier full-length novel.


     Spooky Stories

     Of course, this list would not be complete without Spooky Stories, which is widely regarded as Neopia's most popular collection of short horror fiction. Includes many frightening favorites such as "The Black Kad", "The Mynci's Paw", "Snow, Glass, Apple Lanterns", and my personal favorite, "The Month of Collecting Game", which is about a horrific Halloween party. You most likely already have a copy of Spooky Stories in your Neohome, but if not, you can easily find it for less than 1,000 NP!

     So there you have it, fifteen of the spookiest books released in Neopia, many of which you can find at the Neovian Printing Press or the Magical Bookshop, or at many small independently-owned shops! I hope you find these books terrifyingly enjoyable as they get you in the mood for the Halloween season. But if your pets happen to find the stories a little too scary, just hug them, offer them a nice warm mug of comforting borovan, and remind them that it's all just make believe! Well, except for the Stories from Beyond, those ones are real. Eep.

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