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A Scary Master's Scary Minions Part Three

by krabbox


     A graveyard full of sound. That's unheard of until now.

     You can hear loud cheering and joyful applause, along with the occasional song.

     There's something strange about this graveyard, but you can't put your finger on it. It sounds familiar, and you feel like you've been here before...

      And you are so right.

     Greetings, mortals. I am Lord Dark Noirgus, but fans know me as Dark Noirgus or LDN, or simply "m'lord". I am a Kiko, and I am the ruler of this graveyard.

     I can already hear you thinking, "How could such a simple Kiko rule such a spooky graveyard?" Well, do THESE answer your question? *flashes claws*

     Hohoho, that's what I thought. Now, I'm sure you may want to know more about me. I'm strong, handsome, and I have a glorious wisp that is always well kept. I play songs for a living, and yes, I really do only have one eye.

     ...Oh, what's this? You want to hear more about my servants?

     Well, that works out just fine. I was going to show you around anyway. So come along with me, and I'll show you all the pets I rule over.

      Now, you may think that a handsome ghost such as myself rules over the dead, yes? You're partially right. I rule over both living AND dead Neopets, and even some who have come back into the afterlife. I will show you all of the lackeys I have in control, but that'll take some time.

      You have seen my most common horde of servants, the Ghosts, and you've visited my Zombie horde...Now allow me to show you my most powerful and dependable servants.


     The wraiths are my most formidable soldiers and obey without question. They are powerful both physically and magically, and are the best at sneak attacks due to their ability to vanish into thin air and re-emerge elsewhere. They are also the scariest bunch and serve as my top guardians due to their ability to frighten others with hardly any problems.

     I have ranked my top ten soldiers in both spookiness and strength, though they go in order upon strength. While some are scarier than others, some are known to be physically stronger and therefore more useful for fending off foes.

     Number Ten: Flotsam.

     You think these guys only live underwater? Oh how wrong you are! My graveyard is full of nothing but forests and land, and these guys survive on mere darkness alone!

     You can tell that these wraiths are about to attack when you see their horn glowing. Their magic is stored inside and can be fired after a moment of concentration.

     Spookiness: Two out of five skulls.

     Strength: One out of five skulls.

     Number Nine: Aisha

     Their collars are their source of power, as well as their sanity. Remove them and they will go berserk, blasting magic everywhere. Face them at your own risk.

     Spookiness: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Strength: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Eight: Peophin.

     Another aquatic pet that can survive by nothing but darkness, these guys are more known to tricking others with their speed, then unleashing a giant wave of darkness at their foes. These waves can also be used as a barrier if they need to make a quick getaway. When their eyes glow, that's when a larger wave will be made.

     Spookiness: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Strength: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Seven: Acara.

     You can easily predict what I've done to help these guys out. Yes, I trained them to use their horns to whip at enemies. They are also skilled with various dark magicks and can use some psychic powers. If their eyes are glowing red, then that means they are in to destroy you by any means necessary.

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls (seven when their eyes are red).

     Strength: Two out of five skulls.

     Number Six: Kougra.

     One of the fastest wraiths out there, these guys excel at dealing quick blows with their shady claws. They are also able to use their tails to lash at foes and give strangely painful bites. Rumor has it that any leftover scars from the Kougra will leave you cursed...I'll leave it up to you to believe it or not.

     Spookiness: Three out of five skulls.

     Strength: Three out of five skulls.

     Number Five: Ruki.

     Their antennae help them sense anything and anyone nearby, so don't expect to sneak up on them. They are also skilled at hand-to-hand combat and can kick hard with their legs. Like their Ghost counterpart, they are very grumpy.

     Spookiness: Three out of five skulls.

     Strength: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Four: Quiggle.

     Just when you thought this species couldn't be any scarier, it happens. Such is the joy of being one of my servants, hohoho.

     Once again, their signature move is their eerie stare, but they can leap very high and use some powerful moves.

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls.

     Strength: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Three: Grarrl.

     You don't want to anger one of these guys...Unless you want to lose your arm...And leg...And head. They will attack without mercy and destroy anything in their paths. They can also give a powerful bite and their claws and tail are rivaled by the Kougra, but you can promise that getting hit by one of these will be very painful.

     Spookiness: Four and a half out of five skulls

     Strength: Four and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Two: Zafara.

     The Zafara is an enigma; They are able to detach their heads from their bodies and float around. If you hear some mad cackling, you can expect it to be coming from one of these guys toying around with a lesser being by doing this trick.

     Spookiness: Five out of five skulls (major boost if their head's separated).

     Strength: Five out of five skulls.

     Number One: Uni.

     The scariest of Wraiths and unmatched in magical power, the Uni isn't like it's living counterpart; The Wraith Uni wants power, not beauty, and will do anything to gain more. This has been a slight problem around the Graveyard, but one swipe of my claws and they are back in their place.

     Very tricky to control and even trickier to defeat, you will either be led to me by a Uni or die trying to escape. I suggest you let the Uni win, especially if you see a glow in their eyes.

     Spookiness: Seven out of five skulls (major boost if their eyes are glowing).

     Strength: Six out of five skulls.

     Special shout out: Jubjub.

     I have been in contact with a few of these creatures, and although they look simple, they have great power that shouldn't be questioned. I have raised a select few to use their strands of wraith-fur to ensnare and trap foes before draining the life out of them.

     I have also been in the Beauty Contest with a Wraith Jubjub by my side a few times, and it's been quite an honor, to say the least. If you're out there, you know who you are!

     Did you enjoy meeting my servants? I knew you'd be honored. After all, these guys serve the one and only Lord Dark Noirgus!

     Now, those are all the servants I have to show you, I'm sure you had a wonderful time, yes? Now, I will lead you back to the living world, but I'm sure we'll meet again, maybe during one of my concerts?

     Hohoho, only time will tell!

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