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A Scary Master's Scary Minions: Part Two

by krabbox


     A graveyard full of sound. That's unheard of until now.

     You can hear loud cheering and joyful applause, along with the occasional song.

     There's something strange about this graveyard, but you can't put your finger on it. It sounds familiar, and you feel like you've been here before...

          And you are so right.

     Greetings, mortals. I am Lord Dark Noirgus, but fans know me as Dark Noirgus or LDN, or simply "m'lord". I am a Kiko, and I am the ruler of this graveyard.

     I can already hear you thinking, "How could such a simple Kiko rule such a spooky graveyard?" Well, do THESE answer your question? *flashes claws*

     Hohoho, that's what I thought. Now, I'm sure you may want to know more about me. I'm strong, handsome, and I have a glorious wisp that is always well kept. I play songs for a living, and yes, I really do only have one eye.

     ...Oh, what's this? You want to hear more about my servants?

     Well, that works out just fine. I was going to show you around anyway. So come along with me, and I'll show you all the pets I rule over.

          Now, you may think that a handsome ghost such as myself rules over the dead, yes? You're partially right. I rule over both living AND dead Neopets, and even some who have come back into the afterlife. I will show you all of the lackeys I have in control, but that'll take some time.

          You have seen my most common horde of servants, the Ghosts...Now allow me to show you my second strongest.


     These undead pets have been awoken by ancient magic, and have sworn themselves to me. I let them roam the graveyard as much as they'd like, and they have made this place their home...Most likely because they were buried here in the first place.

     Unlike Ghost pets, Zombies depend more on physical strength and defense. They are also not the most intelligent, but still more reliable than ghosts when it gets to repelling foes. Their ability to bury underground also helps them in battle.

     I have ranked my top ten soldiers in both spookiness and strength, though they go in order upon strength. While some are scarier than others, some are known to be physically stronger and therefore more useful for fending off foes.

     Number Ten: Jetsam.

     My most powerful ghost is also my weakest zombie. Whoever guessed.

     While the Zombie Jetsam has a good bite, they're more known for latching on with their teeth, but then letting go...It would help if their teeth would do the same.

     Spookiness: Two out of five skulls.

     Strength: One out of five skulls.

     Number Nine: Krawk.

     Like the Jetsam, these guys are known for their vicious bite. Unlike the Jetsam, they are able to let go, teeth and all.

     However, low defenses can still cause problems for them and they don't have many other forms of attack.

     Spookiness: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Strength: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Eight: Zafara.

     Prone to attacking with their tails, the Zafara is pretty skilled at mid-range combat. I've trained them so they can stretch out their tails and ears a bit farther to strike at foes. Also can't deny that they have one unnerving stare...

     Spookiness: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Strength: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Seven: Peophin.

     While they give off a very eerie vibe, the Peophin's mostly known for charging at enemies and lashing with it's tail. However, they are prone to burying themselves underground and suddenly emerging above someone, thus trampling them with their hooves.

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls.

     Strength: Two out of five skulls.

     Number Six: Scorchio.

     I call these guys "Self-Combusters" due to their ability to breathe fire, yet being brainless enough to walk into their own flames. Amusing at times, but dangerous if they can remember that their flames are very painful. They can also breathe toxic gas due to being dead for so long and that helps (as well as harms) them at times. Watch out for explosions!

     Spookiness: Two out of five skulls.

     Strength: Three out of five skulls.

     Number Five: Lutari.

     Some of the sneakiest zombies under my control, they await their foes underground, then pop up and slice away with their claws. I may or may not have taught them how to do that, heh.

     If that fails, they also have learned how to use their tails like whips to take out enemies, as long as they remain stuck on their bodies...

     Spookiness: Three out of five skulls (random boost if they sneak attack).

     Strength: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Four: Chomby.

     The toughest defense certainly goes to these guys. Not only do their sharp scales add some extra defense, but their otherwise sturdy and bulky bodies make them tanks as well. Sometimes, I can make them shoot out their scales, but that's on a very rare occasion.

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls.

     Strength: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Three: Grarrl.

     Unlike the Jetsam, they can chomp down hard and also keep their teeth intact. Unlike the Krawk, their bites hurt. A lot. Unlike both, they can also stomp on foes and claw them to shreds, as well as whip their sturdy tails at them to send them flying.

     Spookiness: Three out of five skulls

     Strength: Four and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Two: Skeith.

     The newest addition to my ranks, and already proven themselves worthy! These are more than tanky, they are all around brutal! Unlike their living counterparts, these Skeiths are not lazy and will do whatever it takes to defend their home and of course, their master. And dare I say that their muscles remind me of my own?

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls (can't deny their muscles).

     Strength: Five out of five skulls.

     Number One: Bori.

     If the others can't do the job right, leave it to the Bori! These handy diggers are known for their rock-hard shells, razor sharp claws, and lightning speed. While the other zombies tend to be slow and generally dull, the Bori knows what to do and how to do it...Even the way I WANT it! They excel at sneak attacks and can even leap high enough to catch the Golden Pteri in mid-air! Needless to say that I will always be on the lookout for more of these.

     Spookiness: Five out of five skulls.

     Strength: Six out of five skulls.

     Special shout out: Draik.

     While I am known to have bulkier species of zombies under my control, I still have mad respect for the less muscular! And who am I to deny the sheer awesomeness of the Draik?

     I will let you in on a secret: My number one fan is also a dragon, and she is my everything. In fact, I wouldn't be holding these concerts if it weren't for her! Zabi, this is for you! *plays a song*

     Did you enjoy meeting my servants? I knew you'd be honored. After all, these guys serve the one and only Lord Dark Noirgus!

     Now, are you ready to leave yet? No? Well, I do have one more army to show off.

     I suppose I can lead you into the darkest area of the Graveyard: The Wraith Valley!

     Hohoho, only time will tell!

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